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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the South Africa one too
  2. I’m actually from Westerly... the fact this is national news is mind boggling and embarrassing. The republican senator is an idiot for responding.. or even caring what the restaurants views are. I don’t agree with impeaching the president. I think it’s a stupid position.. but I also couldn’t care less that Amigos sold those shirts. Anyone offended by a tee shirt must have mental problems. It’s usually the liberals who have so much faux outrage. I won’t vote for Elian Morgan again
  3. would anyone that is going to this show mind picking up an extra litho? My brothers wife is from Derbin and I want this for a Christmas gift (maybe a late one) for him. It’s not going on eBay to flip. Please PM me if are going and interested in working something out. Thanks
  4. I generally don’t like complaining on here or be negative about what GnR does... but I made the mistake of clicking on the holloween merch e-mail and can only shake my head... who would actually buy one of these shirts? They are the cheesiest designs I’ve seen yet.. have to be an inside joke or something “Welcome to the patch” ???? Come on guys. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/halloween-2018/products/melting-skull-pumpkin-t-shirt Pumpkins instead of roses... https://gnrmerch.com/collections/halloween-2018/products/pumpkin-explosion-t-shirt
  5. would love to comment on this if heard it. is it on youtube?
  6. last time a bunch of leaks surfaced back in 2006... they were all featured in the set list. songs that no one heard of like Better etc.. I remember the hammerstein show playing just about all of the recently leaked songs. ... so who knows maybe they will play OMG. think it’s an odd choice for an alternate to begin with unless it’s reworked by the current band
  7. the house of blues and Rio versions of the blues were my favorites. is this leak similar to those? always wanted a studio version of the blues from that era.... although “okay never mind” sort of became part of the song for me since i listened to the rio version so much back then
  8. wow this is incredible... i would love to get to see this. I was at the show. it was amazing. i remember really liking the blues. was great hearing a new guns song for the first time. it actually sounded like an old school Guns song. one of the best parts of the show was axel sitting on the piano and the crowd chanting “welcome back”. the buckethead numbchuck solo was the low point by far, i remember trying to order tge DVD off of a japanese website back in 01 or 02... still waiting on that delivery
  9. interesting stuff. i always wanted to hear a studio version of silk worms. hopefully i can track it down. from the sounds of everyone’s comments OMG is similar to the End of Days release. i’m very interested to see the current bands take on that song. was cool to see it as an alt on the setlist
  10. I got the Hartford lithograph this Christmas since it was the show I went to. The not in this lifetime lithos are awesome. I was never into individual show artwork until this tour. It reminded me of Flyer I bought in 2001 for the 01-01-01 vegas show. I finally found it after digging through boxes I put away s long time ago. Does anyone know if this official from the band or not?