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  1. Spoiler..... Leia "supermanning" back into the ship was the absolute worst part of the movie, wasn't it?
  2. Just got home from it. I really liked it, most of it. It might even grow on me with more viewings. I loved TFA from the beginning but has thought less of it since, but I've seen it so many times by now in only two years so I guess that has a lot to do with it.
  3. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    Hmmm, Slash vs. DJ... soooo hard to choose
  4. Wow, this was actually pretty great. Thanks for the tip, had seen that there was a episode about SCOM but thought it would be shit so I didn't give it a chance then.
  5. Cool, reminded me of this pic from 2006 Found this too, they seem to be friends. Would love if Axl could guest on some new Korn

    I guess it was talked about 1.5 years ago?
  7. Noticed that they dont have the X-mas sweater on their site anymore. Wonder if they'll produce another in time for easter...
  8. I quite liked Nashvilles hockey litho. Just noticed it on facebook.
  9. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    My biggest "regret" regarding GNR Live is not seeing them with Finck on the 2006 tour. Was pretty much out of my hands being 15-16 years old, but still. Would've been great. Instead I got to see them with Ashba a couple of years later... Glad the NITL tour came around but would still love to see Finck up there.
  10. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    Not a Maiden fan but this is a great concept "alternating new album tours with “History/Hits” tours". If only Axl wanted to "have something in common with maiden"...
  11. Was it not as simple as he thought a song called The Blues should actually be a blues song and not a ballad? That's how I interpreted what he said
  12. Better than CD version. What a shame.
  13. Shit alternatives. There's three Yes'es, one no and one that's basically a null vote. Next time you do a poll, how about a Yes/No/undecided and then let us comment the reason why in a post if we'd feel like it. I'm not sure. Probably not but can't say for sure. Lots of stuff to weigh in.