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  1. Not to be judged wrong, the dude can still go and plays at a high level, but it's just different now. He's trying to play like a 'virtuoso' blues guitarist which by default takes some of the shine of his style away.
  2. Guns N' Roses and Motley Crüe-who do y'all think is better overall

    Totally subjective & this is a guns forum so..... Motley had some good hits but they still lacked something that kept them from being a Tier 1 type band. Motley Crue is like a high Tier 2 imo.
  3. It really is a great record. The only one's who won't go along with that thinking are the one's who never could get over the original members not being in the band.
  4. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    This was fun for a while but now it's become a situation of not knowing when to call it a day. Axl gets all the heavy blame, & rightfully so because he's the centerpiece, but damn if Slash doesn't fuck up quite a bit himself. He's shredding harder than ever but he's lost a bit of his touch & charm like he's got Yngwie Malmsteen Disease and can't slow it down anymore.