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  1. I think the melodies are a bit flat. I think they probably didn't have time to practice and really work on the songs given Slash's and Myles's schedules
  2. Myles and Slash can write some great songs (e.g. Anastasia and Wicked Stone). Not too impressed with this new stuff though, sounds like b-sides from world on fire. I'm hoping that these guys aren't going down the route that velvet Revolver did with their second album, i.e. contribute weaker songs to the band effort and keep strong songs for their own solo stuff. Myles can write some really good rock songs, strong beats and melody, like Suckerpunch from his first album:
  3. For anyone who has listened to it, what's the summary?
  4. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-rumored-to-have-been-paid-more-than-6-5-million-for-download-performance/
  5. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rumor-slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-the-conspirators-putting-finishing-touches-on-new-studio-album/
  6. He is very resilient and dedicated to the pursuit of his own vision. He is also someone who seems to be able to take legal pressure in his stride that an ordinary person would find difficult.
  7. Sorry if already posted, here are the song titles: "This Don’t Look Like Vegas""Mother Theresa""Cheers to R Oblivion""Fragile Water""Dirty Bomb""Mystery in Exile""I Celebrate""Understanding""Crestfallen""Forgotten Cases""Reparations""Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy"