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  1. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 47
  2. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    I've been slacking again Day 43 Day 44 Day 45 Day 46
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    There’s one thing I’ve seen mentioned a lot on Reddit which I think is worth repeating here; acting chops aside, why should Alden need the same height of charisma in the role as Ford had? It’s an origin story for Han, he shouldn’t necessarily be the fully developed character that Han was by ANH. It’s like, in the Young Indiana Jones Chrinicles, Sean Patrick Flannery didn’t have the same charisma as Ford did but it worked because it was about how Indy became the character we know and love, and no one roasted Flannery for that. The same logic should apply here. Now if he’s a hack of an actor that’s another thing, but I see not having the Han Solo charm as a non-issue.
  4. Alphabet Concert Game

    I'm going by last name when it's a solo artist. A - AC/DC, Aerosmith, Airbourne, Anthrax, Anvil, Average White Band B - Sebastian Bach, Bad Company, Blaze Bayley, Jeff Beck, Tony Bennett, Big D And The Kids Table, Black Sabbath C - Cheap Trick, Stanley Clarke, Coheed & Cambria, Alice Cooper, The Cult D - Dick Dale, The Darkness, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Dropkick Murphys, Bob Dylan E - Exodus F - Fishbone, Foreigner, The Four Tops G - Ghost, Godsmack, Guns N' Roses H - Halestorm, Steve Harris, Mayer Hawthorne, Heaven & Hell, Hollywood Vampires I - Iggy & The Stooges, The Interrupters, Iron Maiden J - Journey, Judas Priest K - King Diamond, KISS L - Live, Lynyrd Skynyrd M - Marilyn Manson, Paul McCartney, Megadeth, Metal Church, Metallica, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Municipal Waste N - New York Dolls O - Tim "Ripper" Owens P - The Pietasters Q - Queen + Adam Lambert, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Queensrÿche R - Reel Big Fish, REO Speedwagon, Reverend Horton Heat, The Rolling Stones, Rush S - Sabaton, David Sanborn, Saxon, Shadows Fall, The Sisters Of Mercy, Slash, Slayer, Slipknot, Steel Panther, Stone Temple Pilots T - The Temptations, The Toasters, Tower Of Power, Frank Turner, Twisted Sister U - U2 V - Van Halen, Velvet Revolver, Volbeat W - Scott Weiland, Whitesnake, The Who, Wolfmother, Victor Wooten X - Y - Z - Rob Zombie Only missing X and Y.
  5. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 42 (And it's a ridiculous music video, so that's a bonus )
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I think it looks fun at least.
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Full trailer, and it uses almost none of the footage from the Super Bowl ad:
  8. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Isn't that sort of the point of it? It pushes you outside your comfort zone to discover music from around the world. Day 41
  9. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 39 Day 40
  10. Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer Jeff Gutt

    The only post-Weiland STP that held my interest one bit was Joss Stone Temple Pilots.
  11. Member Picture Thread

    I did try doing a blog - didn't have the time Maybe I'll give it another go this Summer... At Kings Canyon, took a day trip up there from Uluru
  12. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 37 Day 38
  13. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 34 Day 35 (Tribuzy is Brazilian, Bruce Dickinson is obviously not) Day 36
  14. Member Picture Thread

    Stayed in an underground cave hotel in Coober Pedy on the way to Uluru