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  1. The Stones land plenty of big name openers. The biggest I've seen in the last few years myself is either John Mayer or Liam Gallagher, just slightly bigger names than the Walking Papers or Garbage. Ever hear of a guy named Ed Sheeran? He opened for them a couple years ago too. Realistically, I can't see anyone turning down and opening slot for the Stones, maybe barring, like, U2. But just because I don't think GN'R would turn it down doesn't mean I think GN'R opening for them is a realistic possibility.
  2. Like you said, nothing official. Supposedly Mick hoped to be back onstage by July, and other rumors have indicated later this year also. I'd say that's more likely than delaying until next year. Keep in mind that if this gets postponed until next year, 2019 will be the first year since 2011 with no Stones gigs. I can imagine if Mick is physically able, everyone will be keen to make up the dates this year, as getting back into the groove after a full year off might be harder.
  3. Opening acts don't get any say on ticket prices. So they'd be in the same ballpark as tickets to any other gig on that leg of a tour.
  4. Neither are AC/DC, but they opened for the Stones in 2003. Anyone can be an opening band when it comes to the Stones, they're just that massive. And no one would turn that gig down if it were offered to them.
  5. Not that long - the tour started in September 2017, but its only been 28 shows to date (All in Europe). The Stones only do 12-15 shows a year nowadays. The Stones usually play about 2 and a half hours. Most of the openers I've seen with the Stones did about 45-50 mins, definitely none for over an hour.
  6. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    Which is a bit ironic, as I thought the early Brian songs were the ones he did best.
  7. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    I'm not saying it's Slade's fault, I just think it's crazy that even with him back in the band, and even when the band was doing 25 song sets with Axl, the only song they did from his tenure still was Thunderstruck.
  8. Picked up the deluxe edition of Honk this morning and been listening to the live tracks. They sound quite good, nice that it’s almost all obscure songs from the last few years. Really makes me wish they released every show like Pearl Jam or Metallica though. They’re admittedly a pretty money hungry band, and they record every show and they don’t really have “off” nights...so why not?
  9. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    I was initially hoping for Simon when Phil got into trouble, but ultimately I was happy they went with Slade. I had hopes that Simon would mean one or two obscure mid-80's songs would be revisted, but seeing as they couldn't even pull out Moneytalks with Slade (And let's face it - Axl would've been perfect for that one), I don't see any mid-80's songs coming back even with Simon. Slade is my favorite AC/DC drummer, so I'm hoping he's still on the tour. I mean Rock Or Bust wasn't really a massive tour either; about 80 gigs in 18 months. Half of the dates on the Black Ice tour in roughly the same amount of time. As huge an AC/DC fan as I am...I am hesitant about seeing them with Brian again. I haven't been impressed with the few performances he's done since this all happened, and my last gig I saw with Brian was my favorite gig I've seen with him fronting. I'd rather have that be my last memory of him fronting AC/DC than a shadow of his former self. Not to mention it'll be particularly hard to stomach going back to the hour and 45 minute shows they do with Brian after the nearly three hour gigs with Axl.
  10. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    They're doing a Cassian series? That may sway my opinion on joining. I'm not fussed on Clone Wars though.
  11. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    I'm very excited to pirate this. Can't bring myself to join a streaming service for a single show.
  12. We aren't. The fact that he's not explicitly shown makes me think that's a bit of misdirection - Star Wars loves to do that in promo materials. Also someone else on Reddit mentioned; if the voiceover of...you know who at the end was revealed in the teaser, then there's got to be other, bigger surprises in store for the film. That's a pretty big surprise to drop this early.
  13. I’m at work, so I can’t watch the trailer yet. But fuck, what a shitty title.
  14. Do we have any idea what time to expect it?