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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    I have to say, from a vocal point of view YCBM, Slither, and RQ were surprisingly good. Axl is fucking trying and mostly getting there. Two observations from this and all NITL videos: it's easy to hear that his upper register has lost volume - when he quickly switches lower, he sounds super loud. The sound engineer should try some hard compression and see what it sounds like it. Every singer's range starts to deteriorate from age and longterm belting/use. All the best singers experience this Steve Tyler has lost his mid range a bit David Coverdale... omg Robert Plant was able to hide it well to casual listeners, but he was losing his range within 2 years of LZ's first album. Adele started to lose her range on the "Nevemind I'll Find..." tour. She started rearranging or dropping her high notes. Sia had started lowering the pitch of her song, and rearranging her high notes secondly, even people w/ 8% body fat at his age would experience SoB holding notes and rushing around on stage (dare I mention Bruce Dickinson?). His man-gut looks worse on camera than it does in person, so I don't think he deserves to be called out for being 'fat' really - we are just comparing him to 90s/80s GNR. I'm appreciative (and people should be surprised) that he can hit the higher notes still. I also liked the few little changes Slash made to the Slither solo.
  2. You're Crazy live actually gave be goosebumps... Axl does a good job on it live.
  3. Slash just got a bit confused during the solo. Probably caught off guard or forgot it all of a sudden, then he forgot the 'smilin' outro. Shit happens. Axl and Frank tried to get it back on track. Will be good to see the next performance of this. Hopefully Slash keeps the solo sounding more like the record - it's one of those solos that's a song within a song and helps the transition. This is GNR. Trying cool/new songs, and polishing them with each show. The band I grew up with. Love it.