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  1. Will somebody please flag that video for copyright. I mean, this is highly unacceptable.
  2. I imagine a situation in which the whole band contracts the virus and is quarantined in a recording studio. Fernando, work your magic!
  3. Larger than life... what a coy way to make fun of one's belly.
  4. Same, had there been some sort of change, maybe I would have made an effort to travel to Dublin. But I set my expectations very low, and thus this did not surprise me.
  5. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    You do know that he, Beta etc. are all just "yes-men". They manage what Axl wants to have managed. They probably just have a bit of freedom with the creation of merchandise. If it's new music you're wanting, blame Axl, not these "yes-men".
  6. Ticketmaster / LiveNation: Tickets are too cheap

    Honestly, they'll just strangle the market. They seem to think that a bank account of the average Joe is endless. But when rising prices, people will have their limits to what prices they can or are willing to pay.
  7. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Was comtemplating going to Dublin. But ultimately decided it's useless to spend that much money. Had it been Nine Inch Nails or Radiohead, there would have been no question. At least they vary their setlists quite alot. One or two new songs aren't going to win me over anymore either.
  8. I really can't believe how powerful and better this sounds compared to the released version. Years wasted tinkering that only made it worse.
  9. New LA Show Sep 21

    Really tiny venue. Should be cool for the ones that are able to go.
  10. Looking forward to S&M2 with only a week to go! Travelling from the Netherlands on Thursday.
  11. Honestly, in my opinion the songs are the same (and I still don't care for them too much). It does prove it was completely unnecessary to keep polising them though.
  12. Way too many words in the chorus. Other than that it's a likeable song to me. This might just be a baseless opinion, but I kind of feel as though there are a bunch of talented selected musicians at work given a task to create this kind of music. And while they are good at what they do, is it really what they personally want? Hadn't had that feeling previously, but it crept up on me while listening to this multiple times.