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  1. Is it common for a band to use print outs of Wikipedia as exhibits in a case? Wouldn’t you think there would be more official records?
  2. Sorry about it not working in the first place! Glad it’s working now.
  3. Let me know if this one does. It works when I click it. https://imgur.com/a/c0kgZwt
  4. I think I may have! I don’t remember fully and you used to have to pay for long distance then!!
  5. Here’s issue 4 and a letter that came with one of the issues. https://imgur.com/gallery/c0kgZwt You also received a membership card. I must have ordered some shirts through this because I was cleaning out some old stuff and found the stage dive one on the top left corner of the “GN’R Collection” I didn’t see any other reference to the vinyl, I would have liked to have picked it up! If I stumble across anything else I’ll be sure to post! Enjoy!
  6. Issue 2 I skipped the page with the Pen Pal Addresses. https://imgur.com/a/7t0xGEU Let me know if there is any interest in the 3rd one. I only have 4 issues, my guess is either I stopped my membership or that was the last issue.
  7. Trying to post some images, hopefully this comes through. https://m.imgur.com/a/2xGCs18
  8. I found some other issues and will scan soon Issue 1 - Slash Interview & Duff Interview Issue 2 - Duff Interview Issue 3 - winners of language of fear contest and maybe a continuation of Matt & Duff interview Issue 4 - was the one posted