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  1. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Come on guys, lest we forget their greatest frontman, the one and only Mr. Gary "where's Nuno" Cherone.
  2. So how long would that be in AST(Axl standard time), like 7 years?
  3. By hybrid I assume you mean the current lineup; if so, I can't imagine that would garner a lot of interest. It just seems too contrived and tired, most fans want to hear new material.
  4. Absolutely, Axl could always reach back for triple digits when the situation demanded it.
  5. Mulled wine, lol, nice touch. They've put him on a two glass limit and implemented a family imposed gag order.
  6. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Yes, that sounds right. Would've been interesting to be in that limo, lol. Good clean fun I'm sure.๐Ÿ˜„
  7. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Didn't Axl go out partying with Dave early on in Guns career and he accused Axl of trying to dethrone him? And Axl told him that wasn't the case at all. They were riding around in a limo iirc.
  8. Merry Christmas to you too. Another form of snobbery is thinking that great guitarists are only found in rock. Country guys like Jerry Reed, Roy Clark, or Chet Atkins could match any of the rock gods. It's just a matter of differing styles, like you said.
  9. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    I just read that entire article and two things you cannot say about DLR is that he's lazy or boring. Not many rock stars became EMTs or are capable of piloting a helicopter. He has a fear of heights and became a rock climber. Yeah, he can be a douche but he's an interesting one. Btw, I seriously doubt that show will happen.
  10. Reading this made me think that Axl was going to change into the Incredible Hulk .
  11. Are you John Lydon?๐Ÿ˜„ Because I'm pretty convinced that you are.
  12. Wow, lol, Izzy went all Chuck Norris on that bonehead. He's probably slow to anger but watch out when he gets there. Was this during his first tour with the Ju Ju Hounds?
  13. "No Great Shakes" that would be a good album title.