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  1. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Thank you Mr Politically Correct police.
  2. Maybe they can invite Limp Bizkit back again so us 40 year olds can burn shit up again.
  3. A thread full of smart ass's. Finally I feel like I can relate.
  4. This "brand" has always been stupid.
  5. I dont go to many concerts but in 2011 I saw GNR at Nashville, barely half sold out. Nosebleeds curtained off. Is this normal for concerts? Bon Jovi without Sambora sold out even behind the stage at this venue.
  6. I personally don't care about the touring aspect of GUNS. New album all the way for me no matter who is involved. But that hardly ever happens. If Slash is money crazy because of the divorce or has a big ego I think he has a great case for negotiating. He may be completely satisfied....and probably is....with the deal he got. Somehow I've always pictured this like a divorced couple getting back together and then realize later.... OH YEAH, NOW I REMEMBER WHY I CAN'T STAND YOU. But its been a great reunion as far as we know. This whole thread is hypothetical just out of my boredom to discuss the old Axl vs Slash bit.
  7. A lot of you have misunderstood what Im saying as the brand. There is no way to stop nostalgia tshirt, memorabilia sales, and music that already is. Moving forward replacing Slash again with whoever, touring, replacing logos, fan acceptance, Axl accepting scaling it back again. The next new brand, not the fucking nostalgia brand that was and currently is successful.
  8. Thanks. Thats why I keep coming here year after year.
  9. I dont know why but Ashba never bothered me like he did a lot of you.
  10. I understand. I hate I feel that way about my favorite "band". I have enjoyed all the different players and music that has come out of all the lineups. My main gripes through the different incarnations were Buckethead's stage presence...to gimmicky. Robin's goth look era, and Axl's Mickey Mouse singing. Oh, and all of the stupid decisions in this bands history that took away from being functional.
  11. Slash walked away at the high point of the band. You really think anyone owns Slash. I don't think so.
  12. A lot of what goes through your mind....according to your posts.... is complete horseshit in my book also. Sorry to inconvenience you in any way.
  13. Wouldn't Axl be painted as an ass again if he and Slash had another falling out? I wonder if Axl thought of this when calling Slash years ago. I know he probably doesn't need the money anyway, but sometimes its hard to give up on what you have been doing your whole life. I'd say GNR's future is in Slash's hands now more than Axl's. What do you think?
  14. A Christmas album on January 1st. Thats more like a team brazil idea.