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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Got one yesterday. Got Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 to start with. So much fun already, Payday 2 (much thanks to this thread), Splatoon 2 and the new Zelda are the next couple of games I think I'll get.
  2. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Like "The Legend of the Red Panda"?
  3. Axl and Ozzy Duet at Download?

  4. hmm, how about The ritz 1988? Could be the VMAs in 88 too, or some other show where he wore that jacket/vest
  5. Yeah, in about 15-20 years
  6. Ummmm. Yeah, and that's relevant to the topic in hand in what way?
  7. Yes, sure. But I'm glad they were such great "posers" that they reached millions with what they had to say instead of making their art so appaling that only a couple hundred thousand could take it in. Different strokes for different folks I guess. In any way, I'd vote for us not derailing this thread any longer. On topic: As others have said, Papa Roach is not my thing, but I can totally see where this comes from. I wouldn't want to work under those circumstances either.
  8. I couldn't care less about those true hardcore pioneer shit bands you just mentioned. Other than a couple of songs by Madball, I've never found any appeal what so ever in any of them. Especially not Biohazard, that's a super crappy band "real" or not. If you like it, good for you, but for the rest of us, it doesn't really matter if they grew up in the suburbs or wherever. It's fucking music. It's either enjoyable and entertaining to listen to, or it's not. Rage made awesome music and shouldn't be slumped into the same group of bands as Bizkit and Papa Roach. Crazy the way this thread turned out
  9. [TOOL] New Album 2018

    Really looking forward to it, if this finally is this year. Where have you read that the title is Evolution? First and only place I've seen it.
  10. The Official Metal Thread

    Tribulation released what may be the best metal album of 2018 a couple of weeks back.
  11. Well, there is no Guns show in Copenhagen this year. The Denmark show is in Odense.
  12. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    I can't believe I know this but, back in 2006 when Axl was in rehearsals before the tour he dropped by an airing of Eddie Trunks radio show. Axl was asked to pick a song and he said Ace of Spades. Rip
  13. where's Pitman?

    Well, first off. Why would he? As Lio pointed out. Pitman's only collaboration with Tool is "additional synth" on a song from back in 1996. The "information" in the first link is nothing more than a guess from the one who wrote it based on Pitman's tweet. Sure #toolband and #dannycarey was hashtagged but so was #kentbrisley who seems to be Chris and Danny's mutual friend guitarist. Why would he be hashtagged and not actual Tool members? Likely because they weren't recording for Tool but one of their own mutual projects. The three of them seem to have been in a couple of bands together. So why hashtag Tool? Publicity, without that hashtag the "article" would likely never have been written. Tom Morello posted on instagram last week that he was honored to be the first "outsider" hearing new Tool music, still without vocals though.
  14. where's Pitman?

    I really don't think he's involved with the Tool album. The picture from your first link is most likely from that side project with Danny Carey though.