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  1. Honestly I would just settle for Axl over Slash solo material with an odd piano ballad in there with Duff doing that thing where he pulls slash back from doing total dad rock a la velvet revolver/watch this.
  2. Frankly once Slash started soloing on CD songs, they got way better so really if it's just CD II with duff and Slash overdubs it should still be fine. I'm genuinely curious if the nuguns guys had any clue what CD was going to sound like before it came out.
  3. "I don't remember anybody I hung out with using the N-word, or using the C-word." Bruh, you were in a band with Steve Jones. I don't necessarily agree. Jay-Z wrote in his book saying that in his current age he couldn't believe some of the lyrics he wrote, particularly Big Pimpin'. He still plays the song.
  4. I have never, ever heard One in a Million defended in the context of the story being told from the POV of a fictional character in all the years of defenses of that song. The defense *may* be plausible if the first time we heard it wasn't 30 years after the song's release. I could be wrong, though, and it had been brought up before. As for the misogynism in the lyrics, how hard is it to say "yeah, it was tongue in cheek, and even given how different things were back then, we were morons and should have known better nonetheless." What a load of nonsense coming from perhaps the person with the most sense in the band's history.
  5. For all the poking fun at how weird it is that we are constantly reminded that Duff is a punk rocker, his taste is as punk rock as imaginable. I ended up on a twitter rabbit trail recently where Duff mentioned buying NOFX's book on twitter, and Fat Mike responded saying he loved Duff's book and was a huge fan of the Fartz.
  6. Dizzy plays piano on this track. It is beautiful even if the subject matter is as pitch black dark as it gets. The whole album is great, Josh Homme said it was one of the best albums he had ever heard.
  7. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Is this news that Pittman sued over unpaid earnings?
  8. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Their east coast brewing location is where I live. Their beer overall is great but the guns n Rose is not.
  9. Blink-182 is pop punk, which is descended from melodic hardcore and skate punk. NOFX was always playing in and out of different punk genres like hardcore, melodic hardcore, and ska punk, but you can comfortably call them a skate punk band. Bands like Green Day and Blink-182 took the most melodic parts of bands like the Descendents, Bad Religion, and NOFX and it turned into pop punk. While blink and green day were socal bands in the 90's scene, they were pretty distinct from NOFX.
  10. Honestly I was surprised Fat Mike was associating with Dizzy, Mike has said not so great things about GNR in the past. There’s a NOFX song talking about merging record collections with his wife when they met and the opening stanza is “I thought you were the one when I heard "Holidays In The Sun"come from your bedroom but my mind started to stray when I saw Youth of Todaymixed with your singles What's with this Underdog and this GNR EP? I don't think Hanoi rocksand I don't want your Paul Stanley next to my Subhumans gatefoldI'm not trying to be a jerk but I don't think this record mergers gonna work”
  11. This album will do wonders for 6 degrees games, considering Danny from NIN produced and performs on it and Travis barker drums on it (granted only 5 tracks have full kit drumming).
  12. Okay but "Chinese democracy is the Avatar of albums" was a good burn.
  13. Honestly, I hope they get Dave Grohl to session drum.
  14. A new single for them to tour/support for an eventual 2020 album wouldn't be insane.
  15. The reunion was 10 years past any commercial viability or shot at relevancy as far as a record goes. An ‘06, ‘07’, ‘08 return while VR winding down and public interest swirling, they could have launched themselves into the Zeppelin stratosphere. But they’re firmly entrenched as a high 3rd tier low 2nd tier all time great band.
  16. What's so weird is that Johnny Rotten doesn't get the respect he derserves for spearheading not one but two music movements, Punk AND post-punk. Public Image Ltd. is unreal. Between the Pistols and PiL, nearly half of music as we know it owes itself to some degree to John Lydon.
  17. Johnny Rotten really is a perfect model of what happens when you behave the same at 60 as you did at 20. It’s not so endearing. ...except it was. What else would you expect? It was nice how much he seemed like Duff.
  18. Did we reach a conclusion as far was what the beef was beyond GNR and Axl were easy targets at the time?
  19. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    My favorite pikes are project little man, northern lights, shaded ray, and solar sailcraft. I can't even pretend to have listened to even a quarter of them but those are the ones I have come back to. I tend to be mostly into his take on power/pop/metal/rock stuff, although the super heavy spell he had in the early '00s was incredible.
  20. Death metal is your blood and gore and death. Cookie Monster vocals. Can be a bit more technical musically than black metal. Despite its content there can be a sense of levity, or dare I say it, fun. Often record in lower tunings, which funny enough if you play their songs transposed up to standard tuning it sounds like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and sabbath. Black metal is satan satan depression suicide satan. Extremely fast, blast beats, generally low-fi, though modern black metal acts have softened on that to some degree. Musically, all emphasis is on dissonance and feelings of dreads. Easiest way to reproduced the black metal sound on guitar is to play minor bar chords. Not sometimes. All the time. Every chord, minor. It feels off and wrong, which is the idea. And of course tremolo picking. Musically there is little comparison in modernity, but striking resemblances to darker medieval music. This is best illustrated by Burzum’s album composed and recorded on a keyboard while Varg Vikernes was imprisoned for the murder of Mayhem’s guitarist Euronymous. This, too, is by design, as Black metal is deeply rooted in a form of Nordic paganism, intentionally appropriating the images of old. Unfortunately, this makes black metal ripe for the more nationalistic/nazi types. Varg himself, no longer imprisoned, spends significant time YouTubing nazi propaganda. There even is an entire subgenere called NSBM, national socialist black metal, which frankly can be indistinguishable from other forms of BM if you can’t see the liner notes or album art. Despite that, black metal is incredible and fascinating music, the most extreme of an extreme genre. Getting into it actually made me enjoy other bands I thought were too heavy for my taste from other genres of metal. Highly recommend it.
  21. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I could not agree with #1 more. The first Slash's snakepit album is unreal, and it is absolutely insane Axl (and Duff, for the record) turned it down.
  22. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    There has not been a single live performance of Sweet Child that comes close to capturing the recorded version. Not in 86. 87. 88. and every year after that.
  23. Idk, a think they were afforded a respect a lot of those 80's bands weren't because musically, it was night and day. Also, today there seems to be some resurgence of respect since Slash and Duff came back, like their new friendly relationship with the Foo Fighters.