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  1. I thought Bird Box might've been as underwhelming as a movie can possibly get. Malkovich was good though but that's pretty much a given.
  2. Ghost

    Ah, come one man! I figured this post would come back to haunt me at some point. Why couldn't you just have left it to die? Sadly as Ghost has grown in popularity, my interest has fallen off a cliff. I think I've only listened to the new album 2 or 3 times. It might actually have some to do with Papa3/Cardinal which makes it even more ironic.
  3. Daredevil season 3 was incredible! Best yet!
  4. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Most of my favorute depressing albums are in Swedish,I guess the lyrics hit me harder if the lyrics is in my native language.
  5. Books/Reading Thread

    I read Animal Farm a couple of weeks back. Really dug it! Funny coincidence, the other day when I was at a friends home, I saw the book on a shelf, asked him about it and he had just got it but hadn't started reading it yet. None of us really reads books so it was cool that he had recently gotten it as well. I've been meaning to read some classic "must reads" for years. Not sure what to read next. Any suggestions?
  6. All that Remains

    Absolutely, it was just a bad taste morbid joke that I found amusing. Sorry for your loss
  7. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I quit watching TWD during the second season. However, I'm still wondering what the doctor/scientist or whatever he was told Rick at the end of season 1? Did we ever find out? Anybody knows what I'm talking about?
  8. The Weed Thread

    Just thought I'd share Carl Sagan's cannabis essay from 1969. I heard about it a couple of years ago but hadn't read it until now. http://marijuana-uses.com/mr-x/
  9. Greta Van Fleet

    I was fully expecting not to like this album. Thought they were rip-offs, very talented, but rip-offs. Have had a hard time with all the hype but figured I had to give the album a shot. It's good and I think it'll grow on me. Vocals are sometimes too much though, but I bet I can get over it. Nice surprise!
  10. Ghost

    Oh, I don't use gimmick in a negative sense. I think they're funny and if you don't find Ghost fun, I think you sort of miss the point of it all. I've seen them 4 times I think so I think I know the gimmick pretty well. Slash's top hat is also a gimmick and so is Angus Young's schoolboy uniform IMO. The Swedish defintion of gimmick: "Gimmick is a special feature of a particular artist or actor. It is often a kind of plush that can be considered a typical for the artist. Usually it is a part of a kind of humor that characterizes a person. It can be a special catch phrase or a physical movement." I guess it's a little bit different in English?
  11. All that Remains

    This surely is sad, however we have to look on the bright side. The rest of the band members really lives up to the band name now..
  12. The Weed Thread

    That's Denmark!
  13. Ghost

    I don't think anyone's denying that they benifit from their image/gimmick or the fact that they write pop songs. I don't think anyone consider them to be "heavy" either. That's not the appeal. And as Zeppelin said, it's OK not to like them. But they're a growing band and more and more people enjoy it. It's entertainment and they put on a good show, if it's not your thing, don't bother, right? They're like Kiss or Alice Cooper
  14. The Weed Thread

    We got that reputation, but not really anymore. When it comes to cannabis we're way behind and actually very conservative when compared to other similar "western" countries. Sweden's drug policy is abysmal.
  15. Danko Jones

    I've listened to Danko Jones a lot! Been a fan since around '03-04. IMO the earlier records are the best but the latest "Wild Cat" wasn't bad. Must've seen them at least 5-6 times live in concert, they put on a great show. Danko's a pretty awesome frontman.