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  1. She seems to be a Tour Manager for Live Nation. She worked a long time with both Axl Rose`s version of Guns n Roses, as well with Slash and Duff in Velvet Revolver. My guess is Live Nation put her in to supervise the "other" Tour Managers.... https://www1.lehigh.edu/news/life-rock-n-roll-circus
  2. I just returned from the show! Guns started really late at this show at around 9:20pm! My girlfriend already said that something must be wrong! After Jungle Axl said: “Now is the time for apologies, unfortunately I am quite sick today, I have been throwing up nonstop for the past 5 hours and been in the IV; This is a new experience for me, I never felt this way before but actually I kind of feel quite good (with the meds) Having said that we still decided not to cancel the show and deliver the best show we can do” All in all one could see that he was not in the best shape, but he tried! The voice was also quite decent! However the guitar solo were quite a stretch and during the set there were some discussions going on...At the end of the set he must have felt quite miserable as I don’t think they intended to close the show with NR! Axl apologized again for not delivering and they left! After there was some confusion in stage if the show really ended as people from the crew were going on and off the stage in a rather confused way. I think they really intended and tried to deliver the 3 hour set, but at some point he simply couldn’t do it anymore! In hindsight it would have been better to have planned and played a 100 minute greatest hits set; would have also been better for the F1 audience! But really nobody can blame them for not trying; the people got jungle, esstranged, SCOM and NR; if they would have put Knockin on Heavensdoor and PC instead of Wichita Linesman and Better this particular audience would have been perfectly happy! The concert goers were mostly ppl who watched the F1 race and got the concert for free....
  3. God, has this thread been derailed. It seems nowadays you cannot voice a political opinion without getting clubbed to death for it by the opposing side. I really miss the times before "me first, fuck everybody else", when you still could be friends with people whose political views you did not share... To sum the whole discussion it goes like: "but but Axl was mean to women too and he is a fool and spells like a kid, how dare he to criticize the president....how can people justify and possibly still like Axl, the guy can`t even sing..." This whole discussion got so bloody stupid. Axl is entitled to his believes and to have and state his opinion and to protect his property like everybody else. If he does not want DT to play his music and his campaign still does, he got every bloody right to be pissed and be vocal about it. I assume Ted Nugent would have pulled a gun if Hillary Clinton had played his songs. As a wise man once said: "This ain`t Burger King, you can`t have it your way....". Oh and about the whole morality discussion: I do believe that it is a bit of a difference if you are a rockstar or the president; those jobs kinda have different intellectual and moral requirements. Well at least it used to be that way....
  4. It is so sad that we seem to live in a time where political dispute is not civilized anymore; not only in the US but increasingly in Europe as well. So much hate, fear and violence. It is scary that nowadays a person stating his political point of view must fear being the target of verbal abuse and possibly even physical violence. Whatever happened to the core values of democracy: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!" ? And yes I believe that he is right on the topic; he has every right to be upset that his music is instrumentalized by people he clearly does not like. And his take on DT, well I guess that the vast majority of thinking people would agree - regardless of his policies - that DT has a poor regard for the truth, likes using loopholes and is not exactly driven by superior ethics.
  5. Axl Rose vs. Donald Trump That epic fight just made the mainstream news in Germany`s most reputable newspaper http://www.faz.net/aktuell/gesellschaft/menschen/axl-rose-twitter-wutausbruch-gegen-donald-trump-15874526.html
  6. Don`t understand this discussion. DT and Axl are nothing alike.....at least not nowadays. On most of his appearances off stage Axl comes agross as rather mellow, funny and softspoken person with the ability of not taking himself too seriously. Can`t say that about DT. Maybe Axl can advise him on the meds ......
  7. Duff To Play Charity Event

    And besides, we all know Duff has not been punk as fuck in a really long time. I mean couture shopping, attending yachting exhibtions, instagraming and squeezing GnR`s profits to the max kinda disqualified him from that lifestyle... Not that it matters, we all evolve, grow up, get lazier and more conservative. I assume he somewhere still has some "punk" attitude and genuine affection for that kind of music in him, but it`s not like he needs to act the same way when as he was in his 20s.
  8. Duff To Play Charity Event

    What`s wrong with that? He is playing for a charity event in a band for one evening with some talented guys from RHCP and Pearl Jam and the guy from Coldplay. I`don`t particularly like Coldplay, but who the hell cares. It is not a collaboration with Lady Gaga and David Guetta.
  9. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I am grateful that it happened. I saw them all over the world and sometimes they were spectacular and sometimes - especially Axl - could have done better. But every single show I attended was worth it. Maybe it will be one more time (tonight) for me....
  10. FALSE: CD2 announcement this september

    Nothing is impossible in the Guns world.....Who knows, maybe the "old" "nu" GnR still has a record deal to fulfilll, that is why they will put out CD II. Also we know there must be a whole vault full of music in Axl`s basement. Frankly I don`t think Slash or Duff will mind playing some songs from that album as promotion for the new album will be GnR typical zero anyways... After the way may be cleared for a new "old" "real" GnR album in 2100
  11. FALSE: CD2 announcement this september

    Bizarrely I heard recently about a new GnR album on 2 independent mainstream radio stations here that almost never play nor even mention GnR. Pretty much the tenor was they don`t know anything but there were rumours and they will keep the listeners updated. I put no credibility at all in this, however I thought it was quite bizarre that 2 mainstream stations here would talk about that.
  12. Sounds to me like many of the former Slash project songs....it is decent - listenable but quite generic - rock music. Somehow it is just not catchy / memorable for me. In regards of a future Guns album, they would need some catchy songs. Perhaps they will never recreate AFD class kind of songs, but if they were to combine some faster Slash songs - maybe with the help of a good producer who can help make the songs more memorable - and some epic CD style songs, maybe brought a little bit more down to earth by Slash and Duff....that would be quite a decent album....
  13. Great interview, good questions too. Smart move by Slash too how he avoided the sensitive topics. Maybe at some point we get a common interview by the big 3 then we see the full story. It is pretty clear that the reunion is mostly a working / business relationship, but my impression is that everybody is getting along much better than they originally thought / feared. That is a good thing.
  14. Personally I believe - if Izzy would have made it back in the band - it would have not necessarily been a good thing. He hated touring, most likely still does today, I do not think that the extended tour that we got would have been possible with him. I think in the early days when they negotiated with him it was not planned to have such a big tour. Maybe AEG did have a masterplan in its drawer, I think the band though decided step by step. See how it goes, add another show, then another leg.... So if Izzy would have been in, I highly doubt that the tour would have survived... And frankly, I am incredibly grateful for this long tour. I got to see them 6,7 times on this tour and it was great in one way or the other every time. In the dark ages (95 to 2015), one did not even dare to dream about this.
  15. Really don´t understand why people would go through all the drama, I assume not only your feet hurt but also your neck from standing there and staring up, propably only seeing a small portion of the stage anyways; all so Axl can wave at you? I usually buy FOS 1 tickets and then stand in the center near the back rail. Much better sound, much better view, no stress if you want to get a beer or need to go to the toilet... In Mannheim they even had a bar inside FOS1. One of my friends stayed there the entire time, said it was the best time he ever had at a concert Buy merch before the show, after the good stuff is usually sold out.