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  1. Seems like they are committed to playing Maddy, which is great.
  2. My understanding is that the original leak of irs is from the Trunk radio show via the Mike Piazza disk.
  3. Listening to this version of IRS - the underlying instrumental is kind of all over the place-nothing like the final version or the version that leaked in ‘06, which indicates two things: 1. If Axl could come up with such awesome vocals for THIS version of IRS, imagine how his vocals could completely transform some of the other instrumentals on this disk? 2. They definitely did a lot of work between ‘01 and ‘06 - look how different IRS ended up.
  4. I did an “A/B” between the Maddy on RMCD1 and the Brain Remix CD that had “old Josh drums” tagged after Maddy and they sounded the same.
  5. This would have been HUGE if it was released in 2000 or even 2002 after the VMAs. It's so ridiculously good.
  6. I’ve seen them 3 other times on this tour and this was the first time I got to see SOYL and Slither, so I was stoked. I saw them play Maddy in Philly and Sorry the year before, so the setlists were different for all 4 of the shows I’ve seen, albeit maybe only by 1-3 songs. One night we got Patience, the other night Don’t Cry., etc. All good. This isn’t Phish.
  7. He sounded good live in the room last night.
  8. There is some stage activity. Roadies.
  9. Crowd starting to throw up middle fingers.
  10. Venue closes at 2am, so 11pm is kind of a drop dead date for a 3 hour set, unless they want to pay fines.
  11. Crowd starting to get restless here.
  12. Still partying on the floor. Totally cut the hr line and walked into the “VIP’ line - note time at the bar! No band yet. Gotta be the latest they’ve gone on since the reunion. No NITL signage-good sign.