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  1. Anyone else hearing the Paradise City main Riff in this song?
  2. probably in the basement of a collector, sealed.

    Available for preorder now https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shenmue-i-ii
  4. Remember when Axl spoke about how he couldn't have done NR and Estranged without Slash, and how he kept asking Slash to do the guitar part over again? How glorious would it be to get ears on all of the rejected takes?
  5. This dude has a series of videos that truthfully piss me off about Guns n Roses and the Mandela effect. It looks like he has hundreds of videos, some of the highlights include "Axel" is the *real* spelling of Axl - Izzy was not a member of GnR. Duff is dead - and about 50 videos on "words that have changed" in GnR songs. If you don't know what the Mandela effect is, in a nut shell there is no false memory, and everyone's memory is 100% accurate. If you remember that Duff died in 1991 and was replaced with Izzy for the tour, you're not "wrong" you are simply from the reality where that happened. The Mandela effect legit makes me mad. People are assholes.
  6. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    Hey, so what would the border song be? Welcome to the Jungle, or Anything Goes? If you want real controversy, play OIAM at a Trump rally. I bet there are people that would literally explode like Scanners...
  7. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    Well, it's a better promotion than an airline... but...
  8. I think that was a pretty widely held belief, the first place I ever saw it was back in the day on an album called "Unwanted Illusions." This was pre-internet, so unless you were an insider, so there was no way to know where they came from outside what the bootleg said. I didn't know this was West Arkeen until I read it on this site. This. You think the guys pressing these things dreamed for even a second that song titles that they basically made up would go down in GnR lore and be discussed 30 years later? Crazy.
  9. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    This was my question too, I got the Mid-tier version that is around $200. I would like to hear this. I take it that it is not available in digital form?
  10. I didn't care much for it. Seemed like I was upgrading my gear literally after every fight.
  11. Grats Russ, anytime you get to talk to one of the original 5 it is genuinely cool.
  12. Wait, I was fing around with the Mandela joke n GnR lyrics, but... is this one of the posters here? This dude has a few of these...
  13. Well, per the Mandela effect, you never remembered wrong, your just from a different timeline.