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  1. Last full album you listened to?

    I think I'm sensing a theme here.😄
  2. Roxette Singer dead at 61

    Very sad indeed. I remember your friend's dad's band Glass Tiger very well. They had a minor hit with Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone, Bryan Adams sang on that one also.
  3. Best Live Recordings per era?

    If you take the "GNR" out of that sentence it would be more accurate.
  4. Death anniversaries

    Damn, I didn't realize they shared that. A little gallows humor, after an NYC radio DJ announced that Lennon had been shot and killed he inadvertently put on the Pat Benatar song Hit Me With Your Best Shot. He obviously regretted it but it was an honest mistake and wasn't malicious. Edit: Today(Dec. 8th) is also Jim Morrison's birthday. He would've been 76.
  5. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    No worries, lol, I definitely will. Thanks.
  6. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Maybe Rock Around the Clock was the first rock n roll song that was a hit, not sure. Oddly enough, Bill Haley recorded a cover of Rocket 88.
  7. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Let's not forget the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis.
  8. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    You're talking about some sort of dream world where Axl gives up bacon.😄
  9. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    I would consider Bill Haley as the godfather of rock n roll. Rock Around the Clock is widely considered the first rock n roll song.
  10. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    That's what I was thinking but wasn't sure.😊
  11. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    I don't understand that last sentence.
  12. It is, except for the cigarette holder. It's like the scene in Casino where Pesci admonishes De Niro for using one.
  13. Very cool, would like to read that interview. Edit: Yeah, I just found the article, it was the one where his coach talked about him being a boastful loud mouth.😄 It was actually his eighth grade year. I assume by the time he got to high school the only running he was doing was from the cops.
  14. True, didn't he claim to have run cross country in high school? His lung capacity must've been off the charts.
  15. The Irishman

    I wonder if Nicolas Cage will ever reclaim his status of being a mediocre actor.