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  1. Xbox Series X

    It's a weird time in gaming, console titles dominate sales, PC titles are on the rebound, and mobile gaming is surging and making the most money. It always seems like someone is "going to win" but so far, the market is there for 3 different approaches to gaming.
  2. Instead of a separate thread for "Your thoughts on..." every song, magazine article, show, radio interview, fan art, reference to GnR in popular culture that originally aired after 7PM on a Thursday, marriage, divorce, guitar chord, Paul Tobias shirt, Pittman sound effect, individual members favorite state bird(all 50 states AND Territories) and ANYTHING I'm ignorantly leaving out. It might be easier then making a "Your thought on" every gd thing in the world? Maybe a sub-forum "Think About You?" I could, like these threads, go on for days... Pretty sure we're getting trolled.
  3. Xbox Series X

    Yeah, it's something we see in games a lot. I hope it's at least close to what is being shown. I've always had a bee in my bonnet about consoles BSing on pre-release stuff, ever since 99 when I was managing a Babbage's looking for a real job after college. The internet wasn't what it is today, and there was SOOOO much misinformation about the PS2 and people would talk/ask me about it all the time because I was working in a videogame store. It was a purposeful move on Sony's part, even their reps would just straight out lie about the PS2 when they would visit the store. One of my favorite(most despised?) rumors I've mentioned before, the PS2 was so powerful, there was going to be a shortage because it's deliveries would need military escorts. If a bad actor got a hold of something as powerful as a PS2, it could take over entire countries... <------ that was a fucking thing. I think their most famous lie was "Toy Story 2 graphics" ***** Are there specs on this yet?
  4. Xbox Series X

    I'll tell you what my biggest concern is with what we are seeing from the new consoles, a lot of what is either being assumed/presented as in-game "real time" visuals isn't. Sony has a long track record of this, I'm not as sure about Microsoft but here's the bottom line: If you know PC hardware and console hardware, whatever is in the console is always a few years behind PC in raw power. The console version is ALWAYS well optimized, and looks and performs better than it's PC counterpart, but visuals that are unattainable on CURRENT PC hardware WILL NOT be attainable on a console released next year. I haven't looked it up yet, but the GPU in the next gen consoles will probably be the equivalent of the 9 or 10 series Nvidia chips, around 2020 of next year the 30 series should be out. The 30 series will probably be $1500 to $2k a card. You will not get anything that powerful in a $400-$800 console. There are visuals being shown (I didn't spend a lot of time on the XbX reveal posted here, but I've seen some PS ones) that are better than anything that is on the PC market. Those are bullshit. They won't happen. There is some admission of this when companies say they are "anticipating" more powerful tech, but WE KNOW that the GPU will HAVE to be a few gens old in order to be affordable, it's a bit disingenuous for their marketing to hide behind the "It might be invented by next year" line, because even if it was, it wouldn't be priced to go with a console. All tis being said, I'm still going to get one. All I'm saying is it won't look it does in the hype package.
  5. Resident evil 3

    Holy shit, April? I'm soooooo stoked for this game. Huge RE fan, reRE2 is my favorite remake of all time.
  6. I guess first come first serve is fair. I have copy from Humble Bundle and I already own it. I'll PM the key to whoever wants it. PS. This is legal and allowed by Humble Bundle, I don't need any of your info, I'll just send you a key.
  7. Mice

    It's something primal, mice skeeve me out and it's really nonsensical because I've had pets in the past that ate live mice.... A white mouse is like ezpz, but a live mouse in the wild and I'll jump on a fucking chair. If you REALLY want to be a dick, the good sized have-a-heart traps (ironically) are really fucked. They hold like 20 mice, so you throw a little bit of food in, and they come in, then eat each other. It's fucking mouse thunderdome. It's brutal.
  8. Deep down, as hard as it might be to believe, famous people are actually people, just like you or I. Axl got to live a dream doing the Axl/DC thing.
  9. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    It's classic or it isn't. Beatles songs don't get worse because they aren't releasing new music.
  10. Late Cycle Game Console Buying

    I'm like you on this. Once the new ones are announced, I can't bring myself to buy something I know will be outdated in a year. If I'm going to buy a console, I buy it when it's brand new. Occasionally, I'm able to flip the console and it will pay for itself. The PS3, GBX and the XBone were the 3 I reserved, then sold almost immediately for a markup. The Gameboy I actually sold in the mall after buying it, I did half a lap around the mall like a scalper "Need a Gameboy? Who needs a Gameboy?" 2000, 2001? idk, it was "the gift" sold it for $500. It's a solid excuse to reserve a console that you don't "need." There is a good chance you can sell it immediately for a handsome profit.
  11. Video Games You Never Finished

    I used to be a completionist, growing up with Atari then Nintendo, games were not as easy to get, so when I did, I played the fuck out of them, even when I didn't like them that much. These days, there are so many games, I have almost 400 on Steam alone and I have like a 30% completion average. I still pass any game with a run through of 20 hours or so (unless I hate it) but all of the mega games, like GTA, Morrowind, etc, I almost never complete them. My list would take multiple posts!
  12. Solutions

    +1 (I am now one step closer to 3k, yes!)
  13. Solutions

    dude, I consider myself Active and I think I joined in 2006, I have less than 2500 posts, fuck a 3k requirement, that's ridiculous and will just lead to mass spam. I see a 3k requirement, and that tells me I have to post "lol" or "Good point" 500 fucking times. Not that it matters anyway, this persons/persons infiltrates everything eventually. Some people trusted in the community are obviously helping them, probably for some unreleased shit, or simply because they enjoy trolling and watching the forums fucking react every time they tell you to jump. The point is, it's not a simple solution, because a 3k wall or even a 1k wall is going to piss off legit users and it's all going to get reported anyway.
  14. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    You're slightly older than me, I was 16 in 90. I'm sure the first one I heard was WTTJ, but I oddly do not remember getting the album or how I'd heard of the band. It changed my musical taste forever, prior to AFD, my favorite albums were Hysteria, Slippery When Wet and Licensed to Ill.
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    Not for nothing, but is there a chance that these wouldn't happen so frequently and vigorously if we didn't talk about it all the time? Trolls need attention to live. Why would they ever stop getting shit pulled when they can see real time reactions here as soon as they do? This person is a legend because of threads like this. This is some of the most total and complete domination of a community by a troll that I have ever seen in my entire life. I understand an accept that there may be a knee jerk reaction of "fuck you dude!" because this is an emotionally charged issue, and if you happen to be someone feeling said reaction, take a deep breath and honestly ask yourself if you believe in your heart of hearts that the situation would be exactly as it is now had there been NO REACTION whatsoever? Maybe if we didn't incessantly jump when we were told, this person(s) would have fixated on something else. Just a thought.
  16. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Hey, thanks again. This was the catalyst to me playing more, because the FPS was bothering me and I kept fucking with it and not really getting into the game. Quick question for anyone who has played: 1. Do I have to "sleep?" It mentions sleep in loading menus, but I can't figure out how to do it. 2. Do I have to actually donate straight up money to the camp? Or is that taken care of when I donate something like an animal skin and it says it's worth $1.00 or whatever?
  17. Red Dead Redemption 2

    That is 100% incorrect for me personally. I feel like I should be able to run it at higher levels based on my rig being pretty elite, BUT I am also an FPS whore, so any dips below 60 bother me overly much. The mix of mostly high and a few medium settings gets me there, and it still looks great. Thanks for this, it actually did help, and allowed me to bump textures up to ultra.
  18. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm debating how to answer about performance... I can't get decent frames on Ultra without occasional stuttering. I moved almost everything to "High" and a few settings at medium and it's a much smoother experience. It still looks GREAT, but I feel like it might need a few more optimization patches. This is the first game my new computer can't max out. The not being bothered part is a lot of it, that is well said. When I was younger, I'd dive right in, but now I'm just like man... This seems like a lot that I'll never finish. I will definitely keep trying to get into it. What you are saying is encouraging. It sounds like it's worth it.
  19. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Anyone else who picked this up for PC having any problems getting into it? It seems almost "too big" and daunting. I'm having trouble getting that initial momentum to get hooked in. I'm not really sure how to explain it... Maybe its just being older, since I got into the first one easy enough... The last time I had this feeling about a game it was Skyrim. Ps. Goat, @Oldest Goat I bought it directly from Rockstar, instead of EGS.
  20. Secret revealed. Dizzy was always in the band. It's dizzy on triangle. OR somebodies Hotpockets (Probably Steven's) finished in the microwave.
  21. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    The movie was bad enough to trigger me. It's laughable when people get triggered, more so when it's just over a movie. It's laughable that I was triggered.
  22. Red Dead Redemption 2

    In a nutshell, Valve/Steam is a $1.5b juggernaut has/had a monopoly on PC games. If you game on a PC, you do it via Steam. A competitor has emerged in a company called Epic and they have about 12 games on a 6 month exclusive. They paid Developers money to have exclusive rights to sell some dozen or so games for 6 months before they can be sold on Steam. A lot of people are having a meltdown because they like having all of their games on one launcher and it's basically a nuclear pissing war between the people that hate Epic and the people that just see it as another store. I, much like you, LOVED the idea of having physical games in my possession, but that is not a thing in the realm of PC gaming. Even if you buy a game in the store, you cannot install it without using Steam. Many people don't know this, but when you buy a physical copy of the game, all that matters is the key. You can't install off of the disc only, AND, if you never pop the disc in your PC and simply type the key in, it loads exactly the same. The disc is a cosmetic prop with no value at all. I have always HATED Valve for taking away my ownership of the games I buy and eliminating hard copies from relevancy. In other words, if Steam was console based, when you popped in your SFII cart, you'd have to validate through Steam, or not play it.
  23. idk, I still doubt that Hard School was anything but a smart/insider trolling. This had been in the vault for like 20 years, I find it hard to believe it magically was relevant right after leaking. The leak wasn't widespread or popular enough to warrant it being played, there are like 10k people that even know what it is. On the other hand, putting it on a fake set list is EXACTLY what I would do to fuck with those 10k people if I was in the inner circle. People jump to "But the rest of the list is accurate." and to that I reply "Bingo." it would have been a terrible troll that failed miserably if it was all fake songs. The best trolls are plausible.
  24. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    I finally saw this movie, and I thought it was terrible! I rolled my eyes at lines or scenes 5 times after I actually started counting how many eye roll moments I experienced. Earlier in this thread, I was skeptical about the movie after the first trailer because it sounded like it was going to be a global warming lecture, and I am pleased to say it was NOT. Sadly, the actual story just alternated between nonsensical and cringe. For example the interaction early on with the Monarch team and Godzilla on that oil rig/Monarch base was completely nonsensical, and the very end of the scene with Godzilla looking into the eyes of the male protagonist was soooo cringe. Godzilla dating Mothra or WTFever they were trying to say their special relationship was... was dumb as fuck. I avoid the hell out of spoilers, so my only real hint that it wasn't that great was that it seemed to only be in the theaters for a pretty short time, I've since seen it was rated on average about a 6/10. That seems about right for me. While I thought the plot and story was remarkably dumb, I could forgiven all of that if the monster fights were more frequent and cooler. Even when there were monster fights, they weren't that great. I think one scene kind of summed up the entire movie for me: I am laughably triggered by how bad this movie was. I made popcorn, used my home theater which I rarely turn on and was so excited to watch it. I think it was less than 5 minutes in when I vocalized my thought of "Oh no." out loud in an empty room because something happened that was so hokey that I knew I was in for a bad ride. I really hope this didn't end the possibility of a new King Kong Vs. Godzilla. Hopefully with a different director and writer, though.