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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This phenomenon isn't limited to American or Canadian politics. Conservative politics is creeping further right around the globe. Few only a few decades would ever declare themselves a hardcore conservative. Moderation was always seen as a virtue, but now viewed as a liability. Moreso on the right, but also we're seeing signs of this dynamic on the left as well.
  2. Van Plows into Pedestrians in Toronto

    Because we all know having sex with a virgin is the best, and not at all awkward, sex.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    She's been doing a fair amount of backtracking since. Interesting article on this over at slate (https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/04/shania-twain-and-the-crisis-of-american-democracy-really.html). TL;DR - people may not view Trump as "honest," but they see him as authentic. He lies about stuff that can easily be fact checked but ultimately doesn't work against his perceived authenticity. He's a big-mouth, asshole, bully who, despite all his flaws, remains consistent in tone and attitude. That appeals to many when the system for decades has produced packaged individuals who can't say a genuine thing out of fear of saying the wrong thing (cough, Clinton). Trump doesn't worry about saying the wrong thing because he'll almost never apologize. And that is what ultimately attracts a certain kind of person to someone like Trump and his brand of politics. Well, that, and it makes some them feel safe in feeling and saying their bigotry. They've been told for the last 40+ years to feel ashamed or wrong if they feel or say something racist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. Trump allows them to feel okay with those feelings and if anyone should give them shit for it, then just use the old adage that don't subscribe to PC culture. Here's Marsha Blackburn, Republican Senate candidate for Tennessee, proudly boasting about politically incorrect (0:15): Actually, check out this short summary of how Trump has changed political discourse: https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/politics/100000005813811/the-strategy-for-some-gop-candidates-sound-like-trump.html Other than the Wall, Trump's popularity depends less on ideas or policy, but on tone and attitude, which in principle can never be wrong or inaccurate. It's why Republicans haven't been, nor will they likely, to run on the massive tax breaks they passed earlier this year. They'll run on tone while stoking fear of the other. At this point, what's the alternative? Keep us in power so we can keep giving rich people massive tax breaks while giving crumbs to the poor and middle class? What happened to caring about the deficit or rebuilding America's infrastructure or repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something far superior? They've got nothing to offer but fear and derision, which I hope only works for so long. It's not a governing philosophy, working or otherwise, and I don't see how it's tenable. It worked after eight years of a Democrat in the White House, but much like the emprorer who has no clothes, eventually (hopefully) enough sane people will see it for what it is - a massive con perpetuated by one of the most weak minded, narcissist, petulant, ignorant, and useless men to ever hold the office of President.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think you'd probably trade almost any other foreign leader for Trump, save for the usual suspects. I still catch myself from time to time thinking, "holly shit, Donald Trump is the fucking President of the United States." If you came up with a list of 100 personality traits not wanted in a leader, he'd easily check off 80-90 of them. Trudeau is a bit of a numskull, but doesn't deserve a tenth of the scorn heaped his way. It's likely the result the decade of relatively unfair shit (though in some cases warranted) his predecessor, Conservative PM Stephen Harper, received by centrists and liberals.
  5. Van Plows into Pedestrians in Toronto

    Actually, it likely won't be much longer before the debate over autonomous driving and whether it should be illegal to allow humans to drive cars.
  6. Van Plows into Pedestrians in Toronto

    Driver caught. Wondering if it's a religious fanatic or someone mentally disturbed (lobs one up for @Dazey).
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Got to love Trump pushing back on the notion of Cohen flipping on him. Not because Trump did anything wrong, but because Cohen is a good guy and wouldn't do that to him. You'd think the obvious answer for Trump would be that Cohen would never flip because there's nothing for him to flip on. Oh well...
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No. The negotiations for the hostages began in September of 1980 under the Carter administration as a result of Iraq invading Iran, forcing Iran to the plate seeking American help in the war. It wasn't as though Iran all of sudden decided out of the blue to return some of the hostages because Reagan won the election. Moreover... Many believe former Iranian President (the Iranian President at the time), former Reagan/Bush campaign staffer and White House analyst Barbara Honegger and several others who accuse the Reagan election campaign of conspiring with the Iranian government to withhold the release of the hostages until after the election. Keep in mind that Nixon did something similar with the Vietnam War in '68, telling North Korean forces to hold out until after he becomes President and they'd get a better deal, despite the North willing to deal at the Paris Peace talks. Furthermore, the Reagan administration was caught red handed making illegal deals with the Iranian government only a few years later. Granted, all of this has never been proven and it exists still in the vapour of conspiracy, but there's both precedent, prologue and and a lot of connected individuals who support the theory.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No one should assume that NK is acting any differently than it has before. They shut down their missile test sites and missile program back in 2007 only to start them back up again. If past is prologue, this is just the same song and dance they've always done before. The only reason why NK would be willing to talk nuclear disarmament is if U.S. accepts N.K. as a sovereign nation with Un the legitimate leader/ruler and removes all its own forces from the Korean peninsula. I really don't see that happening. But we'll have to see. Another difference this time around is China's lack of support for Un and North Korea. Either way, I'm having a hard time understanding how Trump had any influence on how this came about.
  10. I don't like meeting strangers much either. Best thing you can do if you ever find yourself in a situation where you're side by side with someone you admire or a celebrity in general is to avoid talking to them about who they are, what they mean to you, and avoid anything about why they're famous.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Fair enough, but parents should haven't make up for terrible teaching. And I don't think I'm putting the cart before the horse. The teacher could have very well intended to illustrate how there were no justifiable defence about slavery, but using a pro/con or cost-benefit exercise is a really bad way to go about it. It suggests that there were positives since the costs are not considered within the same thought. A cost/benefit analysis of slavery severs the relationship between the costs and the benefits and fails to put things into perspective. It gives space for students to focus solely on the benefits without considering much of the costs. Also, consider the fact that we're talking about Texas, a pro slavery state.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    LOL, so we think so little of our kids that we need to break things down with a cost-benefit analysis to show that there are no benefits? Really? And you're assuming that students wouldn't put things in the pro column. As DD seems to want to argue, there were positives to come out of slavery for some people. Moreover, are we to assume that a teacher who thinks it's fine to compartmentalize slavery is adept enough to argue why the positives aren't actually positives? Maybe, but it certainly doesn't seem like it considering it was a dumb exercise to begin with.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I just don't understand where the disagreement is here. The teacher was essentially performing a cost-benefit analysis of slavery whereby students could evaluate the institution based on how they weigh each factor from their own perspective and ignore the connection and relationship between each factor. Use the example of a guy getting laid. If we said Bill got laid last night, we'd probably would say good for Jack. If we then find that the Bill we're talking about is Bill Cosby and he's using roofies, then we probably aren't going to congratulate Bill on getting laid. It's basically what the teacher was doing with slavery; disconnecting one perspective (produced wealth for a small few) with the costs (oppression, violence, fear, dehumanization, etc.). Cost-benefit analysis are used to defend or support one of two actions or perspectives. There is just no defence of the other side of slavery. There are many perspectives, but none of them should ever be considered positive considering the negatives. And hence why it's an example of shitty teaching to 8th graders by someone who clearly knows little about the subject, is a terrible teacher, or has their own moral perspective that's impossible to defend.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I heavily disagree that this is PC run amuck. You can talk about slavery from the perspective of north versus south, slave owners versus slaves, economic expansion versus the dehumanization of slaves without resorting to a positive or pejorative evaluation. Such an approach provides space for someone to defend the institution of slavery in economic terms and ignore the human toll, which is unacceptable for middle school history class. There are different perspectives, but more than one perspective does not allow for any of them to be considered positive.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    But don't you think there are several other approaches to the issue versus simply putting them into a pro and con chart? There are a variety of ways to get students to think about an issue without being deft about it. The roots and explanation for the creation of slavery as institution can be understood without having students attempt to find the silver lining when none such exists. As someone who studied the issue rather extensively in University, I'm trying to understand how there are two sides of the issue of slavery. There are many issues that don't have two sides. Obama's nationality, the Holocaust, fascism, feudalism, rape - there are many issues and events that don't have two sides. I would have thought that most people would and should feel the same way.