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  1. Nope. The odd decent one’s ok but far too many of them as of late
  2. Studio Axl can’t be beat, vocally speaking. Live is live. Studio’s a lot different and Axl will always be able to do that. I see No reason why they couldn’t punch out one last Awesome GNR album. Should be zero shortage of material stashed away in Axls mysterious vault. And with all of them contributing, a triple GNR album, isn’t really something out of reach for them to do. Especially if they could ever get Izzy in there on it. That would be the ultimate kick-ass thing to happen. Might be a super long shot but, never say never...
  3. Wtf?? Slash with a mustache, shorter hair, one eye and a smoke dangling out of his mouth??? Weird...
  4. Is Axl wearing a leather back brace or is that his belt and gun holsters??
  5. Overall, it was incredibly good and tight. Axl too. I personally believe and think, he really does have a built-in, full-on raspy Axl switch he flicks on and off at will. Probably the bad show nights like pro-shot RiR, he’s in a bad shitty mood for whatever reason and his heart’s just not into it. Just a theory of mine. As far as TWAT goes, it’s a good album song. Not really a good live tune. Tempo doesn’t fit with the flow of the set very well. iRS on the other hand?? I’d take a live iRS over TWAT any day of the year...
  6. Not sure about the black patch but I’m loving the new intro vid!! A Lot!!! 😎👍🏻
  7. Well, at least Axl owned it, like a champ!! 😎👍🏻
  8. I love Shacklers Revenge!! Awesome live too!!! 👍🏻🤓
  9. Great Pics!!! 👍🏻 😎
  10. Axl’s CD letter

    Well written stuff. The Rhiad part's a bit disturbing if true...
  11. The last bunch of shows before RiR '17 were killer for the most part so you're blowing things out of proportion. I was hoping Rio would kick-ass too but shit happens. Maybe Axl caught a bad cold? Nobody knows except for them
  12. Seems like there's a heck of a lot more whiners on this forum than their used to be. I've been coming here since around 1998 and the negativity has just gotten progressively worse as the years have gone by. Axl's only human folks and in his fifties. Cut the dude some slack. He's not a God...
  13. Those were very quiet years my friend. That Brain one was pretty cool. Thanks for the link. Haven't read it in quite awhile
  14. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I think they should just go for it and release new music. Do it while they still can. It will be epic if they do!!
  15. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    That's cool!! 👍😎