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  1. He said that Axl has gone back into the studio and listened to tracks that didn't make CD, implying that those would be on a new release, but "tinkered" by the new band.
  2. I just pulled the trigger, too. I've been in the market for a new turntable so, it ended up being a pretty good deal. That turntable is prob worth about $300 on its own, so I feel like I got a decent deal.
  3. This is so true and also so sad to read.
  4. I have the MOP box - it's sick. They've certainly come a long way from Lars handing a ledger to a federal judge providing the names of every Metallica fan who illegally downloaded their music on Napster.
  5. I guess I"m in the minority in that I think the box was cool, but I would have included a live show on double vinyl and a bluray of an AFD era show. Waaaaayyyyyy over priced though.
  6. $930.00 USD on Amazon right now.
  7. For shits and giggles, I just tried adding 10,000 LnL editions into my cart on the site, and it only let me add 398.
  8. Well, tons of bands do this kind of thing. For example, the members of Pearl Jam do solo projects between tours; they’ve said it takes the pressure off a bit when they get back together because they’ve had other creative outlets. Let’s hope that gnr actually reconvenes, records and releases a follow-up we’re all hoping for.
  9. The future for Guns?

    My thought was based on an assumption (which could be entirely false for all I know) that Slash and Duff currently don’t have rights in future gnr music releases of new material. If I were them, I would want some stake in the new music, so maybe they chip in to buyout the Sanctuary contract, and in exchange for that, Axl cuts them back in? Seems logical, but this is gnr we’re talking about after all, so who knows?
  10. The future for Guns?

    Well maybe, and I agree that TB doesn’t seem like the most business savvy team, but buying out a lease 65% of the way into the deal isn’t exactly sending a man to the moon either. No need to move mountains. I’m sure they would just hire some bigtime law firm to handle the negotiations anyway.
  11. The future for Guns?

    I think you’re right that the record company f#cked things up around the release of CD, but on the other hand, nobody put a gun to Axl’s head and made him tell Rolling Stone at the Korn album release party that he had finished 26 of 32 tracks (or whatever it was). Same with the Kurt Loder interview. Same with playing CD at random strip clubs, etc. Same with the 2006 MTV VMAs (or whichever one he attended to introduce The Killers). Every time he opened up about the album, it just created more pressure and hype, and the album became more mythical (none of which was his fault, really). No, my guess is that everything stays close to the vest this time (hence Slash’s comment “I’m not lighting that fuse.”).
  12. The future for Guns?

    I think we are overstating the significance of the Sanctuary deal. If the original value of the deal was $19m, and we’re already 65% into it, then it’s not inconceivable that Axl would dedicate a small portion of the truckload of cash he’s hauling in off NITL tour to buy the contract out. Plus, if he wants to cut Slash and Duff back in, I’m sure they would contribute to the buyout as well. If guns bought the contract out at even half the original estimated value of $19m (ie, $9.5m), then isn’t that basically the payday for only like 3 NITL shows? No big deal. Plus, guns has leverage - they could just tell Sanctuary, “You can either accept the buyout or we’ll just sit tight for 8 more years and not release anything.” Moreover, the deal with Sanctuary obviously didn’t stop the AFD box set from being released.
  13. Did the store ever fix these problems?
  14. The future for Guns?

    My bet is that if they are working on a new album, then they will NEVER tell us. One of Axl’s biggest mistakes was promising CD numerous times and not delivering. Because of all the talk around it, it became legendary and infamous for years and years prior to release, and it could never live up to the hype. No way Axl would put himself in that position again. Nope, if we get a new guns album (and I think we will), they’ll pull a Radiohead (a band Axl has been known to respect), and release it spontaneously.