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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Sounds about right: https://www.axios.com/experts-rank-trump-as-worst-president-obama-as-8th-best-1519065065-dd7781fd-2070-484a-9553-f9cc676635e6.html Only issue I'd take is the inclusion of Truman in the top ten. If John Adams had a second term he'd easily be in the top five.
  2. Major League Baseball Thread - 2018 Pre Season

    They should have done that last year, but the ownership/management always takes a middle of the road approach that almost never goes anywhere. The team still has the potential to have great starting pitching (Stroman, Happ, Sanchez, Estrada), decent fielding, and still some powerful bats in the lineup. The problem, as always, the bullpen. It will be another middling season unfortunately.
  3. Major League Baseball Thread - 2018 Pre Season

    Not for this Jans fan.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Republicans won't be happy about this: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/02/pennsylvania-supreme-court-issues-congressional-map-in-gerrymandering-case.html Pennsylvania State Supreme Court issued their Congressional map that will replace the previous highly-gerrymandered map. Here is the new map: For comparison purposes, here was the old map: It's expected the Democrats will pick up at least 3 House seats from this move. Repeated House elections have produced 13 GOP seats out of 18 despite registered Democrats exceeding the number of registered Republicans. It would be great to see such efforts be made in all states to allow fairer elections.
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    It's okay to attack any belief system, not the person. Understand what you're arguing about. If you want to take issue with someone solely because they're catholic/muslim/Jewish/whatever, then there's an issue. But that's different than challenging a catholic/muslim/jew on a particular religions tenet, belief, behaviour, or explanation. If I take issue with the Catholic religion, it's concerns that religion. Not you as a person. A person may choose to identify with a certain race, but good luck with that in today's society. Not going to happen. A black person can't tell a cop to stop beating on him because he chooses to identify as a white person. You can believe what you want, but anyone who chooses to disparage anyone on the basis of religion (regardless of which religion they practice - save for Scientology) would receive the same reprimand as someone who directed bigotry and hate towards a particular race. Keep in mind, there's a difference between being critical of religions and insulting towards the person who practices it. I trust you see this difference.
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Here’s the difference: No one chooses to be black (or white, Asian, etc.). Faith is a choice; a belief structure. It is not a heritage.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What’s significant about these indictments is that it undercuts the assumption that Mueller’s investigation is only going after Trump. The latest charges reveal an investigation that is quite technical and substantive relating to matters outside of Trump’s orbit. It would make it that much harder for Trump to justify firing Mueller now that the investigation has borne fruit with respect to national security matters. It also has the effect of making any of Trump’s claim of “fake news” with respect to Russia’s participation in his election as President. This was a masterful strategic move on the part of Mueller and Rosenstein to provide themselves some cover with respect to the investigation underway. These indictments could have come much later, but by issuing them now the investigation and those overseeing and conducting it have boxed Trump in from targeting them in any consequential way.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Actually, passage seems more than possible. In 2013 the bill failed in the senate by just three votes (57 in favour, 43 opposed). Many of the Democrats who supported the law (13 in total) are still in the Senate. BTW, your obsession with labeling people "extreme left or right" is getting old. Stick to the issues being discussed.
  9. The man cried on national television basically begging for action on gun control. Guess you weren't paying attention. Or, with the little authority a President has to curb gun violence, these executive actions undertaken by President Obama after the Newtown massacre: http://www.ncsl.org/research/civil-and-criminal-justice/summary-president-obama-gun-proposals.aspx
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Didn't you know that part of making America great again required easier access for those with mental problems? And while we're at it, let's make life harder for disabled Americans: https://www.aclu.org/blog/disability-rights/house-members-are-pushing-bill-will-roll-back-rights-people-disabilities In what f'ing world is any of this defensible. I use to want to live in the U.S. With every passing day I'm glad I'm Canadian.
  11. The impending water crisis and water rights.

    As long as water continues to flow from the taps, the masses won't care. It's only when something like this happens will people give a shit. But, as per usual, it will be too late.
  12. That's the problem of limiting gun regulations/ownership/restrictions to urban areas and not doing anything with surrounding states/areas. Most of the guns that plague Chicago come from Indiana, where there are far fewer restrictions. 3 out of 4 guns used in crimes within New York City were brought from out of state. And the problem is only going to get worse if the NRA and Republicans get their way. Currently passed by the House but so far stalled in the Senate, proposed legislation would allow for someone with a concealed carry permit from one state to legally carry their weapon concealed in another state regardless of state laws. This means that laws restricting or outlawing concealed carry in states would be essentially useless since anyone could travel to another state that allows concealed carry and get a license there. Almost every police organization is against this law as it will make their jobs much more difficult. America - legal to buy an AR-15 at 19, but not a beer.
  13. Except other countries play video games (I think it's a national past time in Korea). Unlike other nations, the U.S. is alone for mass shootings and death by firearms (either self-inflicted or being fired upon). At the end of the day, nothing will be done because nothing can be done. The reality is that if America was serious about solving its gun violence it would take a lot more than the most basic measures (background checks, bump stock bans, mental health, limits on gun magazines). The problem is really that there are just too many guns in the U.S. Until there's efforts to actually get rid of a substantial amount of guns floating around, gun violence will continue. And that's never going to happen. Too much of gun culture is tied to identity. More specifically, it's tied to a toxic masculinity that is presently manifesting itself in disturbing ways. And yes, this is largely a male problem. There have been hundreds of mass shootings since Columbine. I would wager that 99 percent of them involve men, and 80 percent involving men aged 15-35. This is a problem that's probably better explained by anthropology or sociology than politics. This is just who America is. People will continue to vote for the guy who promises to cut their taxes, get government out of the way, and keep dangerous Muslims out of the country but ignore the far bigger threat of domestic gun violence. Perhaps some who vote Republican want politicians to do something about gun violence, but at the end of the day, if they continue voting for the pro-gun candidate because he's the anti-tax guy, then it's clear where their priorities lie. So long as they're willing to prioritize issues like taxes, regulations, immigration over efforts to minimize gun violence, their concerns ring hollow about gun violence ring hollow. So whatever, until the next mass shooting.
  14. Want to shoot wild life? Use one of these: Lately I've been having less "understanding" for those who need to shoot a gun for any purpose. I get the need to control certain animal populations, but either leave that to governmental agencies or well trained and heavily licensed individuals who know what they're doing and can do it in the most humane way.
  15. This thread, nor this forum, will be used to discuss the inane and quite frankly moronic conspiracies concerning gun massacrers. Please take that shit elsewhere.