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    This might be the wrong place to ask this but I couldn't find any other related thread...As a Christmas present my mom juat bought me the premium Nighttrain membership with all the stuff...does anyone know how quickly it comes?
  2. Even thought the festival shows in 2018 are part of NITL does that revenue count towardsthe tour gross? How does that work...if so and look8ng at the current wikipedia numbers where they are at $430 I think they will surely beat Acdc's $441 but they might be right under Waters but still fucking awesome
  3. Um ok? Still soundsway too absurd to be the name of a stadium. Not knowing that made it seem like thwre was just a random adjective there lol
  4. Wait a fucking minute..is that Arena REALLY called the KFC YUM! Center???
  5. Did they really play catcher? How did it sound? How isn't there NOT a 50 page thread dissecting it?
  6. Anyone know the dimensions and measurements of the lithos. I'm out looking for a frame and I have the wells Fargo one and it's 18 x 24 and another Philly one but don't know the measurements --- they all the same?
  7. So i got print 221 put of 300 for those Rocky/GNR mashup so I'm happy as a clam. I had a great time. My highlight was to be honest "I feel good" And TWAT and Madagascar purely on the fact that I feel like they were given to us as a city as all still sort of making up for the riot in 2002. Were they perfect? Nah but could they be now that they got it out of the gate? Definitely.

    Correct Me If I'm Wrong But they are srill doing the limited edition poster for each city right?
  9. I kinda love there is no opener. Also where on the site does it say a DJ?
  10. I don't get the numbers now. Today in see8ng articles that this leg of US ranked in $50 million and that they crossed the $300 million mark for the tour. Didn't the tour make like $350 last year when they calculated it? How the fuck did it go back? Can someone explain that to me.....its gotta be in the $500 million mark now. I'm a freak with numbers and this kind of shit so these reports are really urking me lol

    So i never wait in line for anything or camp out, etc but I had nothing to do, didn't have to be at work til noon, so as an early bday gift for my gf I woke up at 745, showered, grabbed an apple and energy drink, walked to my GameStop 15 min away and at 815 got there and there was 8 people in front of me. Someone said an employee said there was 24 so 8 was in the clear. Around 915 the employees put a price of paper on the door saying they onky had 11 to sell lol. I was 9. I was so happy it was worth it....It's awesome. I've owned mostly every other system EXCEPT Snes so it's all new and awesome to me lol. Anyone else snag one?
  12. Does anyone here know when the MERCH trailers that chill outside usually open? I live close by so I was figuring i get some stuff then go back home and drop it off.
  13. Polls: Best/Worst GN'R Rock in Rios

    I honstly forgot 2006 happened. And that's when he was playing the shit out of Chinese songs. Yet i voted for 2001 JUST for pue spectacle and balls it had for Guns n roses to even exist then LET ALONE as that incarnation. 2011 has my vote for the other. Fat axl meme AND not good vocal performance Trump anything as a bad omen for a GNR fan

    Mayor may not be the best place to ask this. - but does anyone know when Merch stands usually open before the show? I like like a subwayvrode away from the stadium so I figured I could go early, grab whatever, take subway home so I don't have to hold on to whatever I bought then back to show