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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    It will be after his death, sad to say, but I guessing his family + TB will milk that cow
  2. And from 1993 to 2015ish and from 2017 to 2020
  3. I was trying to get tickets for Miami up until 7:00pm that night, and Stubhub and Ticketmaster had VERY few seats available in the lower level, all over $200. I'm assuming the promoters saved a lot of seats and they were never given out or resellers where not able to sell them for profit. I actually talked to a reseller at around 6:30pm and offered him $100 and said he would rather throw the ticket to the trash than to sell it at a loss
  4. Larger Than Life... insert fat Axl joke here a;lsdfjao3i2roaf ds hahahah I had to do it. No, I don't care that he's fat, move on.
  5. To be fair only a few bands do that now. Most major productions are mainly the same set every night
  6. Go to https://www.instagram.com/meeganhodges/ from your phone and click on the stories and select Watch Live.
  7. Alright, there are some "affordable" tixs still available. I'm close to Miami, should I waste my money on this one? I'm torn because I already saw NITL twice, if I get the same show I'll be pissed, if I get a new song and don't go I'll be pissed. HELP
  8. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    Where did Jarmo confirm it?
  9. This is going to be a full GNR show, its an arena show with GNR production. I predict a 3hr set as usual.
  10. lol good one. Someone did pull the trigger a few mins after I posted this and I missed out.
  11. Im in Miami. $230 for a decent seat, same seat is going for $275+fees on Ticketmaster. Do I pull the trigger?
  12. Ok, after years seeing this, I have to ask... WHERE IS THIS FROM?
  13. No, the music is what's on UYI. The lyrics is the only thing different.
  14. I'm very excited about theses two, I heard them. Amazing sound, and hopeful that more SBD recording will be released soon!
  15. Not sure if PC was an opener back in the 80s while they were starting, but PC was never an opener post 1990