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  1. Yeah, pretty far from a "blatantly fabricated thing."
  2. Axl's Magnum Opus

    Axl always got too in his own way to ever make a magnum opus beyond appetite. There was one inside UYI if some fat were trimmed. Our own personal 70 min selections from UYI is as close as we’ll get.
  3. On Axl Rose's claim that Slash made an unannounced 5:30 a.m. visit to Rose's house in October 2005 during which he stated, among other things, that "Duff was spineless," "Scott[Weiland] was a fraud," and that he "hates Matt Sorum": Slash: "I'm not gonna go into the whole long thing. It was just something that he [Axl] decided he was going to… It was a lot of this stuff was built to promote the next GUNS record and the tour and all that kind of stuff, 'cause there was this blatantly fabricated thing in there that I'd gone to his house and that he and I had a conversation in which I said all this stuff about my bandmates. And it's just blatantly untrue. For one, I have not talked to the guy in any way, shape or form since 1996, so it's going on 11 years. [Laughs] So that's basically it. There's just no truth to it. And all things considered, it put lot of whatever in people's minds that I was that kind of a guy, so it's… there you have it. So it's not true." Isn't this something of a thunderous lie? I could be mistaken but didn't he at some point confirm he did go to Axl's house? Also during the time he was fucked up again, he may not have gotten to Axl but the story certainly seems far more plausible now than it did then.
  4. If they did they should be looking for a refund on some of these tracks.
  5. It's an upper echelon GNR track that got bludgeoned over time with tinkering and overthinking. The 1999 version was done.
  6. Jay-z has publicly gone back and denounced some of his lyrics, particularly singling out big Pimpin’.
  7. I’ve always cringed at “turn around bitch I have a use for you.”
  8. I agree. What kept it all together was how badly they wanted to not just play again, but to be a relevant successful rock band. Once that happened all they problems they had rose to surface.
  9. I mean for Slash that’s one alimony payment.
  10. Slash really is so good at those statements framed as compliments because he doesn’t have nice things to say. “Oh Frank? Oh yeah, he has been playing drums for a long time.” I’m also bummed out he hated Velvet Revolver so much. I understand he was going through serious issues but Contraband was a foundational album for me, it’s like finding out your entire childhood your parents hated each other but we’re just staying together because they had to.
  11. I hate to be a jerk but I haven’t seen it asked, but to bolster your claim, do you have any evidence that you created and shared this image before GNR put out their version? An original link? Project file?
  12. I was curious about this, is there any indication anywhere of how the boxset sold/whether it met expectations? I know AFD charted on billboard the week after, but otherwise, I haven't seen much.
  13. Slash and Duff coming back led to a lot of annoying things about following the band getting brushed under the rug, like Del James being an ass hole.
  14. These are all good points, made by you and others. I made it with hesitation to begin with, but I now recant my suggestion.