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  1. The future for Guns?

    Perhaps it doesnt even have to be great, anyway I think Axl will release an album with both AC/DC and GNR and perhaps even go on a joint tour. They are playing for almost 4 h now so they could have a tour with 2h AC/DC and 2h GNR. The tickets would probably cost a little bit 😀
  2. The future for Guns?

    I said that he has the chance of making a bigger impact. I agree he aint doing that now. Imagine if he relases a new album with both AC/DC and Gnr. Of course must they be great for making an impact in the history but not even trying seems stupid.
  3. The future for Guns?

    I guess they needed cash but I think they are too creative for not releasing new music. I think it is easier for Axl to release new music when he has duff and slash, presure wont not only be on him. I think he has realized that it is not so easy to replace duff and slash. But I also think he will release an album with AC/DC. I guess Axl is pretty happy since he got his old band back (Most of it) and he are able to release an album with his idols AC/DC. He has a chance of making a even bigger impact in the history of rock music. Not taking this chance seems unlogical.
  4. And it could also be some kind of a test of be able to release something for a long while. If it goes well perhaps they will get in the studio to record a couple of new songs.