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  1. Which album would you choose?

    I don't think it's a hard question, mostly because "Chinese Democracy" is (right or wrong) just hated by some fans because it isn't "GnR" I think a harder question might be: "An album of songs sung by Axl but written by someone else " vs. "A masterpiece written by the original band that could legit be considered AFD2 or UYI3 performed by another band" Still, no matter what phrasing you use, I would take Axl's voice on a personal level. I am one of the old hats that was alive when GnR came out, and they were my introduction to more adult rock. I think it's like a baby duckling thing, it was the first voice that ever blew me away, and it has somehow never been topped or equaled for me in the 30 years since.
  2. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Surprised nobody picked these guys.
  3. Wolfenstein II

    The first DLC dropped from this game and it's super short, about 2 hours. :/
  4. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    On a less relevant "to everyone" note, one of my favorite memories was back in the days of Madden on the Genesis, my friends and I played all the time and I usually won. Everyone in school talked about Madden, and some kids from across the town where the larger section of the school population came from also played a lot. Long story short, we begged out way into a tourney that was a $20 buy in. I won the whole thing, it was like $300, that was a fortune as a high school kid. I also won an authentic Dan Marino Jersey on a side bet. I talked epic amounts of shit that night, and got sucker punched in the final match. I was up like 35 -0 and had a breakaway, holding the controller up with one hand and looking at the kid that was supposed to be "the best in the world" and I said "How does it feel that I can score on you without looking at the screen?" When I turned back to pick the extra point, I just saw a big flash when he popped me. It hurt like hell, but I couldn't stop laughing.
  5. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    I have soooooo many, but the one that is something that might actually impress the casual video gamer is that I was one of the first people in North America to pass Zelda II the Adventures of Link! I know I was, because I passed it before it was released! Got a copy from Japan, there was no modded system needed back in those days, the trick was the cartridge. All you had to do to play the Japanese version in a NA console was take it out of it's case and put it in an American Cartridge case. My friends Dad was in Japan a LOT for business, that was how we got it.
  6. This is a good question. I could not. Period. I know a lot of people say they can and that the drummer makes a huge difference, but it was never the case for me personally. I remember back when Sorum joined the band, long before the internet was a thing, I remember people would talk a lot about things like "Oh man wait until they release music with Sorum, Illusions was already written around Adler, but their next album will really utilize Matt! It's going to be amazing!" I wondered if I would be astounded at whatever came after Illusions with this new drummer, but was pretty dubious. You would think I would have more respect for drummers, my sister played on a few albums, my best friend growing up was a drummer and I even dated a somewhat well known female drummer back in a different life. All the pieces are there for me to be a drummer fanboy, but meh.
  7. It's not bad or anything, but it really sounds like mid 90's rock. Very generic-ish. It reminds me of Every Mother Nightmare. I liked that early to mid 90's rock, just don't see it taking off in todays world.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    When I was in college, I managed a Babbages/Gamestop and EB tried to buy it. It got blocked in some court, but it's still one of the craziest times in my work history because managers from EB just showed up and told us to start moving stuff changing signs etc. Then we got a call from corporate telling us to disregard anyone from EB, tell them to leave and call the police if they didn't. Long after I got a real job, Gamestop acquired EB. I wondered where that manager was, and if he got fired. Doom is pretty good on the Switch BUT if you already played it on PC, it's not a good idea to purchase. Doom is one of the best looking hand held games I've ever seen, but compared to the PC running it with improved visuals at 90 FPS... well, you can tell the difference between 30 and 90.
  9. Wolfenstein II

    To clarify, they are "unique" in the sense that you are doing different things, so it's not just seeing different arms for your avatar, but it's the same locations, like the film studio or the sewers. Instead of starting on the right side of the map and going left, you start on the left side and go right.. and you enter through like a trap door or some such. It's still super lame imo, and a lazy DLC.
  10. Wolfenstein II

    This one was a huge step back from TNO and TOB. Lots of weird glitches etc that a powerhouse computer can muscle through, but even without the tech issues, the story was pretty weak. The DLC is a real letdown because it's in the same levels you already played the main game in, you are just playing as a different character!
  11. Best sound quality Axl/DC recording

    Thanks for reposting!
  12. Best sound quality Axl/DC recording

    Dammit! I missed this. If you reup, could you possibly IM me? I'll get a notice, I don't check the site everyday, so I might miss it. I will check this thread a few times though, hopefully I won't miss it twice!
  13. Any more shows of this quality? Live in Lisbon Proshot

    Thanks for posting, those are really good. I'm assuming since these are only snippets, that is all that is available, right? They are awesome quality!
  14. I know quality is a pretty subjective thing, but this particular show almost sounds like Axl's vocals are from the studio (imo)! I cannot find any more songs this quality, anyone who has? I can't even find another song from this show this clear. This stands out as far and away the cleanest vocals from Axl/DC. If there are better I'd love to hear it!
  15. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I agree, you described a cunt. you just reversed the players. You're somewhere having a good time, and someone (you don't know) seeks you out and dedicates their day to following you around and telling you they are not having a good time. Say you are enjoying yourself at the space museum or some such... some cunt you don't know decides to spend the day with you pissing and moaning about how space is boring, it hasn't been exciting since the 60's, it cost too much and it's a total ripoff. That would definitely be a cunt One of my top 5 all-time fav bands was John Bush Anthrax. I used to post on their forums, trade with people etc. When Bush left the band, I stopped going to the fansite, because I wasn't a fan. I am not still there, 20k posts later bitching about how much better they were with Bush. If I posted there to this day, bitching about how bad Anthrax is, I would be (using your words) a cunt. I logged on to the site with the intention of sharing my experience at Hershey Park with other fans who enjoyed it, but what do I see? A bunch of crybabies who were not at the show explain how bad it was, how nobody likes them wah wah wah. There is a big difference between *discussing* things like the desire for new music vs. just plain griping. Diesel literally says there is nothing remotely interesting about the band. Logic dictates someone with no interest in Guns N' Roses should not be posting on a forum dedicated to something they are "not remotely" interested in.