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  1. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rumor-slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-the-conspirators-putting-finishing-touches-on-new-studio-album/
  2. He is very resilient and dedicated to the pursuit of his own vision. He is also someone who seems to be able to take legal pressure in his stride that an ordinary person would find difficult.
  3. Sorry if already posted, here are the song titles: "This Don’t Look Like Vegas""Mother Theresa""Cheers to R Oblivion""Fragile Water""Dirty Bomb""Mystery in Exile""I Celebrate""Understanding""Crestfallen""Forgotten Cases""Reparations""Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy"
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/20/obituaries/charles-manson-dead.html
  5. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Actually if you think about the songs that the mass crowd responds to they have one thing in common: they're on the greatest hits. Everything not on greatest hits is actually unknown to a lot of people
  6. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    I thought that the concert was very good. I'd agree with what people around here have said, which is that many people didn't know the chinese democracy songs or even the rarer songs off of Appetite or UYI. I am in two minds about this. For this kind of mass audience you could remove coma, twat and this i love and replace with don't cry, my michelle and yesterdays. The crowd still wouldn't know what my michelle or yesterdays was but they might be more into shorter songs. At the same time, why should my enjoyment of songs like Twat be taken away because some random person who got a free ticket to a giant concert only wants short songs?