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  1. Iirc correctly this wasn't planned initially, kind of a spur of the moment thing. Awesome stuff.
  2. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    I'll venture a guess. I think Duff used to just pour vodka into a plastic jug of orange juice.
  3. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    No kidding, I do Helpless also and I have to key it down too.
  4. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    After the Gold Rush, classic. I once did an acoustic version of that at a gig and screwed it up royally, most embarrassed I've ever been onstage. The song was a bit too high so I had to transpose the chords to a lower key. About halfway through I lost concentration and reverted to playing the original chord progression, disaster. I think I went directly into KOHD. 😊
  5. Gardening

    Gotcha, lol, no contact high for you.
  6. Gardening

    Not sure about tipping a limo driver, just curious, who's getting married?
  7. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Once Upon a Time In America(1984) I watched most of the "European Cut" last night, I have mixed feelings about it. It's Sergio Leone's last film and it's shot beautifully but the story has some holes. The acting is great but that's not surprising considering the cast. It's a many layered film that probably requires multiple viewings to truly appreciate it. I would like to hear someone else's take on it.
  8. You're right, Axl gives his all during the performances. I think the issue lies in how much effort he puts into the preparation for the shows. It seems he tries to "sing himself into shape" as a tour progresses, hence the first few shows are usually rough. In fairness to Axl, this is just my opinion and I obviously don't know for sure.
  9. Well, his clothes are soaked after the show and he wants to keep wrapped up until he can hit the showers. It's to prevent getting sick. I watched one of the docs on The Stones and as soon as they exited the stage they put a robe on.
  10. Well, the answer could be the adage "I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was."
  11. I know, it is confounding. I just think that all of the shows over the last 4 years, including with AC/DC, have taken their toll.
  12. NFL thread

    Patting myself on the back.😄
  13. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Very cool, any idea where this was taken? Looks like it could be the Limelight but I'm not sure.
  14. Who looks worst, aged worst? Axl or Vince Neil

    Nah, I think Axl should just stick to his Grilled Stuffed Burrito and Bud Light arm curls.
  15. Who looks worst, aged worst? Axl or Vince Neil

    Freddy Krueger looks better than Duff did in the early 90s.