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  1. On 12/27/2016 at 3:41 PM, Gracii Guns said:

    What do we all think to this idea? Flights from Edinburgh to New York for under £60.

    I'm quite excited, because I've always wanted to visit the USA, but haven't really been able to afford it, or feel that the experience will be good enough to justify the massive expense of just getting there and back.

    Heard a lot of good things about Norweigian Air. Never flown them but TPG seems to likethem.  

  2. For work, Germany a few times, Budapest, China.  Probably throw Palo Alto / LA in there too.


    For personal trips, gotta figure out where to go for our honeymoon... thinking of Paris, Rome, Athens right now over ~2 weeks.   Want to do a trip to Banff / Lake Louise  but not sure if we will get to that this year.

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  3. Dat bump indeed.


    I'm getting married this May, at the age of 29. Looking back I realize I really was not mature at 18 -- even if I thought so at the time!  

    In my personal situation, we have been dating for nearly 8 years now.  If anything, I think it has helped us to wait to get married rather than rush into things! 

  4. Stop smoking immediately, and drink lots of water. You are tested for metabolites of thc, which are stored in fat tissue and generally lasts from 2-3 weeks. If you are fat, realize exercising may release stored thc metabolites and cause a positive result even after this time. The only REAL cure is time or clean urine (i.e. not yours).

  5. Theres this guy that's kind of worthless here, his only real task for the past 3 months was to create an excel sheet. So 3 months later its still not done so I just spent half my week working long days doing it for him. Basically he just doesn't get it, even though its just documentation of what I've actually implemented over the previous 3 months before he got the task. I feel like he procrastinated the whole time... And im kind of ocd about my job, so when I see it isn't done at all I just end up doing it because I doubt he would put any effort in and I just want the thing to be done right.

    Tldr, I care too much and do someone elses job cause I'm crazy like that

  6. Any recommendations? I am currently using data lifeguard tools (western digital) to "Zero" the drive.

    If that program truly zeroes out the entire drive, that's all you will have to do to a modern hard drive to make sure nothing is recoverable.

    I took a computer forensics class last semester, and this information came from my professor who is a highly regarded figure in the industry.

    As someone who worked for the DoD, writing over with zeros once does not protect your data

  7. Write over the entire drive with 0x0 and 0xF's multiple times, and throw some random data writing in as well between 0x0/0xF writes.

    sounds great, you know a good program that can do that while I sleep? :)

    Get DBAN and use the Gutmann method

    Dban, that is the name of the program, is there a way to run that on my system and only wipe one drive not the whole computer? I know that this program is awesome I also know it is NOT for everyone with big risk involed if you mess up :)

    I will read about it first, perhaps run it on another system I have here to wipe the drive.

    Thanks Kevin! I could not remember the name of that one :thumbsup:

    IIRC you can choose which HDD or partition you want to run it on, but I think it will be in linux jargon. Gutmannis 35 writes, so depending on your HDD size it may take awhile! But it is basically 100% guaranteed to be okay unless the NSA looks at it. The DoD ones are probably sufficient to be honest, but which method you use is really your call

  8. Write over the entire drive with 0x0 and 0xF's multiple times, and throw some random data writing in as well between 0x0/0xF writes.

    sounds great, you know a good program that can do that while I sleep? :)

    Get DBAN and use the Gutmann method

    Well Gutmann if you're paranoid, the DoD ones if you aren't so paranoid