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  1. This is a real glass houses argument though. Why was Slash doing the exact same thing without Axl? I've said it once, and I'll say it 1,000 times more. Axl and Slash are peanut butter and chocolate, they are great alone, but when combined, they make something very special. People can have an opinion over which is more important to them on a personal level, it's simply taste and can't be argued with. To me, personally, it's not GnR without Axl. However, I can recognize that that isn't the case for everyone, and we have actual metrics showing, beyond the shadow of all doubt that when combined, more people want to see them then either of them separate.
  2. It's pretty good man. Lol, the lead singer needs to move a little bit it looks like some weekend at Bernie's type shit, he is like a statue with his lips moving, and nothing else!
  3. If you ask 100 GnR fans this question, you will get 100 different answers. There really is not definitive "right" or "wrong" answer. For the record, I'd love to see Izzy in the mix, but on a personal level, Slash and Axl are 90% of what makes it a GnR song. ^^^ Having said that, the one thing that is driving me insane is the commonly held, and repeated belief that any songs that Axl wrote and has been tinkering with from the CD days would be a waste of time and/or garbage and not a real GnR song. I think that flies directly in the face of GnR history and precedent. Songs like Don't Cry and November Rain are songs that were written long before their release, or "leftovers." That did not make them bad songs by any means. It has also been common in the past catalogue for songs to be written by Axl, tinkered with by Axl and then passed to Slash to add the finishing touches. It's a process that works. dismissing a song off the bat because it went through the same process as many of their other classic tunes is short sighted, and ignoring the bands history.
  4. Rage 2

    Anyone get Rage 2? How is it? I can't seem to get a good read on it, The initial reaction was good, but it's in freefall on Steam for no discernable reason. I do know there is an issue on PC where the visuals look super blurry, but it can be fixed, and some of the negative reviews are people are slamming it over the blurry visuals, unaware they can be fixed with changing a few of the default video settings. Outside of visuals, I haven't seen any kind of a trend in why it's "bad." Anyone played it?
  5. World War Z (The one Released April/16/2019)

    Did anyone end up getting this? If on PC let me know and maybe we can play a round or 2. PS. It hit the million copy mark last week, and that was in spite of it being largely a flop on the PC because of the Epic thing. Word is spreading that it is a fun ass game.
  6. I read it wasn't that great, it did worse than World War Z, and WWZ was review bombed for being on Epic, and still pulled a better overall score with said review bombs factored in. The main drawback about Days Gone that I read was it was very repetitive, but some people really liked it. The only thing it has in common with WWz is that they both feature Zombies.
  7. From 0:33 to 0:47, that riff... I've heard it before but I can't place it. I mean it's an exact riff. Anyone? EDIT It was Killing Box By Anthrax check 1:17 HOLY SHIT, exact same beginning too. Check out the 22 second mark on Fight Train vs. the 5 second mark of killing box. Was this a tribute or theft?
  8. Have you ever been tired of people asking about something that you didn't have a set time on? One example: Was dating this girl for a few years, our family kept asking us when we were going to get married. 2 times a year we had a family gathering on each side, so 4 extended family gatherings a year + special events like baptism, confirmation, weddings etc. We were always getting asked and it annoyed the fuck out of us. Then we decided to start telling people we decided to not get married, ever. It was false, but it got people to stop asking us every fucking time we saw them. At this point, people can extrapolate anything they want from any given gunner comment. For me, as old hat, in on the ground floor in 87, I'm not going to be excited or depressed about anything that comes out. GnR has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that nothing is certain, and nothing is impossible.
  9. I would be more suspicious if he claimed Dylan was the one that said he liked it, vs Dylan's wife. Nobody can understand a fucking word Bob Dylan says, anyone claiming they did would have proven the story a fraud, right there.
  10. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    The whole concept of "anything but releasing new music" is predicated on the band being adverse to releasing new music, yet Duff and Slash just did, and people keep alleging that Axl tried, but the record company "wouldn't even listen." Can we settle on a talking point? FFS, there may or may not be an album, but if there isn't that will be the result of things going south, creative differences, money shares, etc. Slash, Axl and Duff aren't sitting in a room and saying "You know what I don't want to do, like ever? Release music. Yeah, fuck that." It just doesn't add up. Axl has ended his search for Slash substitute, and Slash has found his perfect Axl substitute. They didn't travel the world to find each other for conversation and handjobs. They want to work together.
  11. FYI to anyone who was vested in the "epic exclusive" aspect of Metro Exodus. It is now available on Humble Bundle.
  12. There is no new information that tells us definitively that this was CD II vs, a remix album, is that correct? Saying Axl finished and tried to turn in CDII but the record company "refused" to even hear it is information that came out of an ass, as opposed to a credible source, no? A label saying "We don't want an album of remixes" vs. "sod off, we are not interested in hearing this brand new album of brand new material." are two very different things.
  13. Is it not insane to anyone else that CD was 11 years ago? As an old timer, waiting for CD since TSI dropped, it blows my mind to think that there are fans on this board today that may not have been old enough to know who GnR even WAS in 2008.
  14. I guess there was an older game named World War Z, kept pulling up reviews for it. I'll add more to this after I've played more. This is currently a DS approved title. Curious what other people thing of it, I'm loving it. FINNNNALY a L4D style game with a fresh coat of paint. High points: Great visuals - Massive amounts of zombies on screen, not even sure how it's possible* - weapon leveling system, good variance of weapons. - Character classes and class leveling. - choke points with auto turrets, and defensed you can set up - Nobody is a "pro" yet, so it's a far less toxic community in multiplayer vs. L4D. Low points: If you wanted something "very different" from the L4D formula, you'll be disappointed. - Vulkan setting causes frequent 1 second lock ups when FIRST starting a level, but runs better than the DX11 settings... however, the DX11 setting don't have those lockups in the beginning of the level... #quandry. -------------- The massive wavs of zombies seen in these trailers are actually in the game, I thought this was straight bullshots, but all this shit is actually on screen at once. I'm curious about what people who have played it think, because it's got a user rating of 75(moving rapidly as reviews pour in) but it's mostly good reviews, with a bunch of 0 out of 10 ratings mentioning the Epic store. So having a 70+ average, with a flush of review bombs dragging it down seems pretty good. *I think I might have figured out how it's possible, some of the zombie hoards are really "one" enemy animated to look like a swarm of zombies. In reality, it's not a glob of 50 independent AI's but actually 1 AI. This absolutely WORKS because they are moving as a crowd, this was only something I keyed in on when blowing up a "hoard" with a missile or grenade.
  15. What? Where is that info from? Does that seem rational to you? The record company "refused to hear" CD2? I hope for your sake that you just made that up as opposed to someone else made that up and you are repeating it because it sounds plausible to you.