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  1. Very well done. You deserve a huge thanks and applause for all the hard work! Looking forward to the dvd/blu.
  2. Streaming till the super deluxe comes down to a reasonable price. I’m in no hurry. Even if it was half the price, I still wouldn’t bother with the locked n loaded version.
  3. AFD remaster. That is all. Izzy and Steven aren’t joining the band until this well has run dry.
  4. "Where Do Guns N Roses Go From Here ?"

  5. Hellfest 2018

    Not happening. Their main competitor Download has booked them. I’m glad there’s no competition on Belgium, as the lineup of Graspop is insane! Hollywood Vampires just confirmed themselves as well.
  6. I managed to score GC for Nijmegen in the presale (no early entry), but they sold out pretty quick. This year at Nijmegen I checked a few days before the concert and there were GC tickets available again. Also plenty on TicketSwap. Just be patient!
  7. Extremely well done!! Very much looking forward to seeing the whole gig.
  8. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Please god, no cover of Free Fallin with Mickey. They'd have to rename it to Free Failin
  9. No, they'll probably enter the studio this fall to record a new album. Oh wait, I forgot this is Guns N' Roses. Yeah, more touring.
  10. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Gag order. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/steven-adler-cant-talk-about-his-reunion-with-guns-n-roses-anymore/
  11. On our trips to Nepal and Java, my girlfriend and I were constantly asked to take pictures with people. That left a lasting impression of how it must feel to be a celebrity and be raided by fans, so I do sympathize. Still I guess it's in the nature of the beast of how one reacts to it. One can still be polite.
  12. Loudest show you've been to

    My bloody valentine. They actually handed out earplugs to everyone prior to entering the venue and had sign warning people to wear them. I remember this guy in front of us acting cool like he didn't need them. At first he was doing ok, but a few songs into the set he was desperately searching for them. They close their set with a huge cacophonous earblistering noise that goes on for at least ten minutes. It was like having your face in front of an airplane engine on full power.
  13. Ed Sheehan 2018 UK stadium tour

    As far as pop music goes, this guy does have an incredible amount of talent. And he puts on a great live show all by himself. So yeah, kudos to him.
  14. Seeing them in Las Vegas twice last year was one of the best experiences of my life, and I can die a happy man. Having them walk on stage again in London gave me goosebumps yet again. However, I've seen a bunch of European shows now, and while Slash absolutely kills it, Axl's voice is just really dragging me down. I'll enjoy the shit out of Nijmegen with a bunch of friends, but I'm probably done buying tickets in advance from now on. Need to check out some YouTube vids to analyze Axl's voice and first and decide to buy (a) ticket(s) on the secondary market. Edit= unless AFD5 of course