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  1. I'm a musician myself. Just released my album #8. I don't understand how Axl can live as a musician for decades and not release music. The creative process of making something new, trying to find that amazing sound, putting out your emotions in music is the greatest feeling in the world. Everybody in Gn'R releases music on their side projects. Everybody but Axl. It's too bad that such a talent is wasted because of his insecurity, perfectionism and most of all laziness. Musicians keeps releasing new music, trying to get better and better but Axl is fucked up in the head.
  2. Remember the rumour that Slash was recording in Axl's house last weekend. Maybe something negative happened and Axl fucked things up again. This is sad news indeed!!
  3. Yes, Waters is pro Maduro 100%!! And yes, also Trump will free Venezuela from those murderers. I didn't lilke Trump when he became president bu now his government is helping us big time. So all venezuelans like him. And no, we can't get out of Maduro without the intervention. The military is with him and they are the only ones that can do it. Las tuesday everybody, even interim president Guaido thought that the leader of the military, Vladimir Padrino was going to get MAduro out. At the end it was all a lie and we are fucked up again. The intervention is near, hopefully. Thanks for the support my friend!!
  4. I hate Roger Water with all my heart. I from Venezuela and live in Costa Rica. People in my country is literally eating from the trash can on the streets. There are no medicines, no money, no food. People is being murdered by the dictator and his gang. We are living an apocalypse. We are working hard and risking our lives on freeing the country one and for all. Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America and they stole everything. So fucking Roger Waters defends the dictator and says that everything in Venezuela is perfect, everybody is living happy and well. If somebody is in favor of the dictator he is in favor of murdering innocent people. I'm glad i never liked Pink Floyd.
  5. I've seen U2 five times. They are my favorite band along with GnR. And i must say U2 is the best fucking band live. Bono is a performance master. He makes you fell like you are in a movie. They make you cry, make you laugh, scream. Too many emotions on a single concert. U2 forever!!!
  6. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Slash said in an interview that there won't be a dvd for the tour. It fucking sucks. This band never releases anything and there is just one person to blame, Axl Rose!!! The second high grossing tour ever and not a dvd
  7. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?