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  1. we live in a computer simulation

    Isnt there a massive public misunderstanding of this "double slit experiment" thats sort of ran astray? I almost fell into the trap myself, because I'd heard of this "observation changes matter" fact being told as science fact so many times, but I looked into it more and found out that it's not as mind boggling and magical as it's made out to be. Basically, Everyone seems to say that simply the act of observing these particles/waves in this experiment changes their state, implying that our consciousness Is having an effect on the waves/particles, but that isnt true. It is not the act of observing that changes the state of the particles/waves, it is the act of measuring that changes their state. We are changing the state of the waves/particles by measuring what's happening. That's about as far as my understanding goes really, it's been a long time since I read about it, but it's unreal how this misconception has spread and grown arms and legs.
  2. Loudest show you've been to

    For me, it would be when i seen Turbonegro Seen them at King Tuts in glasgow and jesus christ were they loud, especially the vocals. Was a shame cause it made it harder to actually enjoy them.
  3. Oasis

    They're the best. I can never understand how underrated Headshrinker is! It's an absolute belter. A pure, fast paced rock n roller. If you haven't heard it for a long time or never even heard it, listen to it, turn it up and enjoy. Liam belts out the vocals. The guitars, the drums, are brilliant. And It's a proper driving song. Its such a good feeling, leaving work on a friday afternoon, blasting Headshrinker on the drive home