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  1. I very seriously doubt TB got Rick’s phone tapped.
  2. Haven’t had a chance to listen to any full discs with quality headphones yet, really excited to do so on my flight to Santiago tomorrow.
  3. To be fair all but three of those (2007 leak, 2008 leak, and album version) have leaked in he last month and a half. My favorite is Old Josh Drums, I think. I haven't really had a chance to sit down and do a nitty gritty compare/contrast yet.
  4. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    MetAxlica starts now!
  5. He described it as doom metal, not death metal. But I definitely hear that in this version - the fuzzy, heavy guitars in the chorus scream early Sabbath so much more than the neutered version on the album.
  6. Perhaps still reigns supreme in my book. Arguably my favorite CD era track.
  7. The first time I heard this version of Sorry I was just like “Oh, so this is what Baz was referring to!”
  8. I dunno, I've always been curious how Lionel Messi's solo work is
  9. P.R.L. reminds me of the quote from Moby when he was involved where he said there's a lot of loops and GN'R is doing them better than anyone else - I feel like that's one of the songs he was referencing. It's really grown on me since I first heard it, it's pretty out there for GN'R but I really dig it for what it is. Hard to picture how guitars or vocals would've been worked into it.
  10. Gotta disagree with your argument here that any casual fan should know Locomotive. It’s one of the deepest cuts in the bands catalogue. Let me give you some perspective. My favorite band has 16 albums. I’ll have seen them 135 times by this time next week. I’ve spent...far more money on them than I care to admit. There’s probably about 10 tracks from albums (I.e. not B-sides or anything) that they could play and I would only vaguely recognize or not be familiar with enough that I know what they are offhand. These songs are the same tier of obscurity as Locomotive. So...does that mean I’m not a real fan of this band?
  11. But there’s other songs we haven’t heard yet surely. I very much doubt every single song here got worked into a finished product.
  12. The thing that makes this version of ITW so interesting is that this was arguably the most complete in 2000/2001, which I’d have never guessed. I mean any other song that was nearly complete on these discs had some tangible changes made by 2008 - added guitar solos, alternate intros, etc. ITW is nearly identical on this disc to the Antiquiet version.
  13. The fact that we now have all 19 discs makes Scraped a much more interesting song IMO. It's now the only song from the album we really don't know the origins of - none of the ideas in the song come from any of these instrumentals, we don't know when it was written, when vocals were laid down, we didn't even know the song existed until the tracklist was released for the album. It's true that TIL isn't represented in the locker discs either, but we know it's origins, we know it was abandoned for a long time and brought back into the fold relatively late - Scraped we still know literally nothing about.
  14. One song does not negate any of the legitimate complaints people can make about this tour. The set is bloated with covers, solos, and extended jams (Ahem, Rocket Queen). The setlists see virtually no variety, other than one ballad occasionally swapping for another, or Duff's song swapping for a different Duff song. Ticket prices have not gone down as they begin to hit markets for the second, or third times since the reunion - and in the case of Vegas, they've gone up. No tangible evidence of new music on the horizon. They can't even mix it up when they play an intimate gig like the Apollo or the Palladium. If they want to continue mixing it up, then fair play. But every time they randomly play something new to the set, it stays until it's been beaten to death. They're still playing random covers in tribute to musicians who died over two years ago. I would bet money that Locomotive just goes on to replace Coma, or at the very least it becomes an A/B rotation slot. Every song they've busted out over the tour points to one of these two scenarios. They can only drag this tour out for so long without making some drastic changes to the show, or dropping ticket prices. At some point, something has to change or it will become continual diminishing returns.