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  1. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    I love it. I've played through it 5 times. Let's be clear, I was already sold, but this is better than I expected. The atmosphere, the visuals, all perfect, imo. One odd thing stood out to me, but only after I read people complaining about it and now I can't unnoticed it. I'll put it in spoilers and leave it up to you to decide if you want to look.
  2. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Sorry bro, when you picked the name "oldest goat" you are become 40. It's in the bible.
  3. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Not sure if you care, but this work around for the 30 min limit works. I'm an older chap like yourself, and this was on the cusp of too far to go, but I really am a freak for the RE series.
  4. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Nice, I didn't know the demo dropped! Downloading it now, but this "1 shot" thing is for the birds!
  5. Not for nothing, but this is a man well known for kicking people in the balls for no reason, jumping into a crowd of thousands to sucker punch a guy with a camera (because he done tole that security bitch once already) and allegedly just forced everyone to sign over the rights of the band. Say what you will about Axl, but he's an alpha for sure. People kinda fall in line behind a guy like that.
  6. Yes, it was a sweet smell, I just never thought of it as strawberries. Thanks man. Today is my first day without a fever since Saturday. I really should have gone to the doctor. I think I'm out of the woods, but we'll see, at the very least I was/am dehydrated.
  7. Yep, you're right, I bought her both soundtracks, one had kokomo one had a song from Cher. I didn't even remember making this post until I had notifications and reread it. I have been sick since 3 days after Christmas, but this past week was the first time I had a fever, and I have had a fever every day of the week up until today. You weren't confused, I was the literal definition of confused. I did a few nonsensical things last night, luckily, this was the most embarrassing.
  8. In the USA? Cassettes had a unique smell, for sure. It's not strawberries though (to me.) I'm curious if they smelt different in different countries, or if we just identified a different smell.
  9. This was a time before I could just buy any CD I wanted, I was a Jr. in Highschool. I got Illusions 2 first, then Illusions 1 the following week. It's weird that the kids today, and even most of the last generation won't know what it's like to have to wait for music. It wasn't as bad then because 1. We couldn't miss or crave leaks, they weren't a thing, the concept was invented in bootlegs, I guess. I used to Drive 40 min to the Princeton Record Exchange every week to check for new bootlegs, I guess that was the early 90's "forum check." I wasn't aware of any unreleased tracks prior to Illusions, anyway. I just didn't follow music like I do now, so like KOHD was a surprise to me when I bought the soundtrack for my mother, who liked Kokomo. I've shared the story before that the first time I even heard about Sympathy for the Devil was when they debuted it on WYSP, and I pulled over to listen and concentrate on the whole song. The last moment like that I ever had was "Set me free" being played on (I think WYSP) the radio at a dealership, I was doing a half a million dollar audit, and this guy is telling me where some missing vehicles were, and I heard them describing new music from GnR 2.0 with Scott Weiland on vocals, and I just zoned out of my conversation 100% until the song was over. When it ended, I acted like he said something that displeased me, I was like "Wait, what? No, start over again." As an auditor, you could kind of be a dick and they had to take it, because I could literally call in the Pinkertons to shut the business down if I didn't think the numbers added up. That was the single time I abused that power. I digress, these threads always intrigue me, it was just a different time. We didn't long for the internet, because we didn't know what it was yet. It probably seems impossible to people who grew up with it. It was just more exciting and rewarding, but I'd never trade back. Hard to explain.
  10. Is this legit or a joke? The spelling errors, typos misused words ('know one' really? wtf...) and the subject matter of the letter in general make this look like it was written by a 7th grader who isn't bright. Don't get me wrong, I make typos, and I've misused their they're there.... but on things like forum threads. starting somewhere around "email to a co-worker" it get proofed to some degree in my life. This is so over the top dumb, it seems suspect. Did Beta drug him before he wrote the letter? WTF did I just read?
  11. A couple of things that I find strange about the community reaction to this song. 1. "It's just a throwaway." There are a lot of vocal layers to this song. This is not a like a "here are some lyrics, sign 'em and here is money." Deal. At the very least Axl was really into it. He put some effort into this. 1a. "It's just a throwaway." How the hell am I the only person who can see this being a track AC/DC would release on an album? Ffs, Half the songs on "Rock or Bust" have "ROCK THE" in the song title. 20% of their entire Brian Johnson era catalogue has the word "ROCK" in the song title. Is it that out of the real of possibility that this is Axl/DC related in some way? 2. How is anyone surprised that a previously unreleased studio recording of one of the most powerful and beloved voices in rock history is generating buzz in the fan base? We jizzed ourselves over a 30 year old B-side 6 months ago, because it was a version we hadn't heard before. I'm not mad, sorry if I sound like I'm raging, I am just perplexed. This just seems so odd to me. The only thing I can think of is that people are so used to getting shit on by GnR that we're talking it down in order to lower our own expectations.
  12. I would counter that this is no different than being excited to hear Axl on Angel Down. Yes, I am a massive GnR mark, but that does not preclude me from being a massive Axl Rose mark. These are not mutually exclusive things. Axl is my favorite singer of all time, I would be willing to wager he is for a great many people on these forums. There is no magic wand waved that makes me dislike his voice if it is not singing something he wrote with Slash. This is a new, crystal clear studio track with my favorite vocal artist of all time. Starved or not, I would dig this.
  13. Am I the only person that concludes that and Axl/DC album would be a lot more fing awesome that I had previously thought, after hearing this?
  14. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Less than a month until the Resident Evil 2 remake! What what!?!
  15. Is that right? It was really hard to tell when I was researching it, I guess because the NFL hasn't confirmed it. This is kind of a worthless thread from me, sorry guys.