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  1. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    I think the big difference between now and recent history is that Trump will give Israel the nod to do as they wish. This stuff isn't public knowledge, so we can't know for sure, but I'd be shocked if Obama didn't tell Israel the US would be openly critical of any moves of aggression made by Israel. I think Trump would tell them he doesn't give a fuck. IDK, gut feeling. I remember years ago (pretty sure Bush was in office) there was a press conference in Israel about Iran nukes. They question was asked of an Israeli general "How far would Israel go to stop Iran from getting nukes?" and he answered (instantly, with zero hesitation) with the exact number of miles from the closest Israeli air strip to Tehran. People might be able to argue about Israel's chances with a straight up war with Iran, but I don't think anyone could argue their willingness to try. Personally, I'd never bet against Israel.
  2. In the grand scheme of things it really is a tiny part of his career. He's done like what, a dozen albums without Izzy? A couple of books? Is coming off of one of the most successful tours of all time, without Izzy... I just think Izzy means a lot more to us fans than it does to Duff. GnR might have come to full stop after Izzy's departure, but Duff certainly didn't. Again, I personally LOVE Izzy, but from Duff's point of view, it has to be tiresome for him to field question ignoring the last 30 years (and majority) of his career. It's like coming back to your high school reunion as a millionaire CEO, but your classmates can't get past the fact that you didn't marry the prom queen. How many times can you humor them with "I don't know." before you just can't be arsed with anymore fucking questions about what happened 30 years ago. I'm not even trying to say this in a combative way, I'm just saying. Duff has "Fuck You" money and he's been able to do pretty much what-ever-the-fuck he wants. I don't think he pines on about "Where did we go wrong Izzy? Where did we go wrong?" I have no idea how old you are, but I personally can't imagine being asked incessantly why me and my best friend from high school drifted apart. Ironically that was about 30 years ago for me too, it's long over and done. My life has moved forward, quite well.
  3. It happened 30 years ago though, Imagine for a second, having a whole life, and accomplishments, but constantly being asked about why you broke up with your high school sweet heart, Isabella. I mean sure, it was 30 years ago, and sure you have kids and grandkids with your current wife who is the love of your life, BUT you and Isabella were prom king and queen! I don't mean to take away from Izzy, I'm actually an Izzy mark. I own all of his albums and I love his music. I also am hoping beyond hope he somehow is involved with the writing of a new album. At the same time, from Duff's perspective, WTF? Izzy really is a tiny blip in Duff's history. Duff has an entire, and sizable career sans Izzy. WTF can he possible say at this point? It might have been a big deal to him like when it happened, but honestly, even then, the band just moved right to Gilby. It's not like Izzy leaving was at the core of the breakup. I don't think there is more that Duff can say because there isn't anything left for him TO say.
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Pointing out that Izzy flaked or that Adler has demons is not a compliment or endorsement to Fortus, Melissa or Frank. That is a nonsensical connection that you are making and projecting onto a pretty reasonable point, because you can't argue that point.
  5. Wow, that was uncalled for venom. Here's your change: I've never disliked sheeple who ride in like a white knight to defend the honor of an MTV darling band more.... Clearly you are new to their bandwagon, or weren't alive when Last Kiss came out, if you were, you would be well aware that the buzz about that song isn't overblown. quick education for you, in 99 when the song was at it's peak, there wasn't internet and it wasn't common knowledge that PJ didn't sing it, in fact it was just the opposite. I know this so well because I worked in radio at the time. I'm sure your knowledge of googling "What were the 90's like?" is probably just as accurate as, you know, living and working in radio at the time, but whatevs. Are they relevant again? Have they come back? Good for them. GnR faded away, but they had a tour with historical numbers and now they are back to relevancy. Pear Jam released an album just about every 2 years from like 94 to 2002, then slowed down quite a bit. Their last album of original material was in 2013, and they are not yammered about incessantly and on the cover of every magazine etc. anymore. It's the definition of fading away. Pearl Jam used to be the most peddled band on earth, the band your "cool uncle" who liked shit music raved about as that "metal band" they were into. Returning from obscurity doesn't eradicate or trump having once faded. I'll take your word for it that they are "back" but ffs, don't get so defensive over them. I mean, I point out how I dislike the slow grind of all of their songs and you legit freaked out and linked to one of the 5 up-tempo songs to prove me wrong. For some bizarre reason, you feel like me disliking his awful warbling, whining, shit vocal approach somehow is minimized because Axl has a higher vocal range. I guess we just have different approaches to music, per your reply, the things I hate about the band seem to be things many people hate or the "upopoular" popular opinion... cool, cool. You took the approach of liking the band MTV told you to like. Respect. I didn't punch your mom, I just don't like Pearl Jam. Go have a smoke break, ffs.
  6. While I agree that GnR isn't underrated, I actually think Pear Jam is one of the most overrated bands of all time. The buzz about them, especially back in the day was really intense. I never got it. Between everything they ever did being so slow and grinding, to Eddie Vedder's goat boy warble, to everyone fawning over Last Kiss not knowing it was a cover... I've never disliked an "iconic" band more than Pear Jam. I was so happy when they just fucking faded away. Back OT, I'm an absolute mark for GnR. They are, far and away my favorite band of all time. Even through the (my) perspective of seeing them as the GOAT, I don't see any kind of argument that their place in history is disrespected, or that their impact/legacy is underrated.
  7. I agree that there shouldn't be a link, but that was the link that was drawn by some. In other words, these were 2 different reasons to be offended that intersected. One school of thought was that the Betsy Ross flag was racist because America owned slaves when it was our flag, and a separate argument was that it was offensive because a white supremacy group adopted it flying next to the confederate flag as their symbol. As it the discussion and debate grew in scale, those 2 sides pointed at each others argument and said "Yeah, and that, too!" So there were people coming into the discussion with one point and one point only, "This flag is racists because some racists were waving it." It's additionally insane because the hate group waving the Betsy Ross flag probably had like 30 people tops. So 30 assholes out of 280m people have redefined the history of the American flag. We give racists too much power. A white power rally with about a dozen people shows up somewhere and it's national news. Meh, what is the expectation, exactly? That we end all holidays and replace them with penance to the Native Americans? Not for nothing, but nobody in this world is "Where they started" Every population on Earth fought with someone to be where they are. When other high and mighty countries pseudo intellectuals come down off their high horse and apologize for their ancestors wiping out Homo Heidelbergensis, Denisovan, Neanderthal, Homo Florensiensis, and others, then we can talk about how evil we all are. We can have a great big "I'm so sorry" party and sing. This is similar to the conversation I had with my father. If we use the standard of "If there was racism at the time, then thing XXXX is also racist." we can eradicate 60% of everything and anything American. When people would say "Ahhh!!! they are trying to wipe out history!" I was like "calm down, shut up, drama queen...." now I'm like.... "maybe." smh.
  8. Not even, they used the Betsy Ross flag. The one with the thirteen Stars and the Red and white stripes. Essentially the original American flag as it is today. Anyone can jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, but from everything I've read and heard about the controversy, the core issue is that the flag is from a time in American history when we still had slaves. In other words, it's not like "Well, Betsy Ross was a racist." it is literally that at the time it was made America still had slaves, ergo the flag is racist. I saw some additional chatter that some white supremacist group cooped the flag along with the confederate flag, but 1. That was added as a sort of afterthought "This flag represents racism because when it was created in 1777, black men were still slaves.... also, white supremacists waved it at a rally." 2. We can't let racists coop whatever they want. If a neo Nazi group said "All white people should buy electric cars." we can't then deem electric cars as racist and have them pulled off the market. This is literally the first significant American flag, it's the flag of the American revolution. Again, the "it was coopted by white power people" is a secondary supporting argument that isn't always mentioned, and when it is, it is in defense of people saying the original reason for it being "offensive" is lunacy. The main reasoning for it being "offensive" is that there were still slaves in 1777, so the flag is racist by default. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/nike-colin-kaepernick-air-max-1-fourth-of-july-flag-offensive-colonies-a8983701.html
  9. There are levels of "Holy shit!" to this... 1. The controversy itself is still pretty head scratching 2. Can you imagine bidding $53k for a pair of sweat shop sneakers? 3. Can you imagine being the poor bastard that worked at a Foot Locker and thought you were going to literally get life changing money? They were up to $53k after a few hours, and had almost a full 7 days left... then... BAM, all gone. All of this... my mind cannot process...
  10. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    All other factors aside, just boiling this down to it's core, when you are the person who wrote the lyric "Turn around bitch, I got a use for you." calling out someone for saying "grab em by the pussy" and acting like it's just the most disgusting thing in the world is pretty hypocritical, and absurd. If anything, just shut the fuck up about the subject. How would you NOT think that would come back at you?
  11. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    "Old news" doesn't mean anything anymore. If people can be protested for shit they said on social media 10 years ago, even though people knew about it back then, and the apologized for it back then... but somehow it's "new" and needs to be relitigated in the public sphere, than a possible rape sure can come back and burn someone.
  12. I guess my main point of disagreement is over the people sitting on their hands during the new covers and CD songs. People just don't react at the shows to the CD songs, or new covers the way they do to the well know hits. I guess that people can argue that they "hate" the CD era songs, but I think that is false. I think they simply didn't know the songs and couldn't sing along like they could with WTTJ and SCOM. I believe the GnR fan is older, and not necessarily as internet savvy as we are. My sister, and my best friend, for example, LOVE GnR, but would not kow about the leaks, or have known about Chinese Democracy (At release, I'd hope they would know by now) if I wasn't a freak of a fan scouring the internet for Axl rose fart noises that were somewhat melodic. These are mostly older folks and I don't think they necessarily think like us. The average show goer is old with disposable income, and I think GnR knows this, hence the box set with obscene pricing. In other words, your scenario is correct for US, for the people here, but I don't think we represent the unwashed masses that turned out in droves to see these guys live. I always have some GnR swag up in my office at work, or on the road (I really am a freak of a fan) and it still shocks me when people are like "GnR, I love those guys! AFD is one of my favorite albums of all time!" and when I ask how they like Chinese Democracy they have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about. Even as "savvy" as I consider myself, at 44, I didn't know what the fuck spotify was until people posted links on here. I'd *heard* of it, but myself, like other old dotards thought it was a pay service and never looked at it. I started following them when I was in 7th grade, so I'm on the younger side of "old school fans." It makes me feel old, but the reality is that there are more grandparents than kids interested in my favorite band of all time. I want to be super clear, I'm not arguing with you, I mean we both agree there will not be new music debuted at the shows, we disagree about why, but that's really it.
  13. Most of us hardcores will, yes. But I think as you alluded to, we will no matter what the circumstance is. Think about those fringe hardcores, though. You buy your tickets for a GnR show in a few months, and you see they released a new song, you just gobble it up. Remember, these casuals looking for the hits are still paying in the hundreds for tickets, so a 99 cent song is a no brainer. The majority of the people going to these shows have disposable income. I don't really disagree with other viewpoints on this, just kinda playing devils advocate and sharing my logic, you could absolutely be 100% correct, I just see it differently. I think the bottom line is a "surprise" single generates a lot more buzz.
  14. I just don't see it. 1. This isn't a band that is going to test new material. Slash and Duff both literally released separate albums of untested material. These guys don't lack confidence. 2. New material isn't necessary for them to draw in fans. The majority of people coming to the shows are there for the hits. 3. Money wise, if they play a new song live before it's released, it makes the rounds and it sells less. Just step back and think about it, if there is a new release on iTunes and you have heard it live already, you decide if you buy it based on how much you like it. If you wake up one day and there is a new GnR song you've never heard on iTunes, you buy that sumbitch, you do not pass go, you do not speak to family members, you buy it, and proceed rock out with your cock out.
  15. He is a pure and complete cunt. I'll take free shit from him, though. Did anyone here ever see how much Borederlands ripped off some MTV cartoon called Code breakers? Brutal. Aliens: Colonial Marines was just Randy burying lies with lies, and salting it with lies.