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  1. Rare Slash Interview 1994

    How about a rare new song.
  2. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    He has to concentrate really hard on his Mickey voice so the piano playing suffers.
  3. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    I think they are part of Fernando's inheritance.
  4. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    Its hard to play with all those bracelets clinking around.
  5. Like it or not, they can release brand new music or kiss my ass. I've been through the whole career of this band. This band couldn't do anything right if there was no wrong.
  6. Here is a great question for a band manager. Why have so many musicians left GNR over the last 20 years?
  7. We have a new single out right now. Thats sorta funny, sorta sad, and very GNR. Respectfully yours, a fan since 1987.
  8. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Full Mickey. I'm finished with this band unless a new album comes out.
  9. Axl - Mike McGill Skateboard Pic

    I think Steven took several side jobs. Some were on his nnnn-knees. Knees.
  10. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    We need a poll. Who milks GUNS N ROSES past more? Steven or Axl?
  11. I wouldn't pay you, not one gotdamn thing! You know where to put your, Mickey Mouse boxset thiiiiiiiing. I'm sorry for you not sorry for me. You chose to hurt those that love you and release this recycled thing.
  12. I guess illegal downloads don't hurt the business as much as they cry about if they can afford stupid crap like this. Congrats for getting in.
  13. I have everything they got on cassette and then swapped to cd and bought it all again. Ive bought tshirts and went to concerts and bought blurays and dvd's. If they need more than that to release new... Not recycled.... music. Then fuck em!
  14. I would consider the locked and loaded version only if Axl and Slash delivered it personally to my house.
  15. Dizzy has fans?