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  1. I was 7th row on the center of the floor. Great show. Stoked to hear Maddy and TWAT, but to those arguing that they should cut songs from AFD - you just can't take those songs out of the set. People lose their shit when those songs get played, especially with Slash and Duff. Interestingly, there was a guy behind me that screening CD "blows" after they played CD and Better, but he went nuts for Maddy and Twat. He probably thought those were deep UYI cuts or something. Axl sounded great all night - not the best I've ever seen him, but I've been pretty lucky (Hammerstein night 1 plus 3 others from '06, a few 2010 shows, last show of Vegas '14). Slash was epic as usual.
  2. Just got an email from WFC - doors open at 6:30, showtime at 7:30. It doesn't say anything about an opener. Also, the Eagles are at home tomorrow with a 1pm game so it's gonna be nuts down there.