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  1. Roxy soundboard **NO LINKS**

    Well, they say next week at the Whisky A Go Go (04.05.86), so if this is in Roxy it has to be the set#2 from 03.28.86 03.28.86 - The Roxy, Hollywood, CAopening acts: Carrera, Lions & Ghostsset #1 (10pm): Out Ta Get Me, Welcome To The Jungle, Think About You, Rocket Queen, Nightrain, My Michelle, Don't Cry, Back Off Bitch, Paradise City set #2 (12am): Out Ta Get Me, Welcome To The Jungle, Think About You, Back Off Bitch, Nightrain, My Michelle, Paradise City, Mama Kin, Rocket Queen, Reckless Life, Anything Goes [Alt. Lyrics], Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Cry audio/video recording?: audio, videonotes: 2 shows were played on this date. First show: Before 'Out Ta Get Me,' Axl says that they were pulled over by the police on the way to the show and were searched for drugs. Second show: Axl grinds with a stripper onstage during 'Anything Goes.' Axl puts on Slash's top-hat during 'Heartbreak Hotel'!
  2. You were not the original uploader. Don’t take credits if you are not the one.
  3. I just receive the all thing.
  4. where in Berlin is the H&M with that gnr merch?
  5. If there's no official hand on this, why is this forum removing the links for the show?
  6. Guys this is so unique... It seems like after 30 years of seeing everything of this band I am completely blown away with this. I am 35 and I look a children of 15... Never saw Axl so theatrical like in this performance. And what a voice.. What a range... It seems they are really performing because they like. No hurt feeling, no rants, nothing to prove. Amazing! Thanks for uploader! And to his boss
  7. Amen... The scream at 5 min is epic! Each video is better that the previous one. This is GUNS N' ROSES!
  8. so good... Probably the best thing that I saw over the last 20 years.
  9. Hello, Nice job! Do you have the sheets for this? Thank you