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  1. I joined the Vinyl Club too. I'm far from a huge Metallica fan (I really only like the first four albums, but still really respect their business model), but it was just too good an offer to pass up. I figure if any of the 7"s are anything I really don't care about, I can sell them and recover some of my money - I'd only have to sell each one for $12.50 to break even.
  2. I got there late. Can’t stand AIC, I’ve seen them a few times before and since, never even remotely enjoyed it.
  3. That was such a fun day - I’m glad you twisted my arm into doing Detroit that year! I always love spinning records at your place. Also a great gig - it was fun to see the proper opening night of the NITL tour, and that’s still my favorite NITL show that I went to.
  4. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Iron Maiden in Manila has now been cancelled, no rescheduling for that one. Gutted about that one because they’ve never played the Philippines before.
  5. Slash Axl and Duffs Finances prior to Reunion

    Yep. Their financial situations have been discussed ad nauseam.
  6. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    The Oceania leg of the Maiden tour has been postponed now, glad it's a postponement and not a cancellation. I've always dreamed of seeing them in Australia and New Zealand, so I'm excited to make it to those gigs whenever they end up happening.
  7. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    On it I've been hit by a few cancellations/postponements already. And even though its not officially called off yet, the writing is on the wall for Maiden's tour to be cancelled (The operative word being cancelled, not postponed). It's the third year of the same tour and they have a new album in hand more or less ready to go. All of Europe is in stadiums/festivals except two gigs, so it's not as simple as postponing to the fall. But it's just an awful tour to get cancelled, both big picture and for me personally. I'm slated to see them in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, UAE, and Israel in May - all countries they rarely play, and the only one I've seen them in before is Japan. It's a huge disappointment that such a massive trip has fallen apart for me, but I feel absolutely awful for the local fans in those countries. They've never played the Philippines before, Israel has never had the band with Bruce singing, and Japan is faced with 2/3 of the most recent Japanese tours being cancelled (The other being when they couldn't play in 2011 because of the earthquake).
  8. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Hoping I can make the rescheduled dates this time. Having to change my plans last year really fucked me up since I couldn’t keep the Lucky Dip tickets I had, and ended up spending a ton more for the gigs I ended up at, particularly opening night in Chicago.
  9. I'll admit in hindsight, they played this one right. Nah. If you go back through this thread you'll see there's been plenty of things over the last decade to justify our frustration with MGM. It's sort of become a running joke in this thread that just went dormant for a while.
  10. We don't like it as staff either. But the choice is to allow links and not have a forum for much longer, or to not allow links and keep this community going.
  11. Look, I'm as negative as anyone about the direction of the band recently. But, they soundchecked three songs that this lineup hasn't played; one last played in 2007, one last played in 1992, and one an unreleased song that's never been played. Let's just see what happens before we pile on top of them.
  12. Atlas definitely isn't my favorite of the leaks, but it's probably the one I've listened to the most. Very catchy even six months later.
  13. Indeed. Another country on my planned itinerary for May I likely won’t be able to do (As if my travel plans will even go ahead at this point).