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  1. Alice Cooper

    His new material is crap, I’ll give you that. He hasn’t had a great album front-to-back since Brutal Planet, with just a couple really good songs per album on each one since. But he still puts on a hell of a show. His current tour is his best since Theatre of Death in 2009 with a killer setlist packed with very obscure deep cuts and a completely redesigned stage show. As long as he keeps performing, I’ll keep going.
  2. What Are You Listening To? 2020

  3. The weirdest thing about the delay to me is how they ran TV spots for a couple weeks following the announcement with the new date, and then they just dropped off completely. I suppose it was necessary to get the word out so to speak, but it just felt really jarring.
  4. I did my last marathon before SPECTRE, and I also got it mine on hold when NTTD got delayed. I’m itching to do it though, really only watched a few in the last year or so.
  5. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    To be fair also, Rio last year was not even gonna be of the stronger gigs IMO. Took Bruce a few songs to warm up it seemed like. Well, some of the European dates scheduled for this year got rescheduled to next year (I’ll update the tour dates in the OP) - the gigs outside Europe, as well as all of the festivals and a few of the European headline shows were flat out cancelled. That’s a particularly sore subject with me right now - personally because I was supposed to do all of the non-European gigs this year, but also because I really think it’s unfair Europe took priority over the countries they rarely get to play when Europe already had an extensive leg of this tour in 2018. Especially when you consider the circumstances in some of the other countries; Australia has had it particularly rough with metal artists cancelling the last year aside from the coronavirus cancellations (Both Ozzy and Metallica cancelled last year), Manila was supposed to be their first ever gig in the Philippines and without the festival they were supposed to play pulling them in it seems unlikely they’ll ever play there now, Japan has now had five of the seven Maiden gigs scheduled in the last decade cancelled (The two gigs in 2011 were cancelled due to the earthquake), and Israel was to be their first time there in 25 years, and their first time with Bruce. Hell, even in Europe they cancelled the two Russian gigs, which was the only country on the European tour which hadn’t already had a gig in 2018. I really think rescheduling 2020 could’ve been handled better. Beyond the rescheduled LOTB dates for next year, Rod did say in the press release about LOTB that they’ve already got a busy 2021 planned, which is why they can’t make up all of the dates. Album 17 was mostly or fully recorded in Paris last March, so that will be released sometime shortly after LOTB wraps next July I imagine. Then a tour cycle for that starting in late 2021, and...
  6. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    His voice has honestly been better post-cancer than it was in the years leading up to it I think. He’s sounded phenomenal at nearly every gig I’ve seen between The Book Of Souls and Legacy Of The Beast. On Maiden England, there were definitely some gigs where he was sounding a bit tired.
  7. One of my all time favorite Bond moments in Brosnan laughing about the shit he had to endure while filming DAD in Everything Or Nothing.
  8. RussTCB Stepping Down

    So...does this mean @RussTCB is no longer "TCB"?
  9. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Really sorry to hear you’re stepping down from the staff @RussTCB. It’s been an honor and a blast working with you on here for the last seven or so years. The community really wouldn’t be what it currently is without your work to keep building this place. I am however glad to hear you’ll be sticking around the forum still. I feel very fortunate to have you as a good friend outside the forum as well, and look forward to the next time we can spin some records in your basement
  10. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Today’s stream is literally just the bonus tracks from Havana Moon, nothing unreleased
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    Flight 666 wasn’t cherry-picked because they’re an inconsistent live band though, they picked different songs from different shows because the concert film and live album compliment the documentary, and they wanted everywhere on that leg of the tour to be represented in that. I know you’re not saying what they did with Flight 666 (And more recently The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter) is a bad thing, I just wanted to clarify they have very different reasons for doing the occasionally live album like this than most bands that cherry pick performances for a live album.
  12. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Well yeah - insurance is the big issue for a lot of bands. But whereas Maiden have announced gigs are cancelled when they cannot take place due to government restrictions, radio silence from GN’R when a gig officially cannot take place. Again, Maiden is cancelling gigs as they can whilst blaming it on the government for insurance purposes. Of course none of those gigs will go ahead, but they can’t pull the ticket links, etc. until there’s a government restriction on events for that country.
  13. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    My understanding from the way Iron Maiden has been handling their cancellations is it’s also really out of the hands of the promoter - it seems that the only way no one really gets fucked by their insurance in the event of a cancellation is when the government restricts events from happening. Maiden has been officially cancelling gigs piecemeal as different countries’ governments have restricted events beyond the date of the gig. That way both the band and promoter can say “oh well, out of our hands!” And no one gets burned. Of course, this isn’t really why GN’R haven’t cancelled yet as MANY of their gigs cannot take place, they’re just refusing to announce any cancellations it seems.
  14. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Watched it. It was cool, but wish it was longer and had some more deep cuts. The only remotely deep cuts were Out Of Control and You Got The Silver, both of which have been played a fair bit still since 2012.
  15. New Rolling Stones song 'Living in a Ghost Town'

    Wow, dunno how this flew under my radar for four days. I dig it, it's great to hear anything fresh from the Stones. I do agree though it probably doesn't have the same impact that Doom & Gloom, or even One More Shot did when I first heard those.