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  1. Boxscore

    I just read on Alternative Nation about the total grossing of the tour: https://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-unbelievable-money-earned-since-2016-revealed/ Guns N’ Roses’ Not In This Lifetime tour recently wrapped up after two and a half years in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Pollstar reports that it is the second-highest-grossing tour of all time, having generated an estimated $562 million since it began in April 2016. According to Pollstar, Guns N’ Roses topped $82 million in sales during 2018 alone, having grossed an average of $3.7 million per show over the course of the 24-date run.
  2. Boxscore

    With technology and musicianship as well. Watching U2 live is like another dimension, Bono takes the stage and is like being in a movie, fucking awesome!!!
  3. Boxscore

    Can't wait to see the final numbers. Hopefully that article is right and at least they will rank at #3 and beat Coldplay. U2 is the best band live for sure so they deserve de #1 spot and that 360° tour which i witnessed in Wembley in 2009 was amazing. They and GnR are my two favorite bands, but seeing U2 live recently, anyone can say that they are a million years ahead of Guns n' Roses. Even Bono's voice is the best i heard him live since 1993. We know Axl's story with his voice.
  4. Axl will tour again with AC/DC!! **Rumor**

    Because Brian is singing in the studio again. An Axl record with AC/DC would have been EPIC!!
  5. Yeah i know it was 200 for the Monterrey concert. What i meant with my question was if they only made 200 for each concert or only for Monterrey ?
  6. My lithograph form the Monterrey concert has the #145 / 200. How many lithos were made per concert, only 200?
  7. Hi guys and sorry if this doesn't belong here. But i wanted to share with you that while i was at the hotel in Monterrey (I live in Costa Rica) trying to meet the band, i talked for a bit to a crew member and he told me that even though Axl is not recording with them at the studio he will be touring again. I told the guy, "but he is not recording the new AC/DC album" and he said "It doesn't matter, he will help them again, that's his favourite band". So there you go. Also asked him if he has heard about new music and he said that haven't heard anything but everybody is hoping for a new album. Cheers!!
  8. I was at the show. This i Love was terrible like very very bad!! I enjoyesd the show a lot though. I'm happy
  9. What is this song?
  10. I thought the same when i heard the first track. If you add Axl's vocals to that song, it would be epic!!
  11. The Ulrich Schnauss Incident

    Just to clarify! The acoustic show was in Costa Rica. I was the one that asked Ron to play for a few of us some acoustic songs. First we went up to his hotel room where he read the communication of the cancellation of the show. He played some songs while we were in his hotel room and i was the only one asking for Chinese Democracy songs, one of them being Madagascar. Believe me he didn't play Riad that day. Then we went to the parking lot of the hotel because we were making too much noise in the room. We were there like for an hour or two i don't remember clearly. It was an amazing experience that helped a little bit with the frustration of the cancellation of the show. I have a lot of videos of this acoustic performance. Edit: I just noticed it was played for fans in Brazil. That was before Costa Rica.
  12. I love Slash but this is generic and boring!!!
  13. What an AMAZING show!! Damn, the energy, the sound, the songs, everything. Axl's voice is fucking epic and Silkworms is mind blowing.
  14. Song is #9 this week on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks!! https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-mainstream-rock-tracks