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  1. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    I never thought it could get worse than Sam Smith. EON has proven me wrong I fear.
  2. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Please remember that if you're going to post a YouTube link it must be from an official account, it can't be just anyone's upload. I've already had to hide a few posts in this thread and we're only on page 2.
  3. RIP Neil Peart

    I would harbor a guess that Rush wouldn't be your cup of tea. But you should absolutely give them a shot.
  4. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    I caved and got tickets for the Buffalo show. I’ve got a friend coming up from Costa Rica that I haven’t seen in a few years that wanted to go, so I got roped into it. I’m more excited to see Joan Jett than any of the other three (And I’m not particularly excited to see Joan Jett)
  5. RIP Neil Peart

    Same here - I’ve literally just like...been in a trance at work since I read the news. I’ve barely come to accept that Rush is no more and they played their last gig 4 and a half years ago, I was not expecting any of them to pass away anytime remotely soon. I was fortunate enough to see Rush 16 times - they are one of my absolute favorite bands ever. Of course Neil is a massive part of that - he’s probably my favorite lyricist ever and certainly my favorite drummer ever. There is no other drummer that I know their work as inside-and-out as I do with Neil; I have every groove and damn well near every lick more or less ingrained in my head. I could go on about Neil’s style literally all day - he’s the drummer that really opened my eyes to the fact that the drums could be more than a time-keeping method for bands and that a drummer could actually be as involved and at the forefront as a guitarist for example. RIP Neil

    Dude seriously, knock it off with this crap. I by no means loved the movie - I thought it was okay at best - and even I'm sick of seeing you write stuff about how if someone enjoyed TROS then they must have no taste in movies. If you want to debate the merits and lack thereof in the film then go for it, no one is going to criticize that if you can have reasonable discussion about it. But coming into this thread and saying stuff like that isn't discussion - that's trolling. You're doing it to get a reaction, plain and simple. Turn this the other way around - if I went into the show thread in the GN'R section for one of the gigs you're attending this year and said "Yeah, the band sounds like shit, there's no redeeming factors, and the only people who enjoy the NITL tour are people with no taste in music", how would you react to that?
  7. The Stones pit tickets for last years tour weren’t that much unless you got it as part of a VIP package - if I remember right a pit ticket on its own was about $500. Still expensive yes, but not even close to €1000. And even so, the Stones give plenty of opportunities to get cheap tickets nowadays with the Lucky Dip tickets. So until GN’R starts doing some similar system to that, I really don’t see how they can be compared to the Stones. It’s not to late to make Iron Maiden your favorite band
  8. It’s not the first time Tarantino has done a revisionist history film. Hitler didn’t get his face filled with bullets and then blown up in a cinema, yet Inglorious Basterds still exists.
  9. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    1. The Village Sessions Disc 1 2. The Village Sessions Disc 2 3. The Village Sessions Disc 3 etc...
  10. Mr. Bungle Reunion

    Yeah. I was way too young last time they toured.

    Sheev fucks. That’s all for now.

    There’s been no official news on Johnson’s trilogy whether it be progress or cancellation. All that’s been officially said by Disney is when it was first announced shortly after TLJ was released.

    I will say I’ve read a lot of things that I missed the first time around that have me excited to see it again. I’m sure I’ll be seeing it a couple more times as I always do with Star Wars, including in IMAX when I get home from Australia.

    Fair enough, I’m not going to argue with any of that. I fully understand both schools of thought on why people like or dislike each of the sequel films, and both sides make excellent points for or against every film. I have my opinions on TFA and TLJ but I by no means consider them to be the “right” opinion, so to speak. I just don’t think it’s fair to pin a majority of the blame on Johnson for TLJ, and to an extent the entire trilogy for not working as well as it could. At the end of the day Disney has the final say over all of this, and as can be evidenced by the number of directors they’ve Sacked since acquiring Lucasfilm, they’d have had no problem doing the same with Johnson if they didn’t like what he was doing for any reason. Not to mention he, as of right now, is still slated to do his own trilogy.

    The thing with who the blame falls on for TLJ is, Disney has a pretty atrocious track record with directors for Disney so far. In fact, more directors have been canned than have released a film they were originally slated to direct. If they didn’t like what Johnson was doing, he’d have been gone in a heartbeat. So that means either the trilogy really was made up as they went along, or there was a plan and Johnson stuck to it (Or a third far less likely option that Johnson went off script and Disney was just like “meh, okay”). So as far as I’m concerned, Disney is still the one to blame.