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  1. Thing is, I do think Guns is playing with house money as far as a new album. It doesn’t even have to be great, just fundamentally not an embarrassment. The media and fans have come around on them, they’ve built up a good deal of good will.
  2. 21 pages and counting based on...?
  3. It's definitely one of those releases I never remember liking as much as I do when I put it on, but then I never return to it. It is their best sounding release, and makes me bummed out considering that the hard tracks on UYI could have sounded that way or wondering what a mid 90's gnr album would have been with more modern production.
  4. Axl's alleged plastic surgery

    Yeah, he only looked exceptionally weird in the 2001-2002 range. He more or less looked normal from '06 on, dreads and bad facial hair notwithstanding.
  5. They're a fun band. I believe they even went to the Troubador show in Pigeons of Shit Metal shirts. They cover will probably be good, fun. I look forward to it if it ever makes its way to a digital release.
  6. True, I mean grab the average person you see in a guns shirt and ask their feelings on Brian Eno.
  7. It’s the closest approximation of what Axl would sound like on pure Slash solo music.
  8. It is one of the songs most neutered by the production. I still enjoy it, but the thin guitars, weird effects, and this might just be a me thing but Matt Sorum's decision to hit a tom instead of the snare during the verses drives me crazy. The production murdered most of UYI.
  9. Yeah I mean he made a commitment to be at those open mic nights, how else could they justify those $10 covers?
  10. IDK if my spouse handed me a piece of paper with the lyrics for Shotgun Blues on it, I would have a hard time finding something nice to say. "You nailed the spelling!"
  11. Odds for by 2021 No Album of any variety -150 Album containing mix of finished CD with Sluff added plus a few wholly new compositions +200 Album of solely finished CD stuff with Sluff +350 Album of solely new compositions, all CD leftovers are trashed +1000
  12. I figured Chinese Democracy was his favorite song. Musically it is similar to about five Velvet Revolver songs.
  13. The remaster does sound awesome but I really wish they released a dry mix taking out all the reverb. A dry version of Mr. Brownstone was a b side to something and it sounds like it was recorded yesterday. side note, I’m pretty meh on the slash solo stuff but the production on those albums are killer. They sound awesome.
  14. Yeah, pretty far from a "blatantly fabricated thing."
  15. Axl's Magnum Opus

    Axl always got too in his own way to ever make a magnum opus beyond appetite. There was one inside UYI if some fat were trimmed. Our own personal 70 min selections from UYI is as close as we’ll get.