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  1. lol. put Xozi, Madison and Rick avatars on those cards!
  2. any place ppl can buy "I'm not Rick" t shirt :? Dont wanna get mixed up after all. or "Im with Rick =>" or "You've been Rickrolled"
  3. so the dude bought the music... got scammed by the dealer... and if it was a joint buy... presumably they all shared the music... what was the point in him returning a USB stick. And why he even expose him self? who in the end ended up with the original CDs? and is this bloke on the forums?
  4. I think the photo of the setlist was from the arena floor.
  5. Well, it's hard to distinguish Axl, from people who do stuff on Axls behalf. It's like those 2 morons that go around claiming copyright infringement. Same goes for people around Axl. If Del or Beta come and say to some random bloke to do something... those guys think it probably came straight from the man him self. And I wouldnt be surprised if most of the rumours are generated because of the Proxy-Axls. (No matter if their intent is good or bad)
  6. you are forgetting that slash got kicked out at Las Vegas 2002? show. So how was Axl expecting an apology from the guy? if Axl had been in a bargaining mood back then, he wouldn't be kicking the guy out, or saying that he's up his ass.
  7. Im talkin out of my ass... but if I were to guess, I'd say that Interscope stopped paying the studio time. That would explain the 2002 tour, as a way to fund the album completion. VMA was probably a boost for negotiating a new contract with Interscope, as a proof that the band is still relevant. in 2003 the album was probably finished again... and after that God only can guess.
  8. wow! Shankler is so fkin raw! Sounds like Buckethead on steroids! The final version is much more "polite" sounding... but fk... do I prefer the raw sound of Shankler! "Sorry" guitar, reminds me of Darth Wader... its like buckethead was going for a morbid imperial march theme! Mustache sounds like Buff version of Lords of Karma by Satriani pwnsome!
  9. at sm1 point this sounded like a funny title for the CD2... how things have turned did anyone ask where is Buckethead so far? btw, funny tidbit in the video description. He yelled at the wrong guy