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  1. I bought my tickets at the stadium box office the day of the show. $33 a piece with no fees. Drove 3 hours with no tickets in hand. If it had sold out I'm sure a scalper would have hooked me up.
  2. Surprise! Fortus is just a hologram. Saves money for the big 3. He's in the studio finishing up the next album he's always talking about.
  3. Maybe they don't put out new music because their fanbase bitches about them playing 5 or 6 new songs from the latest album when they tour.
  4. After an epic reunion that was never expected, this band is so boring now.
  5. Nu GnR: Doomed to fail

    I have to admit I couldnt wait to see the new band. And hell Im in the minority here cause I like the album. But I cannot believe Axl didn't see that replacing members with these guys made GNR look like Kiss. They lost all credibility with the mask and chicken bucket gimmick. I bet Slash pissed himself laughing when he saw his replacement
  6. Nu GnR: Doomed to fail

    In no way am I trying to discredit Buckethead's talent. But somone wearing a mask and a fried chicken container on their head did not, does not, and never will need be onstage as a member of GNR. He and Gothic Finck made Guns a pathetic novelty act.
  7. Its So Easy vs Dirty Little Thing

    Maybe that's what they were going for.
  8. Years ago it was rumored Axl was gonna duet with P!nk on Total Eclipse of the Heart. Still wouldn't mind hearing that.
  9. Wouldn't it be a riot if on the last show of the tour Slash went to the mic and said, Fuck you Axl.... I did all this for the fans you Mickey Mouse singing mfer!
  10. I'll never understand the falsetto...aka mickey. That is an embarrassment to himself. I went to the Nashville concert also. Loud music covers it up but no reason to do it anyway.
  11. Axl doesn't release music. So neither are realistic.
  12. Sail away Sweet sister intro

    He can pull off a whole concert with rasp if he wants I'd bet. But he's an ass or lazy....or both.
  13. Poll: What do you care about more?

    Unless they put out new music, I really don't give a rat's ass about any of it.