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  1. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    Herzog Zwie is a cult classic multiplayer Genesis game. One of the first I ever played a lot with my father. It's an action RTS type of game, no co-op, but one of the most fun games ever made.
  2. I can't really tell if it makes that big of a difference, but I've also always gotten the top tier corded gaming mouse from Logitech as soon as they were released going back over 10 years, so I don't really know. My guess is that feel and button placement is far more important. I will say, about a 144hz monitor that it is like getting a new computer. It's an amazing difference, night and day.
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I've said quite consistently that the post GnR lives of both Axl and Slash have been consumed with finding a new Slash and new Axl respectively. Both had been unsuccessful, as evidenced by how many guitarists Axl has mowed through, and singers Slash has discarded. Mostly to "fuck off" type replies. I've also maintained that it is possible to love all band members and their work, and not be on "Team Axl" or "Team Slash" but the majority of people here seem to think that is impossible fiction, ans that either Axl or Slash is "right" and the other, clearly "wrong." +1 Good thread idea, btw.
  4. When I made Smackalibur II (rip) I was back and forth on getting the 5960 chip, it was actually a LOT more expensive than the best "gaming chip" that I believe was the 6700. I did some video editing and the extra boost of the 5960 DID mean something there, and it ended up being the deciding factor. I never regretted the choice, because almost immediately, with Just Cause 3, I was seeing none of the errors that people were reporting where the only difference was the chipset. This trend continued all the way up to it's dying day. Interestingly nicely bookended by Just Cause, as Just Cause 4 was the final game where people reported it to be "broken" whilst I was having no problems. So despite the very common sentiment that the 5960 was of no value to gamers, it did the job for me like a champion. SM3 is starting to take shape, I just nabbed this: 1920GB Corsair Force MP510 series PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD this shit is apparently so fast, it loads before you even realize you wanted to launch the program...
  5. I've always thought that The Offspring had a few good songs, and re-released them multiple times. I don't know if anyone else has payed attention, but a shit ton of their songs sound like a direct rip off of another one of their songs.
  6. Destiny 2

    Worth noting that my computer didn't commit suicide after playing Destiny 2, like it did with Anthem. That's a big plus in the Destiny 2 column, imo.
  7. It is in no way intended as a personal knock on the one of the most iconic riff off all time, I've just heard various comments about the simplicity of it. I know Slash has even kind of dissed in the past. It's just something I've heard frequently, it's impossible black magics to me.
  8. Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 isn't bad. I played it for a while, but it grew old fast. For me there is that moment of realization when games with that overall concept (grind in order to find weapons or items to allow you to grind better) hits me that it's a treadmill and I lose interest quickly. For whatever reason, it hit me really really fast in Destiny 2. I think one of the main reasons for me was a dislike of the graphics overall style. They were great graphics, just not a fan of the styling, so it was a little lost on me.
  9. It's fascinating that multiple bands have done this. I know the SCOM riff has been made fun of because of its simplicity, I did not know this was like "a thing." I have no idea if it's possible for me to find that clip, I do know I found it on limewire looking for GnR leaks and it came up. It was an audio clip, and not the greatest quality. This was before I had even found this site (possibly before it existed.) it's too bad, because I would have brought it up.
  10. Oh yeah, Water cooling is dead to me. @OmarBradley You made me laugh out loud for the first time since my computer went kaput. I am obviously kidding with the mourning angle, but I am frustrated and mad as F, so laughs were in short supply. However, one cannot mourn forever, and Smackalibur III is taking shape. Pretty sure I'm getting the i9-9900k. A little overkill for gaming, but I do video editing too, and the 8700 was only about $200 cheaper. My old chipset was the 5960 and while it too was "overkill" for gaming I didn't have the same issues as the people who got the 6700, so fingers crossed. Also, please note, I will have enough fans to change weather patterns, so I wouldn't book any vacations until we see what the global climate looks like in April.
  11. Rip "Smackalibur II" 2/13/2015 - 3/23/19 Farewell Smackalibur II. A nation mourns the loss of your blazing fast FPS, and insane 32GB of memory. Smackalibur II was an organ donor and his 1080ti was preserved and will be inserted into a needy system. He is survived a Logitec G series mouse, and the N52te, speed pad, and countless photos, videos and songs. Smackalibur II died from catastrophic processor failure, when his liquid cooling ruptured suddenly. He was 4. After numerous attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead at the scene. His death has been ruled to be of natural causes, despite rumors of foul play circulating on several media outlets. Close friend and family Doctor Dead Slash has been quoted as saying "haters finally got what they wanted. The Beast has been slain. Fuck you water, fuck you moisture, I will never properly hydrate myself again." Mr. Slash has been Smackalibur II's chief caretaker for almost the entirety of his existence. DS added "I used to yell at him when my internet when down, and it wasn't his fault. I wish I could take it back. I wish I could have said goodbye. I will miss my dear, dear friend, Smackalibur II. Smackalibur II first rose to national fame when he was benchmarked in the top 99th percentile of Steam users in 2015. He has had 2 Video Card transplants, and had numerous battles with his processors cooling system. Most recently, he was hospitalized on the basement floor for almost 30 days when a small leak in his system lead to anemia and overheating. At the time, Dr. DeadSlash warned him that his life was coming to an end, and he needed to dial down the raw power, but this didn't stop Smackalibur II from doing what he loved, playing the newest PC games set to extreme quality, with a silky smooth frame rate. In lieu of flowers, the family of Smackalibur II wishes you simply humor his closest friend and leave your condolences, because you have lost a computer too, and don't act like you didn't lose your shit when it happened.
  12. Does anyone know? There was the whole thing when they considered naming their album "Chinese Democracy You snooze you lose." But long before that, in the limewire days, I had downloaded a bootleg of The Offspring where Dexter teased a cover, Noodles played the opening riff of SCOM, (to an enormous pop, fyi) and Dexter was like "Fuck that, they suck!" This is years before the Snooze you lose thing. If this needs to be moved to a different sub-forum, I'm sorry.
  13. Will there ever be another all-time great rock album?

    Not in the sense that it was 10-20 years ago. Because of listening on demand, some of those tracks that really grew on you because they were too hard to skip, or listening to albums all the way through are a thing of the past. Even in the CD days, when you could skip songs at will, it was still an event to have the CD handy, change it out etc. Now, you listen to that one song that caught your attention, and move to another artist by simply asking Alexa to change it.
  14. Launchers are kind of like streaming platforms now, they will duke it out and 1 or 2 will remain, but everyone wants in on the money! Shame about UT, I was playing a lot of that too. My glory days of gaming and actually being "good" peaked during the UT2k4 days, did a lot of shoutcasting then, too.
  15. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    I see your point, but his sloppy reloads stand out as part of the fearless theme. The first thing I looked up after the video was if New Zealand was like England where nobody had guns. Reasoning behind it was how relaxed and utterly free of any fear of kind of retaliation. I wondered if it was because he was ready to die, or if he had no concerns because maybe the cops didn't carry guns there. Yeah, this is 100% true. I'm desensitized to this sort of thing from seeing it, but the first real atrocity I ever watched was the Nick Berg beheading. (The first American executed in Iraq during the war rebuild) It shook me hard, and changed my world view. It's over a decade, and it still upsets me to think about.