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  1. 7 minutes ago, allwaystired said: You're right. All those countries, governments and health organisations are overreacting. No worries guys! In other news- the German health minister has just stated that all events over 1000 capacity should be cancelled. No idea if this will come to fruition though of course.
  2. Mortality rate in italy is about 3%. I couldn’t find details on the people in my 2 minute google search but I assume most of those deaths are in the same demographic that the flu is fatal to. I’m struggling to see a statistical difference from the flu that the world deals with every year.
  3. Do a little research on those deaths. Did you go to sporting events or concerts during flu season last year?
  4. What does politics have to do with this? The mortality rate will be about 1%. The majority of the deaths have been elderly or people with preexisting conditions... Just like the flu. Over 10k people in the US die from the flu each year. Strange they don’t cancel every event during flu season every year.
  5. This seems like the most over blown, media driven hysteria of our lifetime. The mortality rate is the same as the standard flue. CNN etc keep pushing the narrative but the facts don’t support their ridiculous fear mongering. I never bought the “mass media is biased” narrative until now. CNN’s treatment of the coronavirus is borderline scandalous. Updating every day with a blaring headline about a disease that is completely harmless to healthy people under 70 simply because fear leads to clicks is outrageous.
  6. Think she covered some skid row hits too. Not sure if it was remember you or youth gone wild
  7. I happened to be watching when GNR came on. The band sounded great but axl was horrendous. No way that performance will get any new fans. It was cringeworthy. Reminded me of Vince Neil clips. I saw them in 2018 Thought it was a good show. You don’t notice what you do watching sitting at home on your couch. I thought it was really bad. Slash was great though and looked cool. Axl needs to just be a studio musician. He looked and sounded completely ridiculous
  8. Old School Tix

    Great story. Not the best pic but it’s from the 01-01-01 vegas show. Wish I got to see them in the 80s/early 90s though https://ibb.co/BzMtdjj can’t figure out how to post a pic
  9. I was there. Best part was having no idea what to expect. I was nervous they might not even show up. The internet was still sort of new so there were no leaks etc. we knew slash and duff weren't in the band but didn’t really know anything about bucket head. I remember waiting in line for a while and completely missed New Years because think the doors opened at 1am. They didn’t go on until like 4am. Opening notes of welcome to the jungle was insane. I remember just jumping around about 2 rows back where general admission was for the whole show. I remember thinking Live and let die was really good for some reason. The blues was my favorite new track. It sounded like something off of the illusions albums the first time heard it. Axl sitting on the piano and the welcome back chant was also a highlight. Only lowlight for me was bucket heads stupid nunchuck solo. It was day light by the time the show ended.
  10. Wow! Who would have guessed that 2019 axl was 1992 Beck guitar tech. Amazing
  11. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    I would have guessed that since they just played austin they would have played locomotive instead of coma. Would never expect many changes from last week but that seemed like a logical swap
  12. Thanks for all the info. Is this correct? The only unheard/unreleased songs with vocals that have been leaked so far are: Atlas Shrugged Perhaps Hard School State of Grace Eye on You any others? How many unheard songs from these demos with vocals have yet to leak? Zodiac, Quick song, any others?
  13. Great call on Riad. It this is def the best version. This leak is really bringing me back to 2001 when I made my own greatest hits cd and included the blues, Maddy from rock in rio and the riad from audience recording from the house of blues .. great stuff
  14. Wow. Impressed by Atlas and Perhaps also my favorite version of the blues and catcher. I really wish slash and Duff take a turn with Atlas. It still sounds like there is an awkward transition during the song. I love the beginning though. Sounds exactly how and evolving GNR should have sounded back in 2000. Songs like Better would have been a perfect on a follow up album to even further progress their sound. Nothing will ever beat AFD in my opinion... but this would have been a great album back in early 2000s
  15. I don’t like the Mac daddy part but I could see this being a current day hit if he collaborated with a popular dj like Calvin Harris to make that part something less cheesey. I like the vocals in this one though