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  1. Destiny 2

    These kinds of games seem too huge for me. Too much commitment and time to really get into the weeds. I say this as someone who has spent 100+ hours playing RDR2, but I don't think I could give this level of attention to any other game other than those produced by Rockstar. I have friends who play and love it, though they did say the game became considerably more fun after Foresaken was released.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Wow, didn't even know it had been submitted until I saw your post. Guess I'm slacking Apparently USAG Barr will review the report over the weekend and will notify the House and Senate Judiciary committees of the reports findings. I suppose if you're job is to cover national news, you have a busy couple of weeks ahead.
  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley I give it a 6/10 Kind of left disappointed by this documentary aired on HBO. The story of Elizabeth Holmes is fascinating but I feel the documentary only scratches the surface. So much time and attention is spent on getting to the scam while little is done to explain who Holmes is. It's kind of mind-blowing they don't reference her fake voice at all and explore what this says about gender and the need to be taken seriously. Instead the documentary seems fixated on her looks in a way that documentaries on men don't. Still an interesting story and it kept my attention largely on the fact that the basics of the scandal are fascinating, if not shocking. Looking forward to the film-adaptation of this story with Jennifer Lawrence playing Elizabeth Holmes.
  4. British Politics

    Deadline pushed back to April 12th (I know what I'll be watching on my birthday ). Basically they're going to ram through May's deal one more time. I suspect she'll likely get enough support if it's allowed for a third vote. If not, either a no-deal exit or they pull Article 50. Political theatre at its finest.
  5. British Politics

    So if the UK does leave, can it have another referendum to rejoin? Or is it ever bound to the referendum held in 2016? Does everyone who voted either way have to die before another can be held, since it was once in a lifetime? And can you tell me what law states that a referendum is binding solely because it was deemed "once in a lifetime?" Can't find that in any British law book.
  6. What does it matter if he's a stranger or not? You seem to be focused on the wrong issue here. It's the behaviour and action that's the issue. It doesn't really matter if he's a stranger or considered a "family member." He's an unrelated man in his 30s sleeping in the same bed with little and teenage boys. I would never feel comfortable with another male member of my family or close family friend sleeping with my child regardless of the reason. Nobody knows anything other than those directly involved. As I've said before, i have no issues personally with anyone who personally believes Jackson is innocent. Both Jackson and the accusers have some credibility issues. It just comes down to who you think is more likely telling the truth when considering what has been presented so far. I use to be fairly agnostic about the whole thing but the accounts by Robson and Safechuck definitely changed things for me. Nothing presented by those who believe Jackson is innocent has done much to counter their accounts of what happened.
  7. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    Second trailer for John Wick - Chapter 3: Can't wait!
  8. It doesn't have to be an either or proposition. Xbox Gamepass allows people to buy the game if they wish to retain the ability to play it forever. I think it's possible for the new Google service to allow both a subscription and purchase model. You pay $10 a month to stream available games and pay a discounted rate to own games should the streaming rights end at some point. It might actually entice more developers to release their games on Google's service since there's the possibility of getting paid twice for the same product. I would say that gamers like yourself are in the minority. Most gamers are probably not playing old games. I loved Super Mario Bros 1-3, but I haven't played any of them in decades even after buying the NES and SNES classic. Both those mini systems got turned on a couple of times and now just collect dust. I also don't see why Nintendo can't license their back catalogue to Strata. Think how much better it would be for consumers to only have to pay $10 a month to play old Nintendo games and not have to buy a new console every four to five years. It's reported that Nintendo makes very little to no money on the game console itself. Again, I don't understand why we stick to this business model if current technology allows for better access with lower cost barriers for consumers? Think of how many more people would be playing games if they didn't have to fork over $300-$500 for a game console? I would love to play Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey, not to mention a few games that came out on the Wii U, but not if I have to spend the money to buy the machine. Most adult gamers don't have the time or resources to play a lot. If I can slice out a little time to play, it's going to be something new that I haven't played before. In the last 12 months I've played Wolfenstein II, Forza Horizon 2, and RDR2. I have Far Cry 5 and the recent Call of Duty game, but both are still in their packaging as I haven't had time to play either. A lot of my friends are in the same boat, with many just having time to play the latest iteration of Madden or NHL. It's a lot of money to play only a couple of games a year.
  9. And a google search of cars will reveal a long list of car crashes. So? Should we never ride cars again? The point being that there's a difference between leaving your kids with someone who is in a position of authority with a stated purpose and bringing your kid over at 1:30am because some guy who built a kiddy park at his house wants to have a sleep over. Yes, bus drivers, teachers, and other people working with children have committed similar crimes as those accused against Jackson. Again, it's not really relevant and again I don't see the point of the argument. Parents leave their kids with those individuals because their kids aren't likely to be put into compromised situations with those people under the conditions of engagement. How is it you don't see the difference in dynamics between how Jackson related to children and how a school bus driver drives kids to school? And what's the alternative? Home school? Never let your kid interact with any other adult and force them to live a life sheltered from the world? Because there was an alternative to letting your kid sleep with a grown man: not let your kids sleep over with a grown man. And I don't think any parent leaves their kids with another adult without some level of concern or anxiety. The world can be a cruel and dangerous place, but a parent has to weigh protecting their children from it versus preparing them for it. Again, I don't understand the point you're making here. Is it to defend Jackson? Is it to defend Robson and Safechuck's parents?
  10. What??? You do understand context, right? You leave your kid with a teacher or swimming teacher in a classroom or a pool. You're not leaving them to sleep in the same bed as the teacher or swim teacher. You don't think context matters here? Considering having your kid take a bus to school with other kids with a driver you don't know much about versus letting a stranger take your kid to school with no other kids in a windowless van. Context, context, context. I have no idea why you think leaving your kids with a school teacher is the same leap of faith as leaving your kids to sleep with Jackson in his bed over night. As reported in the 2005 trial, Robson's mom received a request to bring her son over to Neverland Ranch at 1:30am in the morning. Does that happen with school teachers? There's always a risk regardless, but I think boundaries are crossed when a kid is put into a situation where they are on their own and find themselves in a dangerous situation. Again, this whole conversation is fucked. As @DieselDaisy correctly points out, there's no point in having this conversation. What purpose are people trying to serve here? I'm not sure the point of it. Is it to excuse Jackson because the responsibility for protecting their kids fell on the parents? Is it to excuse the parents, who saw dollar signs and access to celebrity and privilege they otherwise wouldn't have? I suppose if you believe Jackson you have to excuse or rationalize this behaviour some how. The amount of cognitive dissonance is staggering when on the one hand Jackson defenders acknowledge that Jackson slept in the same bed as children but also maintain that Jackson is 100 percent innocent and there's no possibility that Robson, Safechuck, and the other three children are telling the truth.
  11. Not sure if plot is the primary driver of most Tarantino films. Check out the trailer for Pulp Fiction. Not heavy on plot details other than Vincent taking Mia out for the night.
  12. I don't see it being $20 a month, considering Xbox Gamepass currently costs $10 a month. And this is Google, they can afford to lose money in the first 5-10 years to get the service off the ground by making it a loss leader. Also consider that most streaming services don't require a long term contract. I know several people who cancel their Netflix subscriptions when they have watched everything they want to watch and sign up again when new content they're interested in is added. I could very well see myself doing something similar. I only play 2-3 games a year. If you do the math, that's $500 for the console, $270 for three new games (in Canada they're priced at $80, plus tax), $70 a year for Xbox Live, plus $120 a year for Game Pass. That's $500 for the initial console, plus another $190 minimum a year if you don't buy or play any game that's not included in Game Pass. Or if you prefer to own, that's a minimum of $340 per year for three AAA titles and an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online. Now $10-$20 a month for a streaming service starts looking like a much better value (assuming the quality and quantity of content is there). As for owning, I'm more into utility. Everyone is different, but personally I never play a game again once I'm done. So owning a game isn't that important to me. It's not as though those games are worth much after you're done playing them anyway. Yes, we have fibre, but not in all areas. We just moved and our new spot is getting fibre later this year (we get 50 mb/s download speeds so enough to stream 4K content). Most major cities are all wired up. Google did announce that Strata would be available in Canada at launch, so I guess they think our internet pipes are capable to handle the demand. What I don't understand is the allegiance to a company or hardware. I love Nintendo games, but I see no reason why I have to buy a specific console to play a couple Nintendo games. I do love the classics as well, but again, access to them can come in many forms, whether it be by owning or streaming. Most gamers love Netflix and other streaming platforms but seem adverse to streaming video games. Objectively it's making less and less sense to own when almost everything is available online for a small monthly fee. But hey, that's just me.
  13. This looks really, really good. Absolutely loved Hateful Eight so hoping Tarantino is working with some momentum.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I can't imagine what your browser history looks like.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's incredible to watch Kellyanne Conway stick with her boss instead of standing up for her husband. What a complete shrill. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/20/trump-george-kellyanne-conway-1228558 The day I have a boss call my wife a whack job is the day I'm looking for a new job. Not sure why her husband sticks around at this point.