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  1. MYGNR forum members bands

    http://tjburns.bandcamp.com/track/bed-time-stories That's my new band. It's definitely not very gnr at all, it's blink-182 nofxy sort of skate pop punk. We are pretty brand new and I shouldn't be sharing this but I'm stoked on it. facebook.com/cardboardboxcolony
  2. A thread discussing a baseless rumor of forthcoming music is worth keeping open but one discussing leaks that actually happened isn't.
  3. Do you ever just sit and think about how they replaced buckethead guitar parts with fucking bumblefoot and get mad?
  4. It’s hard to forget the masterclass in shade where Slash was asked what he thought about CD and he essentially said “Yes, it is nice to hear Axl sing, sounds like music he enjoys making,” which is a great way to say nothing while saying everything.
  5. All TB should ever do with these leaks is say “While we don’t condone these leaks and would have preferred that they be heard in their intended completed form, we appreciate that our fans have a thirst for new material, and we are working hard to provide that for them.” and then not sue the shit out of everyone.
  6. There is no reason for TB’s handling of these leaks other than a poisonous concoction of cruelty and stupity.
  7. It is incredible the lengths this band will go to ensure they continue to make money and make sure no one hears their music.
  8. No one gives a fuck about any of this except for the 1,000 or so nerds who still look at gnr message boards and would still buy, and have been begging to buy, these songs if they were released officially.
  9. CD was the biggest evidence of all that the leaks didn’t hurt. All things considered, CD sold really well! For a weird Axl solo album that was a clusterfuck and released about 6 years past any potential relevance, AND for nearly 3/4 of the album having been heard not just through leaks but live performances, it did perfectly fine! Fans were more than willing to buy the official release of something they had leaked demos of, and casual fans don’t give a fuck about at of this.
  10. The best way for TB to prevent any damage from leaking is to release the music that fans have been begging to purchase.
  11. I imagine he has been teasing it for so long it gave TB time to find him and threaten him.
  12. I figure the reason no one wanted to release it was everyone stood to make a bunch of money prolonging it except for Jimmy, who was banking on Axl caving and getting the band back together.
  13. Does anyone else sort of like that CD wasn’t this massive success? Like it’s this weird thing that only belongs to you? I mean really, how many of us have people in our real lives who give a shit about any of this? There is just something about following this shit show that stirs something in me that can’t be explained.
  14. Only tangentially related but I’m seeing a lot of Rhiad slander and the “ah my salvation” part is one of the catchiest things Axl has ever written I will die on rhiad hill thanks for coming to my ted talk.