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  1. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    You decide on a gig yet? I texted you back when I got your text, but my cell service down here is a bit fucked up, don't know if you got it.
  2. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    See ya there Not sure about the LA gig. Maiden is usually between $100 and 125 before fees. Plus one in Buffalo. Totally crazy. Made it into one of the crowd shots in this one! So as I predicted, the dates got announced while I was en route to Oz. Took me a few days to sort of process it all and pick some dates, and my tentative plan is Sunrise, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, Brooklyn, Philly, Boston, Hartford, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto x2, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Santiago. Possibly Indy too depending on how everything comes together.
  3. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    I think chances are good for ATL, but I also said that in 2016/17. So...
  4. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    Looks like all of the 2019 will be announced tomorrow. The tour appear to be 6 countries; USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Dates known so far are Rock In Rio on Oct. 4 (Confirmed), Buenos Aires on Oct. 12 (Official But TBA tomorrow), Montreal on Aug. 5 (Leaked), and a show in Connecticut in early August (Announced on FB by a local radio station). Maiden is is at it again with their impeccable timing - I head to Australia for a month tonight and really can’t afford any tickets until I get back
  5. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 18 Day 19
  6. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 17 - does this meet the duet criteria? Or should there be more back-and-forth? In case it doesn't count, here's another.
  7. Axl/DC Was in Negotiations to Play in ROCK IN RIO 2019

    I'm with you on River Plate, especially in regards to Phil. The crowd, and the production are really the only redeeming factors for me. The Black Ice tour was maybe the most bland setlist in AC/DC history to begin with, and then they pick a gig without either High Voltage or Anything Goes (Which, I don't give a damn what anyone says - that's one of my favorites on Black Ice, and it was great live). Malcolm was already suffering from the effects of the dementia. Phil had been phoning it in 2003. Brian sounded rough. I rank the live videos the following: 1. Live At Doninton 2. Stiff Upper Lip Live 3. Live At The Circus Krone 4. Let There Be Rock: The Movie 5. Live At River Plate 6. No Bull Live At Donington reigns supreme - it's one of the best concert films of all time IMO. That is a document of a band at their peak, firing on all cylinders and just ripping loose. Stiff Upper Lip Live has great energy, a great stage show, and an amazing setlist. But Brian is a bit weak on it - the's the biggest problem I have with it. Live At The Circus Krone is a fun one - another phenomenal setlist, and it's a nice intimate gig. Band is in good form. Doesn't have the "wow" factor of other tours, but I like it as a document of one of the more unique AC/DC tours. Let There Be Rock: The Movie has big points for being the only Bon release. It loses big points for the documentary format. Not that I have a problem with the interview segments in and of themselves, but when I want to watch a concert film, I want just that. LTBR is the awkward point between a concert and a documentary. Live At River Plate I've already discussed. No Bull comes in last because of the production. Good venue, good crowd. I like the Ballbreaker stage show. The band is in...okay form. But the production of that one never sat well with me. For the record, I also love Plug Me In, but can't rank it against the others since it's an anthology. But theres some incredible stuff on it, and the deluxe version with a large chunk of a Flick Of The Switch gig is so great. Slade is a fucking great drummer for AC/DC. Doesn't have the sense of swing that Phil does, but he's a goddamn machine and he brings a lot of power to the band. Yo @downzy, can we make this happen?!?
  8. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 16
  9. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 15, a bit late
  10. Ghost

    Well seeing as they're already doing two arena shows on this run...yeah, not far off.
  11. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 14
  12. Best opening act of the tour so far?

    ZZ Top and Ghost.
  13. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 13
  14. Ghost

    Fucking good job. Can't wait to see the rest of the outfit.
  15. Audio Clip of ACDC in Studio 2018 (?)

    It sounds like a modern day Brian, but I'm not willing to say it's 100% him just based on hearing an "alright" out of a 40 second clip.