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  1. London gig last night was excellent. Really cool to see them in their hometown - they were really on, and everyone seemed to be in a great mood! I got four songs I'd never seen before, and Fool To Cry was totally out of left field.
  2. Guns N' Roses in Asia 2018

    I may do Hong Kong on my way to Australia. I'm not in any position to decide on that now though.
  3. Ghost

    I don’t know about the current lineup, but in last year’s lineup I believe two of the Ghouls were Swedish.
  4. 2018 Travel Thread

    Yeah, I know it-s a bit of a hike from Oslo. But remember I'm American, so a 7 hour drive is nothing I'll look at taking that route - we wanted to do some sightseeing on the way up if there was anything worthwhile anyways. I figured it was a small enough to see the whole city in a day. Even in Bergen, one day for sightseeing is plenty. I'll try to check all that out Yes, I'm plenty prepared for Norway to be expensive. Luckily I'll only be there the two days
  5. Ghost

    Fucking awful video.
  6. 2018 Travel Thread

    I'll only be in town the day of the gig really - driving up from Oslo the day before. Anything worth seeing/doing? Anywhere worth eating?
  7. 2018 Travel Thread

    Bummer! I'll be back in the UK in August for 7 more shows though, would be fun to meet up if our schedules align at all.
  8. 2018 Travel Thread

    Off on my first trip of the year tomorrow. A quick stop in London to see The Stones, a couple days in Brussels, and then doing the first six gigs of the Maiden tour in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Trondheim, and Copenhagen.
  9. What Are You Listening To 2018

    God's Not Coming Back - Bruce Dickinson
  10. Ghost

    Saw the Syracuse show last night. Didn't know the setlist going in, was really cool to see such a long set (Much better than the, what, 14 song headlining shows last year?). Really nice mix, some good odd songs, and loved hearing so many new songs for the first time. Dance Macabre was my favorite of the new songs. Loved Papa's saxophone solo! I like the Cardinal, but still prefer Papa III. I liked the idea of a expanded backing band - the third guitar added a lot of versatility, like being able to have an acoustic on He Is for the entire song. That said...how do I say this...delicately? I found the shorter, heavier set Ghuleh rather distracting. Not that I have an issue with female Ghouls, or with her body stature in and of itself, but combined with how sort of...flamboyant her dancing was, I just found it incredibly distracting. She sticks out like a sore thumb, when the beauty of the Nameless Ghouls is they're fairly indistinguishable from one another.
  11. It looks better than I expected (Note that I didn't say good). I'm not sure I'm sold on the Freddie portrayal yet, but Brian May looks spot on. If I had my eyes closed, I'd have thought it was May himself speaking.
  12. What are the best action movies of all time?

    Mad Max: Fury Road
  13. Ghost

    I know, I've seen Ghost over 25 times. But I won't do that one if I can't get GA, and I'm not paying almost $200 on StubHub for Ghost, so... I feel your pain
  14. I'm assuming you mean the Locked N Loaded edition when you say "the box", but all of the music is also on the Super Deluxe edition.