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  1. OH... Just remembered a couple details about the 2006 Huntington, WV late start. My buddy and I were talking to a security guard after the show. He said they were all told Axl was refusing to go on stage until they found a chiropractor for him. They were having trouble trying to find someone so late at night. Axl was getting irritated and saying he wasn't going to go on stage. It was getting to the point where they were being told prepare for a riot. The show went from around 11:30pm to 2am. We waited outside trying to meet Axl like we were a couple of fan girls until 3am but gave up because it was so damn cold out. The next day I looked on this board and saw someone posted a pic of Axl signing his Rebel jacket at 3:15am
  2. Hahaha My financial situation changed quite a bit from 2010 when I couldn't afford an $8 beer. In 2016-17 I was pounding the $15 drinks. Maybe that's why the wait didn't seem so long
  3. Pittsburgh 2002 - Around 2 hours of Mixmaster Mike, lots of booing, lots of girls flashing. I was 2nd row on the floor. People were starting to talk about tearing shit up. ALOT of people were kicked out by security. The building was maybe half full. One of the guys from Jackass was standing in front of me. Huntington, WV 2006 - Front row. Baz and Papa Roach were openers. Both were great. About an hour wait. Some girl offered me a beer if I let her in front of me. Couldn't say no. We made out during November Rain. Toronto 2010 - Hour and a half-ish wait after Baz. Lots of booing. Shitty seats but first time visiting Toronto. Too broke to buy booze. The best I've ever heard Axl sound. Wilkes-Barre, PA 2011 - Waited outside in line for 4 hours. They played from around 11pm-2am. Met some people from MyGNR so that definitely helped the time go by faster. Over an hour wait. Great show. My ex and I had the "great" idea that we should try out adult diapers. We knew we were going to be on the floor for a while once we got in there and didn't want to lose our spot to use the bathroom. The night before we bought some Depends and a bottle of Jack. Thank God we tested them. That would have been a mess. Toledo, OH 2011 (or 2012?) - Shitty seats. Black Label Society opened. It was after midnight when they finally came on. Played until 3am. Freezing out that night.. they even waited 45 minutes longer than advertised to open the doors! Good show though. Orlando, FL 2016 - Right on time. Best concert ever. Front row behind the pit. Miami, FL 2017 - A few minutes late. Nothing crazy. Awesome show.