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  1. Guns N' Roses and Motley Crüe-who do y'all think is better overall

    Totally subjective & this is a guns forum so..... Motley had some good hits but they still lacked something that kept them from being a Tier 1 type band. Motley Crue is like a high Tier 2 imo.
  2. It really is a great record. The only one's who won't go along with that thinking are the one's who never could get over the original members not being in the band.
  3. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    This was fun for a while but now it's become a situation of not knowing when to call it a day. Axl gets all the heavy blame, & rightfully so because he's the centerpiece, but damn if Slash doesn't fuck up quite a bit himself. He's shredding harder than ever but he's lost a bit of his touch & charm like he's got Yngwie Malmsteen Disease and can't slow it down anymore.
  4. RATE: The best touring years of NU Guns

    Each era had a couple it's bright spots for sure. I remember getting those first images/videos from the 1st RIR performance with new band. 06 was fucking cool to me cause we were finally getting good high quality videos for the first time. 2010- It was getting stale to me at this point. It was clear that nothing new was going to happen and I lost interest for a while even though Axl was having good performances. 2006 would get my vote.
  5. Hated Illusions Songs??

    Axl's rant in GITR is cheesy and too white for me. It makes me cringe. This would've been more fun if you would've eliminated some of the obvious choices (My World, Shotgun Blues, etc etc) that don't even need to be discussed and made us pick from better material. Having said that, I thought 2 versions of 1 song in Don't Cry was kinda stupid.
  6. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    And all the happiness is about to turn to anger & frustration for those who think Axl was going to 'please the internet'.
  7. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    It's honestly amazing how stupid some of you are regarding Frank's playing, but yet are totally convinced you're correct. It never once crosses your minds that Axl comes in too early sometimes or Slash gets slightly off tempo sometimes (which he does).
  8. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Some of these experts around here need to learn the art of 'listening to enjoy' again rather than listening to give your negative opinion.
  9. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Franks haters are going to have to eat dicks after tonight. He's solidifying himself with this show.
  10. That "Oh My God" Moment On The Tour

    When Dizzy's Piano fucked up on November Rain.