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  1. Interesting to see this topic come up. I meet a lady after the show in Arlington who is a model and was on or near the front row. I was probably one of the last concert goers to leave as I ran into a friend and ended up bull shitting with him for a half hour or so after the concert. As I made my way out across the desolate grounds surrounding the stadium I ran into a girl who was looking for her parking lot. We were actually looking for the same lot so I struck up a conversation. She was very cool and asked how I enjoyed the show and where I had been seated. She told me that she was called by her agency to attend and that's how she got to be next to the stage. At first I didn't get what she meant agency so she explained how it worked. She happened to really be into rock and was a big fan of both The Cult and GnR. She was actually pissed at some of the other girls because they were late and she missed The Cult opening. Apparently they had to wait until the entire group of women were there before they could go out to their specific area. She told me that she bought her boyfriend a ticket so he could be with her and when she met up with him during mid show he seemed to be indifferent about concert. I thought here she is buying her boyfriend a ticket and he could care less and now she is out walking alone in the early morning hours looking for her ride. Then my drunk friend, who had been keeping his distance, came up and demanded that she give me her number. I could tell she didn't like it so I thanked her for her conversation and that was that....

  2. This show is just going to be awesome. My first concert at Gexa and more importantly first ever Guns concert! Man I am getting amped up. Tomorrow is going to be amazing. How is the parking at this venue. I am staying downtown and thought about taking a cab. Are cabs readily available after shows?

  3. I went and saw "The Departed" today. As I was walking into the movie room I caught the tail end of a preview that I wish I had seen more of. What I did see were some clips of Metallica and GnR performing at Donnington and the voice guy said something about coming to a limited amount of theaters. All of this in probably 5 seconds. Needless to say I was like what the hell was that. Any one else seen anything at all like this at your movie theater? Note that this wasnt like a regular trailer they show right before the movie, it was one of those previews that they show before the movie trailers.

  4. I think at first listen Better is the best track.

    TWAT on the other hand isn't that special, but it grows on you and is maybe the best song after a while.

    I think Better, TWAT, CITR, IRS, maddy, the blues are great

    100% agree

  5. I heard this on the radio, no I dont remember the station. Also it was mentioned on the board several months ago. Yes it is possible I am wrong I will not deny that but I honestly dont think I am otherwise I wouldnt have posted it.

  6. thats what I thought, but I wasn't entirely sure, it could've been, like, an accidental nod towards the band, considering the traditional pistols and roses are gone, as well as the bloody background, I just wanted to verify that I wasn't imagining things

    Just to let you know, it isnt blood in the background, its red wax. Wax that would have been used to create a seal for a secret document or something back in the 18th century. Honest mistake made by many.

  7. Limited edition vinyl pressing of CD would be awesome. I would buy it. The only GnR album I have on vinyl I am sad to say the TSI, I would like to change that.

    A friend was going to sell me T.S.I. for 100 dollars (since he paid that much for it). And I told him that you could get it off cheaper in Ebay, and someone bought it for ten dollars. Mint Condition without a problem.

    Now I am a proud (and cheap) owner of that LP.

    I also have A.F.D. plus two live bootlegs and one Demo LP.

    I need to get U.S.I. 1 & 2, though so far Lies is my first take because I want it more.

    $100 was way too much. I bought mine off the bay, still seald for maybe $10.

    Of course it will be out on vinyl. All major rock bands (and alternative bands) put out their stuff on vinyl. There´s profit to be made out of it so you can count on it being released on vinyl if it´s released on CD. The question is still, will it be RELEASED? :D

    I have all Guns N´Roses full lenghts on vinyl and also alot of other of their stuff on vinyl. About 100 records I think :D

    You can check out my record collection here: http://pop.nu/show_collection.asp?user=6727 and just scroll your way to the Guns N´Roses section which I think starts on page 12. ;)

    Dude, your collection is awesome. I have around 100 albums myself but nothing really rare. Mainly rock from the 70's and 80's.

  8. Thats a cool picture disc. I new they still pressed singles on vinyl. Mainly for DJ use and collectors. I'm talking about cd singles in general. A few years ago we had an entire isle dedicated to singles but now they have all but dissapeard.

  9. KR's music is uninspired garbage and I could wipe my ass with any of the lyrics that he's written. The only reason why this "flavor of the week" is still around is the same reason why NASCAR is still around. The mass of his fan base are the people who watch NASCAR, shop at Wal-Mart on a regular basis, might even work in the overnight crew at Wal-Mart, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, chicks with stretchmarks on their jiggly bellys who wear half shirts, dudes who still wear mullets, have a broke down 80's Camaro in there yard that they've been working on for years, and next to their Kid Rock cd rack, there's also Toby Keith. :rolleyes:

    ......oh yeah, and a few 80's hair metal garbage CD's. :rolleyes:

    Go figure.

    I'm far from being a Wal-Mart-shoppin' beer guzzlin' NASCAR fan (and I hate Larry the Cable Guy while I'm at it, along with the Redneck Comedy F*ckheads) but I still like some of Kid Rock's stuff.

    And it's not always about lyrics, his music is just fun trashy anthem rock - guilty pleasures - and I don't take him seriously as a musical artist, I just think some of his songs have a good rhythm.


  10. kid rock is a fucking joke musician. axl should surround himself with people as talented as he is.

    Damn it man. Who the hell are you to tell people what someone should and shouldnt be doing? That is only your opinion, which in this case isnt worth any more than shit in the toilet. So you dont like Kid Rock, who fucking cares.

  11. I doubt someone on Fox News called Axl a "pussy" for not retaliating. Your post sounds like an exaggeration, one which I will not take seriously.

    You are correct, they did not call Axl a pussy. There are no quotes in my post if you notice. I was just trying to give a general summary of how they made Axl look. They did not just come out and attack Axl directly as being a coward but if you happen to see it replayed on FN I'm sure you will see what I mean.

  12. Just flipping through TV this afternoon and heard the name Axl mentioned. Turns out Fox News had the story about the Axl and Hilfiger thing. It really kinda pissed me off. They kept going on about Axl Rose? Who is he? He fell of the face of the planet. Also how he is a pussy for not retaliating. They even said something to the extent of how can you respect Axl when he is getting beaten up by men twice his age...The anchor woman then went on to call GnR cheesy. Thats the news media for ya...