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    Amsterdam-best place on earth to get high!!!
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    This world is too fucked up and there's no much I give a fuck about it....Very few things are still good on this earth.....First one is that we still got DRUGS,without it life would be real shit and we couldn't even have a way to escape it for a while....Than I got the MUSIC (G n'R,The Doors,Evanescence,Metallica,Iron Maiden,Dire Straights,Pear Jam,The Cult,Aerosmith, Rolling Stones.....),living without it would be as living in hell....Since I bought it I became addicted to my PC especially because with it I can get all those info's and pics of AXL ROSE,that's as heaven for me..... Also I need my Play Station 2 and play few matches on Tekken5 everyday,I found out it's a great way to get rid of anger and agression......All my friends already made me aware of it I'M A DIFFERENT KIND OF GIRL.....is the best compliment I ever got.....

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