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  1. I worked at a TV station and we weren't supposed to talk to talent. The only person I would probably ever risk my job to engage in conversation with would have been Slash. I was smart about it and a couple of weeks in advance, I asked my manager what the chances were of me meeting him. She asked his people, and they were cool. A couple of weeks later, I met him in the green room before his interview started. I brought in my guitar for him to sign, but being a vintage guitar, he said 3 times that he didn't want to sign it - instead he signed his book for me. We took a picture as well. I was pretty stunned when I walked in to meet him because he was fully dressed in leather jacket, sunglasses, tophat. That impacted my ability to talk to him on a normal level - I believe it would have been easier had he been in just a T-shirt, no hat/sunglasses. lol - that being said, he kept the conversation going, asked about my guitar, played it a bit and thought it had a nice setup. I would say he was very accommodating - especially since he had no obligation to meet me. I literally brought up the weather... his people (3 of them sitting in the room with us) were probably laughing at me. lol The people I know that work in TV and have interviewed him said he is excellent to work with. Very friendly and conversational.