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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/guns-n-roses-duff-mckagan-preps-2019-solo-album-763459/
  2. They sound good. Man, GNR really missed the opportunity of having Sorum on the NITL, he would have taken the band to a whole new level.
  3. Seriously, is that two ramps going into the audience?
  4. CD era was Axl with a glorified cover band
  5. This guy sounds better than Axl today. There I said it.
  6. whats the point of this? axl sounds awful, the band is a joke, i don't get it
  7. They mentioned "alfred" was a guest at the AFD podcast, so not sure why the name was changed.
  8. Coma is in my top 5 favorite songs (not just GNR songs). The outro is the best outro I've heard, so powerful.
  9. I thought that mic stand didn't come into play until the UYI tour...?
  10. I'd pay $1000 to Axl to cover the legal fees in order for him to transfer anything post 1997 to his own band name, including CD, reprint the album under this new band name, so that we can all forget this happened under the GNR brand.