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  1. The Story of Descendents / All https://tubitv.com/movies/372318/filmage_the_story_of_descendents_all?fbclid=IwAR2jKb19bFt9XKkSNvIC0XTHb9VigbzWTn-5d52U50OgW7g8-hh8hmb196k
  2. The Dead Don't Die

    Hey Zoso!!
  3. Looks like another excellent Jim Jarmusch movie on the horizon. Bill Murray and Iggy Pop? Yes please!
  4. That's a variant cover. There are several covers. Check it out here if you want to order one (or more) https://store.archiecomics.com/collections/archie/products/archie-meets-the-ramones-cover-a And if you go to the main page, you might see a discount coupon. https://store.archiecomics.com/
  5. Absolutely! Marky's a cool guy and a great drummer. He signed my Archie Meets Ramones comic a while back.
  6. I did. Props to Marky giving it right back though. Everyone else looked scared.
  7. Hey Len! I've been kicking around, dealing with life's shit, deaths, all of the ups and downs that come with it. I saw Stiff Little Fingers in London Ontario last Fall and they were amazing. Old band mates of mine were there. We all raised a toast for a good friend who survived 10 hour factory shifts back in the day listening to SLF (the job took its toll ultimately, you can only do so many uppers to get through a shift before it catches up to you...we lost him at 39). Inflammable Material, yes, brilliant album. Great fucking band.
  8. Greta Van Fleet

    Official release, Toronto, July 2018.
  9. About to be confirmed (by month's end apparantly). 18 arena shows, for a reported $80 million...you do the math on ticket prices. http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/touring/1552541/rolling-stones-2013-us-tour-aeg-in-paul-daintyvirgin-out-sources