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  1. I think it does! Hahaha it is a matter of opinion. The reverb isn't as bad as a Poison album, but it sounds closer to a Poison album than the bone dry raw production of In Utero, which sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday,
  2. I really wish they would release an entirely dry mix of the album with all the reverb taken out.
  3. It would help if he weren't improvising so much on the CD stuff. It's really hit or miss. Every time they lay a CD song and it gets to the solo it sounds like he had never heard the song before. But I think he has done great lead guitar work on his solo stuff, even if the songwriting is a bit generic.
  4. I had forgotten how awful of a guitarist DJ was until the leak of the Peurto Rico pro-shot.
  5. Has anyone pinned down why Axl is off time every time they play Shadow?
  6. When Dave gave Axl that guitar throne, I had fantasies of Dave being the session drummer on an all new gn'r record.
  7. That amount is what Slash is claiming he himself, Saul Hudson receives in his own bank account. Not his businesses, not his label, etc etc. Hard to imagine he only makes $4.1 million. There are lots of tricky ways to conceal how much money you make.
  8. The silkworms in this is way better than the leaked demo.
  9. Haven’t like a tape audio rip version of these existed for a minute?
  10. This is only somewhat related but of unreleased leaked tracks, Going Down is the one I'd like GNR to redo with Slash and Duff, it could be a genuine hit.
  11. I'm really not up on these sorts of things but do other bands have such an insane hoarding community?
  12. Oh My God has cool pieces in it but it feels really empty. The "oooo if it opens your eyes" part has the rhythm cut out with a very bucket sounding wah chomping rhythm. The solo sounds like a bumblefoot impression of bucket. The End of Days soundtrack is better, you're not missing anything. Silkworms is... disappointing? It is really cool to hear as an artifact of one of the strangest and most mysterious eras of GN'R but it isn't much more than a novelty.
  13. Axl crushes the part right after the solo on this one, in a good way.