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  1. Probably a little bit hard to sing and also not enough audience reaction? I always found it to be one of the most lyrically profound songs on the album, and then when I heard the origin story (living next to a bad neighbor) I was shocked, because it seemed like such a shallow idea. But I guess the song isn't really about a bad neighbor, it simply spawned the idea for the song.
  2. Are you sure One in a Million wasn't played 3 times? Anyone?
  3. I seem to recall reading content waaay back? I'll take your word for it because you're far more of an authority on the subject. Maybe I read the email titles and my brain made the rest up, or maybe I read discussions and theories of what the contents were. Thanks
  4. Those emails leaked long ago and no one was fired.
  5. I don't post much, but I'm highly critical of Axl's shitty live voice, but he handled this song with grace. It was a pleasure to listen to. Wish he would try this hard with at least Estranged.
  6. By all means, enjoy the show to the fullest and do and say what you feel while you're there, but goodness, even though this has better audio than the other video, that screaming makes me want to commit suicide.
  7. Would have been cool if Slash had experimented with a violin. Would have been ridiculed, but the same as with the banjo on Breakdown, it would have been interesting.
  8. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    Anybody got a time stamp for this on the video?
  9. It was on Letterman, but I seem to recall another interview where he went a little more in-depth as far as "clearing the air" goes, but maybe not. Here is the interview, the part I'm referring to starts at about 4:40
  10. Slash knew, and there was an odd appearance on I *think* Conan O'brien where Slash said something to the effect of "I just wanted to clear the air once and for all, I think after the breakup there was a lot of negative stuff I said that was just not even true, because I was mad from the breakup, and also because I had heard a lot of bad information from managers and things, so I just wanted to clear that up" which SOME speculated as his way of trying to issue an apology, but then of course, more bullshit went down even after that.
  11. Oh wow I must have feeling daft that day, I see the truth now lol Also, hello fellow Juggalo
  12. That listing didn't actually sell