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  1. The Case Against Woke Axl Rose

    Oh no! A person demonstrated growth!
  2. That seems to be the dirty secret, right? That his specialty is adding pieces to a song, not necessarily songwriting itself. That's why outside of a band setting (he calls SMKC a band but the power dynamics are such that it can never truly be a band) his music is generally dad rocky. It's why the first demos they sent Scott Weiland he said it sounded like Bad Company outtakes.
  3. I will say this is more committal of an answer than he has given. At least he is saying there is material and he wants. Doesn't seem like much, but somehow more than we have gotten in the past.
  4. Because if we know anything about effective management and leadership, it is all about forcing others to capitulate to the tantrums of a single person.
  5. It’s hard not to imagine that GnR might have stayed together if every manager they had wasn’t a thundering imbecile.
  6. A proper 2002ish version of CD in general with bucket on all the leads bumble was pasted over would be the holy grail, for me.
  7. It is upper echelon for Axl lyrically.
  8. More than anything I want the whole El Rey show EP.
  9. I just want to hear the Corey Taylor album, but I do worry it was a collection of, as Scott Weiland described the initial VR demos sent to him, Bad Company gone wrong tracks with a Corey vocal because he wouldn’t ever given the pushback Scott would.
  10. This is *exactly* what I was looking for. Now to secretly fill in the blanks in my collection.
  11. I’m sure this has been covered, but how much did Izzy actually play on UYI? Outside of the “Izzy” songs and songs written around appetite, I hear Slash alone mostly.
  12. I have been searching and have been unable to find what I'm looking for, which is essentially an organized page detailing which versions of Chinese Democracy Era songs are floating around. Ex. I.R.S. -'99 -Trunk -'02 -MSL -Antiquiet Something like that, showing each version of the songs and where/when they are from. Anyone know of anything like this?
  13. Why in the world did you highlight this part and not his comments on the reunion?
  14. I know this is very “I know a guy who knows a guy” but my buddy runs sound at a venue bucket played in the past couple years and he got to talk with Bucket’s tour manager. Bucket really liked Axl but hated being in Guns N Roses because he can’t stand drinking or drugs. He’s never touched the stuff. Essentially up until 2009 Axl had been calling him and offering ungodly amounts of money (evidently Ozzy does, too). Bucket also stays in cities minimum 30 minutes away from where he is playing that night so he isn’t recognized. All Bucket wants is to play guitar and be left alone. His tour manager has to take him to the store just to make sure he gets some social interaction, otherwise he wouldn’t at all. But by all accounts he is a super sweet and gentle guy. He gave my buddy a toy, he assumed it was bucket’s way of saying he liked the sound. Of course, take this all with a grain of salt. The tour manager has no interest other than making his artist look good, and I’m sharing this through another person, but it seems to track with other things we’ve heard.
  15. Fuck I’d have fired Goldstein, too.