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  1. It's tough to see axl like this. Caving to the pc culture and crowd that he seems to support and belong to. I've said it before and will say it again, been to dozens of gnr shows over the years, it's deplorables like myself who support you and overwhelming attend your shows. I don't see the likes of Clinton, Obama, and Kerry there. Now that us gen xers have grown up and our in our 40s, we tend to protest with our wallets. Remember that the next time you come to town and charge hundreds of dollars for a show with the same set list you had the previous year or charge close to 200 dollars for shadow of your love. Good luck pal.
  2. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

    I'll pass. No need to see him hand out presents again, while doing a nunchuck show between ear bleeding solos.
  3. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Sirius just linked up, get your popcorn ready
  4. Nah, I want my serial killers to own it. That's what made him. Evil personified.
  5. Perhaps the best one so far, that is awesome.
  6. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    Great show as usual, please no c.d. in encore, goes over like a lead balloon.
  7. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    T minus 55 hours and counting....
  8. GNR on SiriusXM Ch. 41 Opinions?

    Other than stern, it's the only other channel I listen to. Hope they keep it.
  9. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Yesterday was border line epic, sounded awesome
  10. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    Got my citi card pass tickets today, seems only balcony available