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  1. She's tall but I bet she wears high heels as well..
  2. Colours reminded me of the Vancouver Grizzlies
  3. Loudest show you've been to

    Tribulation probably, opening for Ghost a couple of years back. Never heard an opening act playing louder than the main band. I was way farther from the stage than usual but I was blown away by theyr loudness. I think Wednesday 13 comes in second, but that was in a small club with me being very close to the stage. It was the first time I was experiencing ringing ears for days and I got a bit scared actually.
  4. 06-07 due to Axl and Finck, 2002 comes in second. 09 third, would've been ranked higher if not for Ashba.
  5. Who comes out with new music first?

  6. I thought it was funny, but I enjoy The Darkness early music so there's that. I was happy that they opened for Guns in Stockholm.
  7. Most recognizable rock voices?

    Chris Cornell deserves a mention, Dio too. Layne Staley. Instantly recognizeable.
  8. New Music or Original Lineup?

    New god damn music
  9. woah cool, had no idea, will have to check if it streams at HBO Nordic then thanks!
  10. Really? Because everywhere I've read it premieres the 17th, which is tomorrow.
  11. wrong date too, guess that'll be fixed. Im slightly surprised at the stockholm hate, at first i thought it was a bit underwelming but it has grown on me. plenty others are worse imo.
  12. Neurotic Outsiders is where it's at! But as others have said, I'd still prefer Duff's GN'R songs.
  13. New York post article about guns

    I'm not the least bothered or surprised by this, sucking or getting sucked for drugs, that's almost a a win-win ye guys
  14. When Axl blew us a kiss

    Damn that's you NorwegianGirl, I remember you from the Copenhagen golden circle line, you were like first in line when we got into that "tunnel" right before we got let inside of the concert area. Would've said hi if I had read this thread before.
  15. How important are they to you?

    It doesn't matter that Axl to me is (by far) the most important member, in this scenario I'll go see Steven and Izzy (and Slashn'Duff). Having seen Axl with NewGNR once and NITLGNR 3 times. Slash with VR, MK and NITLGNR and Duff with VR, Loaded and NITLGNR while never seen the other 2 makes it simple especially when Sluff's added (and no other singer than Izzy/Duff).