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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Looks like we're back to your old ways of making outrageous claims as if they're true. They are so often not that it gets old. Please provide sources for this kind of claim. There have been studies, most notably a 2014 study on the 2008 election, that found very few instances of non-citizens voting, but the rate of occurrence is so small and would not, in any way, affect a congressional or Presidential election.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    That's ridiculous. People asking for refugee status can't vote. The path from refugee to citizen with voting rights can be over a decade and is an extremely complicated and expensive process. Moreover, several studies show that inflows of refugees and immigrants have no statistical impact on electoral outcomes. It's a myth that recently immigrated cultures vote as a monolith.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Pretty much everything you wrote is factually wrong. Trump did not sign a law that prevents separating children from their parents when they enter the U.S. illegally. It's not illegal to ask for refugee status. They are going through the proper channels with respect to those seeking sanctuary. Please know there's a difference between refugees and immigrants. Second, nothing was signed into law. He signed an executive order (or maybe it was an action). This isn't a law. This is the President's directive on how a law should be interpreted. There was nothing in law that stated that children should be separated from their parents when they are seeking refugee status. It was Trump's authority as the head of the executive branch that initiated this program. Big difference. The governments of Mexico and Central America would love to do more about the situations that are driving thousands to the U.S. for safety and protection. But that's the very reason why so many flee; they're governments have limited resources relative to the scope of the problems. If it were just a matter of "stepping up," it would have been done a long time ago. It's difficult to believe Trump gives a shit about what's going on in other countries and the effects it could have on the country he is supposedly leading when his big foreign policy objective right now is to start a trade war. America is one of the most prosperous countries in the world with an economy that's booming. But still he feels the need to punish other nations while providing little to no support for what ails many Central American nations (never mind America's approach to drugs and how it fuels the problems that plague the many places these refugees use to call home).
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So after saying “Congress alone can fix it," only a few days ago, Trump is now looking at "signing something" to end children being separated from their families at the border.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Congress will likely be slow to act, if it does anything at all. The reality is that laws are written so that the responsibility of interpretation and enforcement falls upon the President. It grants elected federal legislators distance from tough decisions. It's why the power of the executive branch has grown considerably in the last 50 years. Why take a tough vote or defend a justifiable/worthwhile but unpopular policy to your electorate when you can right vague laws that allows the executive branch the discretion to interpret how it pleases. This is not at all an accident. Congress, with its checks and balances, was designed to move at glacial speed. It's gotten even worse now that the inmates are running the asylum. One would assume this would be a no-brainer of a vote; but such assumption ignores the cruelty and moral bankruptcy of a large swath of American voters. A significant portion of Republicans support the policy of separating children from their parents. We've already seen Trump go after people within his own party who criticizes him and votes against his preferred policy options. With mid-terms less than six months away, why would any Republican risk a tirade by Trump for supporting a limited bill that outlaws the practice of child-parent separation but does nothing to fund Trump's wall. Trump knows what he's doing: he's using the misery of refugee children as leverage to get his wall built. The sad irony here is that it may very well be these poor central American children who are currently paying the price for Trump's border wall.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Apparently Trump doesn't want to reverse the family separation policy because he doesn't want to appear weak. I guess cruelty trumps weakness.
  7. As much as some deserve it, let's leave personal insults out of the conversation. No need to belittle someone because they are autistic. Thanks!
  8. E3 2018 Thread

    It's insane that they're not producing, but at the same time, it's not as though they've had a great track record since taking over LucasArts. Would love to see an X-Wing or Tie Fighter game. Make it VR enabled and I'm buying the necessary rig or PS4 system to play it. They could make the final mission the Death Star scene (even though it's been done numerous times). I'd love to fly around and blow up the Death Star with a modern machine. I remember when Rogue Leader came out for the GameCube and everyone thought it had the most amazing visuals to ever hit a game console. One could only imagine how great it would look on current generation machines (or, in your case OB, a killer PC set up). Still such a shame they shuttered 1313. So much wasted opportunities. It's like waiting on new GNR music.
  9. Oh, well then, case close... lol
  10. Maybe things have changed for NITL. But for the 2009-2010 tour, click tracks were used for the entire show. There were a ton of dubbed backing vocals and synths that were played through the PA that weren't being produced live. The only way to accomplish this is to play to a click so everything plays in time.
  11. And how much say into the production do you think Slash has? And you're basing this on what exactly?
  12. It's 100% confirmed from 2002 to 2014. I can't speak for absolute certainty for the NITL tour, but I would place a healthy wager that little has changed. When you have a big-time production with elaborate and choreographed videos and synth-heavy/multi-layer songs like some CD stuff, a click track is an absolute necessity.
  13. Before we tar and feather Frank, let's remember that Frank is required to play with a click; Taylor (I believe) does not. Big difference.
  14. Chills when Axl enters stage on one side, Slash from the other... Really fucking cool. Who could have imagined this in 2014?
  15. Let's try to keep the focus on the show and not rehash old, tired feuds between GNR and Nirvana. ------------------------------ Axl sounds fucking awesome on this.