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  1. I got to say that interviewing Tracy and Roberta would be awesome, would love to hear lots of UYI tour stories
  2. My favorite part of the UYI tour was the '92 era, clothing changes, backup singers etc, but '93 has great vocals. They were burnt out by then though, that's why they had short sets maybe.
  3. Today I sat down and saw the Argetina '93 show and I was blown away, I had not seeing it in years. From my research I believe Argentina is the only '93 available in Pro Shot. Are there any others that I might have missed?
  4. Hmm, really? Axl was late for most of 88 through 2014..not giving a shit about his fans. You don't see him interacting with fans outside of the show, I'm not saying he's a dick to people because we've all have seen him taking pictures but "Care about fans" is a stretch. I agree with the other poster earlier on this thread, the only real similarity is that they are both a little weird and are somewhat out of touch with reality.
  5. It was played during the UYI tour... last time it was played was 02.06.93 - Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
  6. I believe it was because he was already introduced during Bad Obession and/or because "he needed no introduction". During UYI and after I don't think Axl was ever introduced for the same reason.
  7. Agreed. Either Axl works with Axl/DC or he makes a GnR album with Slash. I really don't see GNR going back to NuGNR with a different guitar player. Its either full nostalgia act mode, or a new album.
  8. Matt is my favorite on this song live.
  9. They won't do this live, the rant is not relevant anymore and to be honest Axl is not as mad as in the 90s haha
  10. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Did McBob introduce them?
  11. It was sarcasm, I like the stuff he does in UYI. But really, this video is so awesome without any of the extra players. So raw.
  12. The only thing missing here is Dizzy's congas...SAID NO ONE EVER
  13. I think he posted something here before saying he got it at a garage sale or something??
  14. The original owner is on this forum no? Can we find him (I tried searching but couldn't find it.) and ask him what he got in return?
  15. GNR in New Jersey today

    Agreed, they probably have another stage setup already in PA. I think this is the Prudential Center in NJ because of the red seats but I could be wrong. Katy Perry and Enrique Iglesias are playing in this arena before GNR, would they setup all the stuff here just to tear it down tomorrow?