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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I guess you could say that But again, I'm spending the same amount of money to see roughly 20 shows as you could spend to see the two Vegas shows. Insane.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I don't agree with this at all. I go to gigs like this with Iron Maiden - the last tour I saw 46 shows, this tour I'll have seen 40 by the end of the tour in October. They have a lot of fans that follow them the same way I do, and the gigs really only make up a portion of why I do it - it's also to see friends I only see when I'm on tour, and it's to get out and travel and explore the world. I'm not doing it because I hate my life and I'm trying to fill some hole or something. That said, the band I'm doing this with is charging $40-100 in most markets for the best tickets, not $250-1000. Hell, I'm having a hard time stomaching the prices for Maiden in Brooklyn this year, those tickets are $175.
  3. Ghost

    I'm not tired of the live show yet. I've seen them almost 30 times since 2014 (I think my next show in October is my 30th if I'm counting correctly) - granted most of those have been an opening set for Maiden, but they just keep getting better and better for me. I'd welcome new music, but I can't complain about more touring as they've become one of my favorite live acts over the last couple years.
  4. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

    I think Dave's absolutely insufferable as a person, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hope he can have a full recovery and continue his career.
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    $200 would be cheap compared to what they've been charging in the US. NITL has been upwards of $300 for the best seats/pit.
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Same here. Last gig I saw was Montreal in 2017, and I decided I'm done going to gigs until they release something. I was happy enough seeing NuGN'R over and over again since the tickets were cheap, and the shows were more fun (And even back then we at least got some rotating stuff from night to night), but NITL has bored me to death after 4 gigs.
  7. I agree that a Martin album is Sabbath's most underrated, but for me that honor belongs to Headless Cross. Though all of the Martin albums are fantastic besides Forbidden, it's a shame that era doesn't get more love.
  8. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    I think he means in the poll.
  9. Ah yeah, the standalone vinyl is just Appetite.
  10. The vinyl in the Locked N' Loaded set? No, I think it was basically everything on the 4 CDs. But it's been too long since I've even thought about the LNL set so I may be wrong
  11. I got the Super Deluxe edition around Christmas when it was down around $90 on Amazon. There was a 10% off coupon and I got free 2 day shipping with Prime, so all in I think I spent around $83. Well worth it for that price IMO, the Super Deluxe version is a nice set, and contains all I really care about. The vinyls would have been nce to get, but really not worth any significant extra money to me.
  12. HBO minseries Chernobyl (2019)

    I see what you did there Yeah, it was fantastic. Maybe not the single greatest TV show I've ever seen, but I could probably argue best miniseries.
  13. The beauty of Tarantino to me is that everyone has a different list of their favorites and least favorites, and every possible choice has some merit. Personally I loved The Hateful Eight (I'd put it in my top 3 Tarantino films), but I can absolutely get why some people don't. The outlier at the bottom of my list is Kill Bill Vol. 1 - I don't hate it, but I don't like how it's almost completely lacking in the story department, while Kill Bill Vol. 2 is all story. But I also totally get why so many people love it.
  14. Looks like I get St. Paul & The Broken Bones in Chicago, and Gary Clark Jr. in Boston. That's cool because they're the only two I could literally give half a fuck about.
  15. Which are the best GNR perfomances between 2011-2014?

    You're Crazy at the Brooklyn Bowl gig in 2013.