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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Biden campaign with a big ad campaign in Texas starting with this ad: This ad works because it provides such a strong contrast from Trump. How Biden could lose in November at this point is beyond me.
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Paul Krugman sums up quite well where the US currently sits with respect to opening up schools: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/13/opinion/coronavirus-schools-bars.html A brief history of the past four months in America: Experts: Don’t rush to reopen, this isn’t over. Donald Trump: LIBERATE! Covid-19: Wheee! Trump officials: Here’s our opposition research on Anthony Fauci. And we’re now faced with an agonizing choice: Do we reopen schools, creating risks of a further viral explosion, or do we keep children home, with severe negative effects on their learning? None of this had to happen. Other countries stuck with their lockdowns long enough to reduce infections to rates much lower than those prevailing here; Covid-19 death rates per capita in the European Union are only a 10th those in the United States — and falling — while ours are rising fast. As a result, they’re in a position to reopen schools fairly safely. ... We now have overwhelming confirmation of something we already suspected: For many, perhaps most students there is no substitute for actually being in a classroom. But rooms full of students are potential Petri dishes, even if the young are less likely to die from Covid-19 than the old. Other countries have managed to reopen schools relatively safely — but they did so with much lower infection rates than currently prevail in America, and with adequate testing, which we still don’t have in many hot spots. So we’re now facing a terrible, unnecessary dilemma. If we reopen in-person education, we risk feeding an out-of-control pandemic. If we don’t, we impair the development of millions of American students, inflicting long-term damage on their lives and careers. And the reason we’re in this position is that states, cheered on by the Trump administration, rushed to allow large parties and reopen bars. In a real sense America drank away its children’s future."
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Looks like Trump's tariffs have been as effective of keeping Chinese exports out of the country as his wall is at keeping Mexicans out of the country: https://qz.com/1874110/how-much-trade-is-dodging-trumps-china-tariffs/
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You have claimed it is a marxist organization and movement. So I asked if you believe the vast majority of people who support the organization and movement because they too support a marxist makeover of American society. As for your the evidence you have provided, I have to surmise that boolean logic was not your strong suit in school. Your first point states that because two of the three founders are trained marxists, that dictates the organization itself is marxist. There's no logic in that assertion. Did electing John F. Kennedy to President make American government Catholic? Is Home Depot the company supporting of Trump's re-election campaign because it's founder supporting Trump personally? You see that the personal views and philosophies of the person does not necessarily represent the views of the organization or movement. Or do you really seem them as one-in-the same? Your description of BLM's interest in expanding parental supervision to a community effort is akin to anarcho-communism makes my head shaking. Really? In a community that continually suffers from children being raised by one or no natural parents, you see a call for more support by the community as a pure expression of marxism. How fucking scared of marxism are you that you would interpret advocacy for such a congenial and well-intentioned policy prescription to an entire political ideology? Lots of criticisms of modern day society touch upon the excesses and faults of modern-day capitalism as practiced in America. Are they too all Marxist seeking to rid America of private property? One communist organization references and promotes BLM. You have heard of the term "guilt by association," right? Anyway, I'm done wasting anymore time on another really stupid discussion with yours truly. I guess I have to fault myself for entertaining this insanity to the level that I do.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Again, do you believe that the 20+ million of people who marched last month and the millions more who support BLM are calling for a marxist revolution? Is the movement itself marxist or are you simply cherry picking to make some obtuse and wooden point to yourself.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I see nothing "Marxist" about the quote you provided. Support for families beyond the nuclear structure. Yeah, that sounds like something Stalin would have advocated for... Good lord. The analogies I provided are ridiculous as it's ridiculous to assert that the politics of an entire organization and movement is limited to the views of two of its three co-founders. You seriously can't be that daft. Do you honestly think that the 20 million plus people who marched in BLM protesters were advocating for a marxist takeover of American society?
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The founders of VW were Nazis. Is VW still a Nazi supporting company? Walt Disney was anti-semetic. Should we consider Disney the company anti-semitic? Another absurdly wooden rationale from you DD. Ignore everything stated about what BLM is and why people supported it because of one throw away line by a person who started the organization. Have a look at the their mission statement. Any elements of Marxism? I'll wait.
  8. Probably why a few of my friends play day in, day out like it’s their job. Covid-19 is probably the best thing to ever happen to them.
  9. I use to play a lot of Tiger Woods five-six years ago on Xbox. Got to the point I was the number one ranked player in tournament play. But eventually it got tiring and not worth the effort to keep my rank. Realized that I would rather learn and improve skills that have a real life reward than some perceived digital credit. I know feel guilty whenever i power up my xbox as I usually feel i could be doing something better with my time. Though that feeling goes away whenever i play GTA or RDR. With FPS i just don’t think my brain/hands work fast enough to be competitive. With golf it was more about turn based skill and strategy that wasn’t based on one’s ability to instantly respond.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump retweeted former game show host and current nut job Chuck Woolry about how everyone is lying about the pandemic to make Trump look bad: Deranged at its worst.
  11. Yeah, I have buddies who play COD all day, everyday like it’s their jobs (they somehow get a paycheque for doing almost next to nothing). I honestly don’t get it. To each their own but there’s much more I would prefer to do with my limited time.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront II I beat the solo campaign when it first came out two and a half years ago but never attempted the multiplayer. Apparently the game saw a big overhaul in certain areas and people now claim it's much better than it was a launch. My 11 year old nephew wanted to play together and this was the only game we both had in common. It's really cool to play some of the environments from the movies, particularly the tropical planet from Rogue One. That said, I'm just utter shit at FPS or battle royal games. I usually last anywhere from 10-20 seconds before someone takes me out, resulting in me ending up near the bottom of the list for accomplishments and points after the game is done. Not sure if it's possible for me to get better. Not sure this something I'd want to get better at regardless. Fun game but not sure I'll play it much longer since it's usually just me dying 50 times in a game.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Strange... In BLM's "What We Believe" page, nothing about a Marxist political agenda: https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/ Bingo.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So the entire movement should be viewed as Marxist because one of the cofounders said “we” when asked about their political ideology. LOL. Seriously?
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Right, so why did you say the founder when it was one of the three who claimed to be marxist. Do you really presume that anyone who supports BLM is also a supporter of Marxism?