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  1. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    Yeah, we haven’t touched this theses much lately, I’ll update it.
  2. I said I’m done spending money on GN’R until they release new music, but I have one way they could change that... Can they just please do an event shirt for this that says “NOT IN THIS HALFTIME!”?
  3. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    I think he’ll be heavy in homage to Dr. No, but I’m not sure if he’ll actually be Dr. No yet. But there’s a lot of imagery that evokes Dr. No - the lair, the hazmat suits, the Caribbean setting, Safin’s hands have been obscured in everything we’ve seen. honestly I’m really happy with this trailer. I had my doubts about this one up until now; Craig’s attitude after SPECTRE, the development issues, the filming delays, the title, the first teaser poster - nothing was making me feel confident. But this trailer looks great. I’m so happy they’re not ditching Blofeld again right away, and Waltz looks menacing in the trailer. I’m confident now that this will be a very worthy way of completing Craig’s tenure as Bond.
  4. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Electric Eye - Judas Priest
  5. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    I was not particularly excited before. I am very excited now. This trailer looks fantastic.
  6. Ghost

    I think Square Hammer is perfect. Out of all their material so far, nothing else fits as well IMO.
  7. Your Top 10 Albums Of All Time No GNR

    I literally don't even know how to answer this question. I'm not sure I could pick my favorite album of all time, let alone my top 10 I'll just throw stuff out there that springs to mind I guess. Alphabetical order by artist: 1. Powerage - AC/DC 2. Tattooed Millionaire - Bruce Dickinson 3. Raw Power - Iggy & The Stooges 4. Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden 5. Pay Attention - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 6. Willis - The Pietasters 7. Rising - Rainbow 8. Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones 9. Grace Under Pressure - Rush 10. Back To Oakland - Tower Of Power
  8. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Perfect Strangers - Dream Theater w/ Bruce Dickinson
  9. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    See ya there! I’m super excited they’re coming back to Oz too - I’ve been wanting to see them down under ever since they started playing Australia again. The 2008 tour was before I was traveling to see them, but I think the prospect of going to Australia was what really gave me the itch to want to travel to see the band. In 2011 and 2016 the timing just didn’t work out. But now that Australia has sort of become my second home, there was absolutely no question about doing it this time for me.
  10. Ghost

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I much prefer The ending to the show now that they’ve dropped Monstrance Clock. Every Ghost show I saw up until Sydney this year they’d finished with that, and it’s not exactly one of my favorite Ghost songs, and I found it to be a bit of a downer ending. But Dance Macabre right into Square Hammer hits like a ton of bricks, it’s perfect.
  11. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    Second Melbourne gig added on May 9.
  12. Concerts in 2020

    Yeah, I'm going to my first Maiden concert...my first Maiden concert in Australia Besides Maiden (And Maiden-rlated), I don't have much else on my radar yet, only Mr. Bungle in February I think.
  13. Different rumors seem to indicate either Asia/Oceania, or another leg in the US. Time will tell I guess
  14. Terminator - Dark Fate

    It’s funny because most people see the Terminator franchise as nothing more than some big budget action flicks. But the nature of the larger story makes in incredibly complex and puts forward some pretty bizarre metaphysical situations.
  15. Terminator - Dark Fate

    There really isn't a scenario in the Terminator franchise, really even just counting T1 and T2, where there aren't plot holes. The framework of the films is time travel - no matter the outcome, the result is a time travel paradox. Before considering any sequels, let's look at T1 and pretend there are no sequels to factor in. Skynet sends a single T-800 back to 1984, and the resistance sends back Kyle Reese. Suppose Skynet succeeded - Sarah is dead, which means John is never born, which means the human resistance was crushed and Kyle never could've been sent back in the first place. In the film as it is, Skynet fails. This causes a paradox in the future - Kyle tells Sarah that Skynet is crippled and the humans have nearly won the war, sending the T-800 back to kill her was an act of desperation. How does Skynet know the T-800 failed, and how do they buy the time to keep sending back Terminator after Terminator? When we move onto the sequels, things get more interesting in the paradox department. The fact that a T-1000 is sent back to kill John probably means some time has passed since Skynet sent back the T-800 to 1984 - why would they not be sending back their most efficient model to carry out a mission? This trend continues through the rest of the sequels. The question is, if Skynet was crippled in 2029 as of when Kyle was sent back to 1984, what changed? Additionally, there is no event in T2 that really, truly is of any consequence in the bigger picture. So the Cyberdine headquarters were destroyed along with the original T-800 arm and chip. But we saw Miles Dyson working tirelessly on the project at home - are we really to believe he's the only Cyberdine employee who has backup files and project info for any of this at home? All of this can be explained away by time travel paradoxes. But no one was upset about how T2 changed the meaning or nature of T1. The only real point worth mentioning from T3, Salvation, or Genisys is that T3 shows us Judgement Day wasn't stopped, only delayed. This is the major point of the whole franchise, and the fact that T2 even exists proves it - there is no stopping Judgement Day, humans will eventually cause their own demise one way or another. Skipping ahead to Dark Fate, lots of time travel paradoxes - this is where the timeline starts to get confusing. Skynet sent back the T-800's. While T3 and DF don't co-exist in the same timeline (More on that later), we know from T3 that Judgement Day can only be delayed. Sarah and John ran out the clock after T2 and survived to see the supposed Judgement Day in 1997 come and go with nothing happening. A year later, they've let down their guard - they think they won the war by destroying Skynet, but they have - they only delayed Judgement Day. Skynet is still functioning in the future, and are now sending Terminators back to various points in time to try and win the war. One eventually succeeds by killing John in 1998. At this point Skynet has won the war, but none of that really matters anymore because we then branch off to a different timeline. The Terminators that Sarah is hunting down over the next 20 years are sometimes Skynet Terminators, some Legion. Skynet was likely still sending Terminators back to all different points in time concurrently, an act of desperation. I may be imagining this, but I think in the film Carl explains how he knows where they're popping up but way of a sensitivity to electromagnetism when the time portal opens up, it's not that he intuitively knows that Skynet is sending Terminators back to this day and time. Now, this is really the key to tying all of the events of all six films together; the six films do not all exist in the same timeline. The franchise branches off into alternate timelines, which again can be explained away because "time travel paradox". There are three distinct timelines that I can think of are: 1. The Terminator >>> Terminator 2 >>> Terminator 3 2. The Terminator >>> Terminator Genisys 3. The Terminator >>> Terminator 2 >>> Terminator Dark Fate What this means is, T3, Genisys, and Dark Fate do not all happen in relation to one another. When you consider the timeline, if one of those happened, the other two didn't. The most obvious proof of this in-universe is Sarah is revealed to have died in 1997 in T3, but Sarah is alive in both Genisys and Dark Fate. Genisys is an interesting one because in it we see an altered timeline for T1. I'm a little rusty on that one so I can't remember how the events of T2 correlate with Genisys. Salvation is also an interesting one because it solely takes place in the future - I think it could be argued that it both does, and does not explicitly fit into any of the timelines. The very nature of these films is that sequels will contradict one another - the more time travel happens in the universe, the more convoluted the timeline gets because from the point of time travel, there's essentially 2 possible outcomes that both could or could not happen - it's a basic Schrodinger's Cat situation. So yes, I suppose you could say that Dark Fate is a retcon, but it's somewhat that's really built into the nature of the story at it's core, and they don't really try to pretend it isn't.