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  1. whats the point of this? axl sounds awful, the band is a joke, i don't get it
  2. They mentioned "alfred" was a guest at the AFD podcast, so not sure why the name was changed.
  3. Coma is in my top 5 favorite songs (not just GNR songs). The outro is the best outro I've heard, so powerful.
  4. I thought that mic stand didn't come into play until the UYI tour...?
  5. I'd pay $1000 to Axl to cover the legal fees in order for him to transfer anything post 1997 to his own band name, including CD, reprint the album under this new band name, so that we can all forget this happened under the GNR brand.
  6. Yup, they dropped Civil War for the Skin N' Bones tour btw, last time it was played in the UYI was in Auckland, New Zealand.
  7. Because he was 25 years younger. Its like asking 25 years from now how come Ronaldo or Messi had some much energy in 2018. Aside from that, those UYI songs were 2 years old in 1993.
  8. This. I was going to comment that if this board was around on 1993 a bunch of us would be shitting on this show... "OH MY GOD, SIMILAR SET LIST.." "UGHH.. I HATE HOW THE GARDEN DOESN'T SOUND LIKE THE ALBUM"... "JEEZ DUFF CAN'T PLAY" This video is going to kick major ass when it comes out!
  9. I posted earlier in the thread we should all tweet and IG him about releasing the vault
  10. I'm going to look into creating a tracker, can't be that hard That Nice Boys video is INSANE! What a voice. I have an idea, why don't we use some cheesy # like #OpenTheVault or something, and tweet/istagram the band and fernando all at the same time. If we make enough noise they will notice
  11. Seriously! My wife looked at me weird when I told her that I'm going to have a beer and sit down for ~2 hours to watch a new, undiscovered GNR show from 1993. She was like "..wait, what? I don't get it"