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  1. Best sound quality Axl/DC recording

    Dammit! I missed this. If you reup, could you possibly IM me? I'll get a notice, I don't check the site everyday, so I might miss it. I will check this thread a few times though, hopefully I won't miss it twice!
  2. Any more shows of this quality? Live in Lisbon Proshot

    Thanks for posting, those are really good. I'm assuming since these are only snippets, that is all that is available, right? They are awesome quality!
  3. I know quality is a pretty subjective thing, but this particular show almost sounds like Axl's vocals are from the studio (imo)! I cannot find any more songs this quality, anyone who has? I can't even find another song from this show this clear. This stands out as far and away the cleanest vocals from Axl/DC. If there are better I'd love to hear it!
  4. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I agree, you described a cunt. you just reversed the players. You're somewhere having a good time, and someone (you don't know) seeks you out and dedicates their day to following you around and telling you they are not having a good time. Say you are enjoying yourself at the space museum or some such... some cunt you don't know decides to spend the day with you pissing and moaning about how space is boring, it hasn't been exciting since the 60's, it cost too much and it's a total ripoff. That would definitely be a cunt One of my top 5 all-time fav bands was John Bush Anthrax. I used to post on their forums, trade with people etc. When Bush left the band, I stopped going to the fansite, because I wasn't a fan. I am not still there, 20k posts later bitching about how much better they were with Bush. If I posted there to this day, bitching about how bad Anthrax is, I would be (using your words) a cunt. I logged on to the site with the intention of sharing my experience at Hershey Park with other fans who enjoyed it, but what do I see? A bunch of crybabies who were not at the show explain how bad it was, how nobody likes them wah wah wah. There is a big difference between *discussing* things like the desire for new music vs. just plain griping. Diesel literally says there is nothing remotely interesting about the band. Logic dictates someone with no interest in Guns N' Roses should not be posting on a forum dedicated to something they are "not remotely" interested in.
  5. Are we too hard on Guns?

    This pretty much answers the thread question. One dude has no interest in the band, yet lurks here for some strange reason. I don't give a shit about breeding pure bred Siamese cats... so I don't lurk the fucking message boards about it. What a novel concept. Tremelo's post is... well it's lol. What people don't process is that the fans who actually like the band don't give a fuck about your grievances. You are not important, and nobody gives a shit about what you have to say outside of your friends and family. The internet is a big place. Go be a fan of something you do care about, instead of raining tears on thread after thread. There are even forums that are designed for buthurt people... why not find your home at one?
  6. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Awesome show! Getting out was a bitch though!
  7. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Woot! See you all tomorrow! Well, I mean, I won't see any of you, or at least I won't know it's you... but we'll be in the same place at the same time!!!
  8. Are we too hard on Guns?

    In short, the answer is yes. Plain and simple. I know a lot of people will bitch and moan about people drawing that conclusion, but you just don't find fan sites where people badmouth the band incessantly like you do here. It's a shame, because with the reunion, people have regained interest. When said people stumble across this site and think "Oh cool! A GnR fansite!" they get lost quickly when they start seeing posts like "Do you think Axl rapes Slash every night? Do you think he makes Duff watch?" and they just leave. Mygnrforum is the ultimate loser in the whole thing because they could have gained a lot more traffic. Overall, it kind of flows, some years ago, this was the single most hateful site on the web for Guns n' Roses. They were really hung up on the whole "we don't want to censor people" thing and it opened the door for straight hate. I spent about 2 years away from the site because it was like 85% negative. The golden rule, as far as I could tell was if you prefaced something with "I'm a really big fan" you could say whatever you wanted. So for example, you could write "I'm a huge fan, love these guys: So my question is this - I was talking to Axl after a show, and he said he knows how terrible he is, and he thinks NuGuns is a joke, but he's addicted to the money. He said he hates his fans, and part of him feels guilty about it. He seemed sincere, he seemed like a really cool guy. What do you guys think? Should he be ripping us off? Or should he retire?" Sounds extreme, right? Well, it's from a post that wasn't an "extreme example" and was not ever locked. That was the discussions we had on here. If you wrote "Love the band" and bookended it with "seems really cool" You could flat out slander the band in between. It's gotten a lot better but it's still annoying, I don't follow the site like I used to, but it is at least tolerable. The mods now are much better now, and they do a really good job of keeping main threads clean. For a very short while when they created a sub forum for the hate speech, the main board was pretty cool. Slowly, the trolling seeped it's way back on to the main page. I mostly lurk to see if anything leaks. Unfortunately, as long as people who dislike the band feel compelled to come here for the sole purpose of telling people (who don't give a shit) that they dislike the band, the hate will be there.
  9. Forgive my question please.

    You are forgiven
  10. It's Dizzy. The joke is that he looks like a a stroke victim struggling to hit the drum set.
  11. It's been so long since I saw this video, I didn't remember a post-stroke Adler all the way in the back!
  12. idk what the odds are, but I just got off the phone with my Dad and the Mandela effect and how it was people misremembering, and BOOM Here it is.... So Synchronicity is clearly legit, still skeptical on the Mandela effect.
  13. I liked it, I have always wanted to head his retake on AFD. Most people consider it a sin, but I don't see why. I enjoyed Slash's retake on PC, and I enjoyed this.
  14. Had a crazy dream last night

    Chinese Democracy 2 Starts NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!