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  1. Ghost

    The Grammy that Weird Al won is literally based on the packaging design - his music has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not he wins.
  2. Ghost

    There’s two European tours this year; this one is a headlining tour, with Candlemass supporting. Over the summer they’ll be opening for Metallica.
  3. House of Cards Final Season

    I personally liked everything before S6 to some extent. I thought S3 was the weakest before this, though I liked S4 and 5, if not as much as 1 and 2. This season was an abomination. It had zero redeeming qualities. And the ending was the worst I've ever seen - there was zero resolution for literally any character that didn't get killed off.
  4. Ghost

    Tonight was the first gig of the European tour, looks like no changes to the setlist except Idolatrine was dropped.
  5. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    I guess where I'm at with this is, while I'm excited for the album, I'm not excited for any tour that will follow. With Brian back in the fold, we'll go back to stale hour and 45 minute setlists. After seeing Axl/DC do shows an hour longer than that, it'll be tough to swallow. Throw in the fact that, anytime Brian has performed since he dropped out of the tour he really hasn't sounded that good (Plus his 2016 shows with AC/DC were embarrassingly bad). AC/DC has always been a band I catch multiple times on a tour, but I think if they tour this new album I'll be stepping back to just doing one gig.
  6. Ghost

    That's only in Europe - Brisbane is the only non-festival Aussie gig and it's from a local band so obscure they don't even have a Facebook page They haven't changed anything in terms of the format of the show for the next leg of the tour; the first European gigs are having schedules posted by the venues confirm there are still two acts. The Brisbane gig when it went on sale had a schedule posted on the ticket page which listed the two acts with an intermission and no opener, and the press release from the venue said the Brisbane gig would get the same two act treatment as the US tour and the Royal Albert Hall. This is a last minute change, I'm guessing by the promoter. But this blows, I absolutely wouldn't be going down to Australia for a Ghost gig had it not been announced as the full show.
  7. Ghost

    The promoter for the Brisbane gig in March just added an opening act and said Ghost would be doing one, 90 minute set after explicitly promoting the gig as being the full, two act show. What the fuck...
  8. ACDC to release new Rock or Bust book on tour

    Did anybody ever get this? I'd meant to, and then it just sort of...totally fell off my radar
  9. Ghostbusters Sequel

    Had no idea there was another Ghostbusters movie coming. Who's in this one cast-wise? Also...is the sequel to Ghostbusters really called...Ghostbusters?
  10. Edited the title to reflect the nature of this release.
  11. Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    Finally watched it. I agree with the general consensus that it’s a fun idea but maybe not the most exciting episode. Loved the big action Netflix ending. Want to try it again without the acid trip, see if it is more sensical.
  12. Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    Any idea what the range of potential runtimes is? I’ll be watching it on FaceTime with my girlfriend the first time, so it’d be good to sort of plan how much time I need to allow.
  13. So far, how many Guns N' Roses private shows do we know?

    That wasn't really a show - that was apparently just an after party for a gig. However the band has played several private gigs - I can think of three offhand; Rosario Dawson's birthday party in 2006 (This is the one where Axl got in a fight with Tommy Hilfiger), in 2010 they did a private gig in Moscow, and in 2012 they did a private gig somewhere in France I believe. I'm sure there's been others I'm not thinking of.
  14. Yeah, so do I. I love Blaze. I do not love his era of Maiden but that’s not his doing; everything that was wrong with the band during those years falls squarely on Steve.
  15. Well maybe not 20 years, but it did involve two critical members rejoining the band; Bruce had played his last gig with the band in 1993, and Adrian had played his last gig with the band in 1988. In the 90's while both of them were gone, Maiden's popularity virtually vanished; in their strongest markets they were playing theaters that held 2,000-3,000, and in most markets they were playing clubs, sometimes as small as 400. Okay, but just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it's a bad album. You can have a different opinion than everyone else. But objectively speaking, it was a hugely successful album. It debuted at number 1 in about 30 countries which is their personal best, as well as their highest charting US debut (Number 3). The tour in support of it was also one of their biggest; 117 shows across 36 different countries, with a combined attendance of over 3 million I believe. So no matter how you slice it, it was pretty damn well received by nearly everybody.