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  1. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    Back on tour now. Zurich was great, and my first time on the barrier this tour. Really amazing how many small details you might miss when you’re not up front this time. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I ended up skipping the Lisbon gig. We had a few really shitty situations that day and we just didn’t feel in the mood for the gig - we left after the first support band. Especially gutted as I’d never seen them in Portugal yet. Madrid last night was fucking incredible. It was in the Metropolitano Stadium, so by far the biggest gig of the tour, and one of the largest stadiums Maiden has ever played. Truly incredible crowd, and the band was really on point. Madrid got an event shirt too, I’ll post a picture when I can. Skipping Trieste to relax in Barcelona and Andorra for a few days, I’m back at it in Athens.
  2. I agree about Solo. Don't get me wrong, I do really like it, and Alden was an excellent Han. But it was one of the most predictable films I've ever seen. It was clear as day, even from the first trailer, that Qi'Ra and Beckett would both betray Han, turning him into the person he is. You knew they'd show Han getting the Falcon from Lando. You knew they'd show the Kessel Run. Really, the only surprising bit of the whole film was the Darth Maul cameo.
  3. I'm sure ISE is the single, just couldn't remember if it was this version.
  4. YouTube links are okay. You just can't post any link to an actual download.
  5. Dunno if this is the version on the ISE single in the box set, but I believe this is the version on the original ISE single. I could be wrong though, I haven't heard it in a long time.
  6. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Change Of Heart - Bruce Dickinson
  7. It's funny, I'm to exact opposite. I'm lukewarm about TFA at best, and I love everything since
  8. My classic rock stations always used to play an edited version of the one from The Ritz. Never been able to find it on a promo disc or anything, so I don't know where it came from.
  9. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    Maiden has a precedent that, when a song gets the axe during rehearsals, or in the middle of a tour (Not between legs of a tour, but between two gigs in the middle of a tour), they never bring it back again. Paschendale got the axe in 2010 - for the first ten shows of the tour they alternated night between that and Dance Of Death, but Paschendale wasn't gelling well so they dropped it and just stuck with Dance Of Death. So unfortunately, it will probably never be played again Other songs that fall into this category are Charlotte The Harlot, Caught Somewhere In Time, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, Stranger In A Strange Land, Infinite Dreams, Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger, Comos Estais Amigos, Paschendale, and Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. There might be one or two others I'm forgetting, but I think that's it. As for hoping that not much changes when the tour comes over here - I don't think anything will change. The stage show is too intricately tied to the setlist - it's a lot more than just backdrops since there's a lot more props, specific outfits for Bruce, the stage changes, etc. The only songs I can really see even possibly changing are 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Wicker Man, and Run To The Hills. There's nothing special about how any of those are staged this tour, and especially The Wicker Man seems like an awkward fit in the religion part of the show ( I mean, it technically is a religiously-motivated song, but not the way Revelations or Sign Of The Cross is). Plus I never liked it mid-set anyways. This tour is the first time I've seen them close with Run To The Hills and I quite like it as a closer actually - I'm tempted to say it's my favorite I've seen to date.
  10. Depends how picky you are. If you just want to be somewhere on the barrier, probably not super early, maybe an hour or two before gates. If you want to be center, very early. Like, well before noon probably. GN'R usually has a merch booth outside the venue, so you can grab it before you go in. Somebody might be nice enough to hold your spot if you do it right when you get into the venue. But I wouldn't count on that. The simple answer is "you don't". That varies by venue, and every venue has a different level of security and different policies. If you try to take one in where there's a restriction, be prepared for security to take it away.
  11. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    UK event shirt:
  12. What is the rarest/most collectable album you own?

    Hmm, I’ve got a few that fall into that ultra rare category: - Dead Kennedy’s - Fresh afruit For Rotting Vegetables 1st press (Orange/white cover) - Bruce Dickinson - Alive In Studio A/Alive At The Marquee 2 LP - Guns N‘ Roses - Live Era 4 LP (sealed) - Iron Maiden - Virtual XI 1st press 2 LP, black vinyl - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Last Dead Mouse 7” primo picture disc
  13. Could just be a byproduct of an unconventional split between channels. I listened to the 5.1 mix of STP’s Core for the first time yesterday, and there’s some goofy stuff in that with the drums too. Especially listening to just an isolated channel, it’s hard to get a grasp of the full mix.
  14. Yep, as others have pointed out, this is an issue with the video speed. Slower video speed = lower pitch.
  15. Damn, Axl sounds fucking great when you take a lot of the music away - so much vitrol. A lot of singers when you hear the isolated vocals sound weaker to me, but Axl sounds more powerful.