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  1. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    I remember when I was 15 and figured out how to tap on guitar, too. Good times.
  2. It would be wholly appropriate to put the rockband vox on these since the vocals were probably recorded back then
  3. Man I haven’t listened to Locomotive in years. That is a hell of a fucking song.
  4. This has his posts. I mean look at this shit. https://www.reddit.com/user/flebeis/
  5. Okay wow go through his reddit posts and see if you would want this guy be in charge of your local kinkos much less one of the largest touring acts in the world.
  6. It's just crazy because if it is the case... what was happening musically between when bucket left and when Bumble started doing overdubs? Was '02-'06ish just completely musically fruitless? They/Axl didn't write anything?
  7. So... every song that ended up being released on Chinese Democracy was largely written and completed around 2000. Scraped is the only one that I'm not sure of.
  8. I can see Slash on Oklahoma and Devious Bastard.
  9. 320 kbps, so not bad quality. The mixes are great in comparison and don't feature the weird audio watermarks the hoarders had on previous single releases of perhaps and atlas with weird beat skips and stereo jiggering. The mixes, for being rough, sound great. Definitely not yet mastered, so it is a notch below the actual sound of Chinese Democracy but still incredible and worth having.
  10. Anyone have nice artwork for a rumored 2000 Intentions? Or was Chinese Democracy known as an album name at this point?
  11. I'm sure Axl isn't thrilled about these leaks, but I hope a small part of him can see something in the fact that he was right! He was right all along! It was ready, and it was good!
  12. I want every person who didn't like Chinese Democracy to listen to this.
  13. *This* should be the leak thread that blows up. *This* is the holy grail. *This* is the original Chinese Democracy, and holy fuck why did this not come out?
  14. So pretty obviously This > Actual CD, right? Surely, we miss bucket on some stuff, particularly TWAT, but my god.
  15. Very obviously has not been mastered, yet, but my god can one of us do it real quick?