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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Why would you be sorry about that? I just thought it was funny that you gave 12 reasons not to like a specific gaming console, especially "ugly playable charachters". Oh, and it's a gun, didn't even notice it when I googled for gifs Sorry if I offended you, wish I was happy to see you
  2. Nintendo Switch

  3. Since finishing GoW a while back, I've played the first couple of hours of Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet & Clank just to get a feel of what to focus on next. Pretty sure it'll be HZD but I think I'll have to wait until I have more free time or else I'm afraid I'll totally neglect my gf.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    http://nordic.ign.com/switch/15908/news/e3-2018-why-you-didnt-see-metroid-prime-4-core-pokemon-rpg-i Sounds reasonable enough for me. SSBU seemed to have done the trick for a buddy of mine, said he'd buy a Switch in December. Mario Party in october was also welcome news IMO, hadn't read anything about that. Dude, PS4 has lots of great exclusive titles, if you were to buy one, it wouldn't be just for one game, that's for certain.
  5. Holy shiiit! That was amazing!
  6. Slither is just getting better and better. Surely becoming the highlight/most exciting part of the shows IMO. One of Slash's best solos and I think Axl's melody changes in the chorus have made the song better than Scotts version. So happy they finally started playing it. Shame they haven't added more/different songs to the set list, Slither alone won't get me to buy tickets for this tour having seen them already in '16 and '17.
  7. Ghost

    Ghost are 100% Swedish in the sense that Tobias Forge is Ghost. Just like Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails. All interviews with a "nameless ghoul" were made by Tobias Forge in ghoul clothing. On stage he plays a charachter, hence the accent. The new album isn't even out yet, no need to worry about not seeing them this time around. They have a tour called " A pale tour called death" between November-December this year, only known shows is Brooklyn and LA, they might fit in a Dallas show just for you ddmuyi2015 It's a shame you don't know Swedish 'cause there's a couple very good interviews with the man that you're missing out on.
  8. God of War (PS4)

    Ugh, that sucks. I've noticed that with some other games as well. I guess nowadays every one using the consoles has to have their own "user" to prevent that from happening. I've got plenty of side missions left, treasure maps, letter chests, soul quests and collectibles etc. (not to mention killing the fucking Valkyries, just won't bother with them) but I doubt I'll complete most of them, with the story being over I don't have the same motivation but we'll see. Might replay it sometime. Also I gotta say, since I completed the story I've bought some more games for my PS4 but they just can't be compared to GoW, have barely played them, the awesomeness of God of War have ruined the other games.:P
  9. God of War (PS4)

    Nope, haven’t done that yet. Didn’t know about a second ending, I’ll do that, cheers!
  10. God of War (PS4)

    I did too, absolutely incredible game. Already looking forward to "sequels". Got goose bumps at the ending...
  11. God of War (PS4)

    This is the game I'm buying a PS4 for. And that's not having played any GOW game before. Planning on picking it up tomorrow!
  12. Avicii

    His family has released a statement which pretty much confirms his death as suicide.
  13. Ghost

    It seems it has pretty much been a solo project from the beginning actually.
  14. PS4 Pro

    Bought a Switch a month back but I'm so close to pulling the trigger on buying a PRO too. Hyped about so many titles, Spider-Man, God of War, Red Dead Redemption2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, MGS5, Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Colossus and a couple more.