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  1. Maybe he did go back and re-record some, but ultimately, didn't like them as much as the ones he had done years earlier. Remember, there was a leak for This I Love with totally different, and raspy, vocals, so it is completely possible there are variants to a lot of the songs and he just kept coming back to the ones on these leaks... Also, he may prefer the cleaner voice he uses on a lot of songs, despite most people on this forum preferring the raspy voice-- which also can be further suggested by his use of the clean This I Love vocals mentioned above.
  2. You two realize that this was a rough mix CD not meant for the public, but simply to his confidants and associates, most likely for feedback, or to get people to understand what he's going for... All the movies and music you love were sent around by the artists/colleagues they trust to help them out with the making-- very few artists in any field do everything themselves without feedback of sorts so they understand what works and what doesn't work... And who's to say he didn't re-record these songs at a later date? Or dropped them all together... I don't comment here much, but I see a lot of people really going off on how lazy he was and how little vocals he sang... This was almost 20 years ago. I'm sure there is plenty more material; some updates of stuff we've now heard, and some that we never even knew existed... And I'm not staunch Axl defenders. I'm disappointed we don't have troves of material, but clearly he has issues with his music and/or outside inferences that prevent him from releasing new music. Educate yourselves...
  3. Riad sounds great! My favorite version!