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  1. I got the Hartford lithograph this Christmas since it was the show I went to. The not in this lifetime lithos are awesome. I was never into individual show artwork until this tour. It reminded me of Flyer I bought in 2001 for the 01-01-01 vegas show. I finally found it after digging through boxes I put away s long time ago. Does anyone know if this official from the band or not?
  2. I thought the band and axl sounded great. His voice was way better live than how it comes across in the videos. Slash was the star of the show though. The setlist was great. I’m not a huge Chinese democracy fan but really liked the bands take on them. I usually skip This I love but thought it was one of the best songs last night. Slash makes it sound like a classic gnr song. Nightrain and welcome to the jungle were the highlights for me. Patience was also great. I thought the crowd was a little lame people seemed more interested in recording on their phone than getting fired up and getting into the show. It was definitely worth it and the best gnr show I have been to since I was too young to see them in 1988
  3. 10/12/17 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center

    They played twat before the encore? That's interesting. Did replace anything in the main setlist?
  4. Does anyone think they will replace the seeker since The Who is opening? Is it normally part of The Who's setlist? Maybe they will collaborate on that song if it is played
  5. The lithos are great for this tour. Did they always do them for each show or was that something they only did for the NITL tour? I would love to get one from previous shows I've been to like the 2002 msg show or 2006 Hammerstein if they exist.
  6. 09/06/17 - El Paso, TX - Sun Bowl Stadium

    Anyone hear today's soundcheck? Curious if there were any hints as to the "new" songs
  7. Does anyone know who the opening band is for this show? I splurged and got floor seats for this show. Tickets were way cheaper than NYC or Boston. I saw them in Vegas at the house of blues, and then at msg in 02 and again at the Hammerstein ball room... but never got to see the real band. Can't wait to finally se them with slash and duff.