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  1. Yeah, that is too bad on the silly price. I love my McFarlands Slash, was hoping to get something like that.
  2. That's a good point, one of the genius things Axl did was put a lid on the leaks, because if the music leaked and people knew Slash and Duff were playing CDII material, there is a faction that would say it was utter crap and bad mouth it to no end. Those exact same people will talk about how AMAZING the exact same song is if they think it was created by Axl, Slash and Duff. These are the exact same people that maintain CD is bad music because it had the GnR name on it, but would have been good if it was released under a different name.
  3. Homefront Revolution. If you are a fan of the FarCry set up, this is a really good game. Just started plying through it again. It's the exact same mechanic of Farcry with you taking "bases" and areas, but it's set up in the city of Philly and you are fighting the Korean army.
  4. The only thing I wished was that there was more music. @RONIN I'm interested on how you feel about the other side of that question, how much better would this reunion have been if Slash and Duff had also disappeared until now? Wouldn't seeing Slash/Duff on stage be THAT much more interesting if they had not overexposed and watered down their brands by releasing so much music between the break up and the reunion?
  5. It's kind of a weird argument that the #1 grossing act in the country is out of tune with what people want and unprofessional. It's funny because when I see something like Kendrick Lamar having a number one song that I don't like, I think "I guess it's not for me." I do respect your point of view though, you know in your heart that Kendrick Lamar's fans are simply wrong. Take someone like "Bart's singing cupcake" The local band that plays Saturday night at the bar down the road. You can request them to cover like ANY 80's rock song and they will do it! They are professional, they are mature, they car about their fans. Unlike Kendrick Lamar who has repeatedly denied my request to sing "The Final Countdown" live.
  6. Wolfenstein II

    The second, and most recent DLC dropped last week, and it takes about 1 hour to complete! at least 2 of the 3 levels are cut and paste from past gameplay. They are really pooping the bed on the DLC :/ If it isn't, I would NOT recommend getting the DLC. The 3rd installment would have to be an epic ass game to justify paying extra price.
  7. Diablo 3 and Duke Nukem Forever have popped up in my rotation, February is retro month for DeadSlash, I guess!
  8. I think a lot of people vested a lot of time and emotion in "The album will be garbage without Slash" For those people, the album was doomed to be "terrible" before it released. There was no force on earth, no sound known to man that would change their opinion. I would say probably about 30% of the people on this forum that talk about how terrible CD is, listen to it on the regular. We see these people say things like "If it was named something beside GnR, it would have been good. With the name Guns n' Roses on it, it's terrible." How can you argue with that? How do you argue with someone, who in their mind, a song is good or bad based on the band name being "Axl's New Rose" vs. GnR? It's especially vexing knowing that if nothing had ever leaked, and we had no idea the songs had been done for decades, and the album released now with the current lineup, these same people calling it terrible would be hailing it as the greatest album of the 2000's. Step back from this whole thing and ask yourself how much it would suck to live a life where you heard a new song on the radio, and you were really digging it, but had to suppress those feelings until you heard the band name, because if it was incorrect, you would have to hate the song. That's no way to live. The short answer to your question is they hated it because the decided it was going to be terrible long before they heard it, and they are sticking to their story.
  9. Rumor of a new album???

    GnR fans have become those people that at any given time can prove, beyond the shadow of all doubt, that <insert whoever is president at that time> is who Nostradamus predicted as the antichrist. We only see GnR in that rumor if we wanted it to be GnR really bad.
  10. Rumor of a new album???

    The full control part eliminates GnR.
  11. If the World Discussion

    The beginning right after the Spanish guitar intro sounds like a stereotype porno background song Like at 19 seconds, that's when the pizza guy opens the door and the lonely housewife is nude.
  12. Which album would you choose?

    I don't think it's a hard question, mostly because "Chinese Democracy" is (right or wrong) just hated by some fans because it isn't "GnR" I think a harder question might be: "An album of songs sung by Axl but written by someone else " vs. "A masterpiece written by the original band that could legit be considered AFD2 or UYI3 performed by another band" Still, no matter what phrasing you use, I would take Axl's voice on a personal level. I am one of the old hats that was alive when GnR came out, and they were my introduction to more adult rock. I think it's like a baby duckling thing, it was the first voice that ever blew me away, and it has somehow never been topped or equaled for me in the 30 years since.
  13. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Surprised nobody picked these guys.
  14. Wolfenstein II

    The first DLC dropped from this game and it's super short, about 2 hours. :/
  15. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    On a less relevant "to everyone" note, one of my favorite memories was back in the days of Madden on the Genesis, my friends and I played all the time and I usually won. Everyone in school talked about Madden, and some kids from across the town where the larger section of the school population came from also played a lot. Long story short, we begged out way into a tourney that was a $20 buy in. I won the whole thing, it was like $300, that was a fortune as a high school kid. I also won an authentic Dan Marino Jersey on a side bet. I talked epic amounts of shit that night, and got sucker punched in the final match. I was up like 35 -0 and had a breakaway, holding the controller up with one hand and looking at the kid that was supposed to be "the best in the world" and I said "How does it feel that I can score on you without looking at the screen?" When I turned back to pick the extra point, I just saw a big flash when he popped me. It hurt like hell, but I couldn't stop laughing.