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  1. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    That's weird, I could have sworn I was there. But now you've got me wondering. I'll have to check in with my daughter and get back to you. Glad you finally got caught up with old threads though!
  2. I really love CD anyways, but the more stuff I see Slash perform, the more I hear how it fits in the the GNR catalog. Awesome chops - I also want to hear him tackle Riad and Shacklers!
  3. +1 Like just for calling it by the right title.
  4. Nice surprise! It's awesome seeing Slash and Duff play "new" tracks.
  5. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    They started out strong but fell apart vocally at Better, and he never recovered. I just couldn't stick around through the jams and covers that were about to begin in the second half. Band was great, but (again my fault for watching so many live vids over the past two years) the whole thing just seemed choreographed and mailed in.
  6. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    Maybe I've been watching them too closely for the past two years. He sounded exactly as bad and in places, completely off-key, as he has on all the youtube vids. The whole show just seemed by the number. I really hate to be that guy, so I'm not going to try to argue against anyone who was there and disagrees, but for me it was a bummer.
  7. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    You were there, right? I never in a million years thought this would happen, but I left after Coma. His voice was not good, and I bumped into a few others on their way out for the same reason. No knock on him, maybe it's just too hard to sing that way. I just couldn't muster up the energy to sit through the cover-heavy second half of the show. I had my 15 year old daughter with me. She thought it was cool but definitely wasn't blown away. It was just a disappointing night I guess.
  8. Necromandus are BACK !!!??!

    Never heard of them, but it's right up my alley. Funny, their connection with Tony Iommi and even later, Ozzy wanted the original guys for BLizzard Of Oz. Thanks!
  9. Nice, I'll be watching Boston closely.
  10. What was FV on these, if you don't mind my asking?
  11. Its so easy spotify

    Not very helpful, and kind of a "no duh' response, but I guess I wasn't expecting a deep analysis. I'd be interested to hear how licensing differs for these tracks and no others, my guess is it's a glitch.
  12. Its so easy spotify

    Missing for me too, on both AFD and Live Era.
  13. I don't even know how to see true face value anymore. By the time I went looking, they were already long gone and over $1000 resale. It's crazy.
  14. I have two tix to Boston on Oct.22 up on Stubhub. If anyone here is interested, I'd sell them as a pair for what I paid Ticketmaster. Floor H, Row 13, seats 5-6, $750 It's a lot of $ but I thought I'd offer them up here in case you guys are interested. (They're more expensive on Stubhub.)