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  1. Look i found the Al Weird's box in my basement hahaha now i just need to burn some cdrs with that guy singing shitty covers and that's it. What an original idea. No wonder the grammys went down hill LOL I bought it for $450. Of course $1000 is insane, not only for L&L but for any box of any artist.
  2. Only the music, as well as Al Weird's "music" in the box. Besides the music L&L has many awesome things, including the cassette. There is no fucking comparison. If i was to buy Al Weird's box just for that fucking accordion design i would buy a real accordion.
  3. No, the only thing that was available for years was the music as well as Al Weird's music in the box. Besides that the L&L content is fucking amazing. And yes i meant parodies. To me it's not funny or cool to listen to parodies of another artist, it makes me sleepy. So yes, L&L is a million times superior than the accordion one haha
  4. Couldn't care less for a bunch of "cover" songs making fun of other songs. Not a fan at all. Won't change my mind, i love the L&L box. The only thing i would add to that box would be a full concert. Also all those Al Weird albums can be found for free all over the internet. So yes i prefer like some people say "over priced stuff" (not so much for me, i bought the box for $445) than a bunch of cds that every fan of that guy already have Well each to his own i guess. Speaking of boxes, the best content of any box ever is this one: 6 cds and 4 dvds among a lot of other things. U2 rocks!!
  5. No way. It has all the albums and some bsides? Guns box is huge and has many more items. Again i couldn't care less for that accordion replica. I love the way the L&L is built, with the drawers and the cross. Well congrats to Al Weird i guess haha
  6. No way Al Weird box is better than the one from Gn'R. It only comes with music and a book. And i couldn't care less for that accordion replica
  7. The truth, and the end.

    Yeah this situation sucks major balls!! Of course Team Brazil and co is to blame. Question aside, does anyone here have the That Metal Show interview with Axl and Cashba? I would love to see it again but can't find it anywhere
  8. I just received my box here in Costa Rica!! Haven't opened it yet, but i will soon and i am very happy
  9. How can you be so sure? Probably there will be more boxes in amazon, ebay, etc. but not too cheap you know. Either way i'm really happy i got it a $445. Can't wait until next week to have it in my hands.
  10. Just checked and there are only 80 boxes left on the american store. Thank God i bought mine a few days ago. It will ship to Costa Rica, next monday or tuesday. Can't wait!!!
  11. And not yet this episode in high quality, damn!!!
  12. Yes this guy is full of shit. AXL/DC was the best Axl vocals since the 90s!!!
  13. I bought it last night!! I'm really happy, can't wait to have it in my hands
  14. Axl's talking voice is amazing. I have always loved his talking voice!!!
  15. Lol. Thanks for the info!!