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  1. Pretty cool achievement
  2. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    So the way i worked it out is that they have 13 shows left (i looked on here so dont remmeber if the newly added mexico show was on there)..... lets just say the average show length between all them is just 3 hours (obv ballpark) 13 shows times 3 hours average = 39 hours of music. They have to play 39 more hours of music and thats the END of this MONSTER ASS tour. Theres no way they can stretch this out any longer. What im syaing is that the countdown to the end is a bit exciting. Like wtf are they actually going to DO when its done? (please save me the easy joke of "duh - nothing") And I know alot of people dont care about this but id like to see in the end how it actually racks up in the HIGHEST GROSSING TOURS OF ALL TIME list. Im going to be buying the super deluxe of appetite soon so im pretty excited for that as well. As an added bonus, i absolutely LOVE slash's solo stuff, like some of those riffs are amazing. With all the sort of 'enlightenment' in his life thats happened in the past 3 years i cant wait to hear the next SATC album.
  3. Which do you guys prefer from the Super Deluxe? Honestly the more I listen to it on spotify I REALLY like the acoustic, borderline love it. It's got a great flow, all the performances are top notch.
  4. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    I feel like I've been waiting almost 2 years for this. PLEASE @Dexter, unleash your hellfire.
  5. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    You're a king
  6. Weirdly it when I finally settled in to listen to all this on spotify I chose to start off with this and I agree holy shit it's fucking sick. This and the super speed version of SOYL blew me away.
  7. people have actually played the cassate on here right? is it the same stuff from trocolli (sorry if i messed the name up) "helped" us with a few months back? Sorry if this has ben asked...i just thing its so amazaing there a hidden thing
  8. Not sure if anyone knows this but if you use the hashtags #appetitefordestruction #gunsnroses #GnFnR on Twitter there is an axl skull emoji that appears
  9. Where is Don’t Cry?

  10. Am I being a moron right now? Is it now in the US spotify? I cane home tried to play on my ps4 and it's no where on here
  11. ive been at work all day and have been seeing eveyrones reactions to it being on spotify and i cant wait to check it out myself and just ignore lifes shitty curveballs and zone out for a bit
  12. dam this is good...only thing im glad they altered was the "again and again"...maybe because ive heard the original a billion times in my life it just seems like it doesnt fit even for a song in its infancy. cant wait to get the super deluxe editon.
  13. I just showed that pic to my gf, she took her headphones off, looked at it, looked at me, then put them back in.....i think she's in lol
  14. So this is me not really asking for it for myself but how have people heard the legit version? Was it on YouTube for a hot second?
  15. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I vaguely remember this stuff but I don't think I ever knew he tried to to dissolve it in 2010. Very interesting. I'll just have it ask DEXTER next time he's online