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  1. 58 pages, I thought they must've busted out a new song, but nah just mostly bitching and complaining.. as usual

    It's ebay though
  3. Definitely lookin' every bit the rock star there. Gotta love the bandana backwards cap sig look from Axl, can't fault that ever! Really hope he stays in shape ahead of the next leg of shows and really smashes it out in SA!
  4. Forum banner redesign?

    Uh... what's happened now? Seems to have regressed to pre-April 2016 speculative lineup and old pic status up there... ;-D

    Fuck Cancer charity tee: https://gnrmerch.com/products/fuck-blood-cancer-t-shirt
  6. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    Looks so fuckin' mean n' badass in this pic! If only Axl could get that mean animalistic shot (think backwards cap and teeth bared) somewhere on this tour instead of mostly looking like a loveable, huggable old rocker that he mostly is these days! ;-D
  7. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    Love how Slash is wearing a ZZ tee and that Axl ditched the hat for once! Onto the next one! ;-D

    #GnFnR Fanspot #NotInThisLifeTime
  9. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    There's a mention of potential new music on the horizon by Jericho at the very end
  10. 09/06/17 - El Paso, TX - Sun Bowl Stadium

    Only 95 more to go to surpass the UYI tour and its 9 legs!
  11. Damn, the white default theme sux!
  12. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    He seems to have stalled at some point on this leg and is now starting to look chunkier again. Prolly all the beer he drinks
  13. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    Just browsing back through the Picture Thread (no discussion) has Axl reverted back to a completely "hatted" show now, because I don't see any photos of him hat-less after early August...