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  1. So about 10 years ago I had a pretty decent grasp of most of Buckethead's material, but since the Pike releases began I really fell out of touch with Buckethead's new releases as they became insanely vast in this era. I here and there on youtube get linked to different Pike songs here and there over the years but never really just buckled down and studied everything he has released over the last several years. I still love Bucket just kind of been busy with other stuff and listening to other music at the same time. So as of late I been really listening to a lot of Power Metal/Symphonic metal type random stuff and been really digging some of the ballad type stuff I been finding. Which got me thinking about Bucket. Surely in all these Pike releases there has got to be some ballad-esque type songs in there that are really epic. Does anyone have any recommendations ? Or maybe people could give a top 5 or top 10 list to Bucket Pike tracks that might fit into this category. The songs don't necessarily need to be "soft" or "slow" just not looking for 8 minute long songs full of only thrashing, I tend to like "big" and "epic" sounding tracks. So any recommendations would be appreciated to get me back into my Bucket listening.