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  1. Those were my thoughts too as I remember that nonsense rumour back in the day. Was just trying to understand if it was still something being passed on as truth.
  2. Personally I've never left an event earlier, whether it's a concert, football match, etc. I think of it as a mix between having a good time and respect for those you are watching (god knows how hard that is in football sometimes). However, who am I to tell someone else that 150$ is an expensive price to see one or two songs live? It's all about the personal experience and how much you're willing to pay for it. For most of us the experience ends at Paradise City, for others after SCOM. It's all good - we're happy, they're happy and the legacy of GN'R lives on.
  3. GNR references in pop cultutre

    Doesn't get more self explanatory. Sung in portuguese.
  4. Don't know who edited it but that's a really cool gem. Had never seen a pro-shot from Venezuela '92.
  5. Love it! On a side note, almost cost me an argument with my gf as she was using my laptop and I rushed to it to immediately download the thing off YT. She reasonably thought I was desperately trying to delete some homemade video of me that someone had just uploaded. After I explained the whole thing she was still legitimately confused but we managed to enjoy the song together, thankfully.
  6. Loco-Motive

    I bought me an illusion and I put it on a wall
  7. It is indeed official: https://de.gnrmerch.com/?utm_source=UK-store&utm_medium=DE-footer-link&utm_campaign=DE from UK store I also think it's one of the coolest they've released in a long time. The Lies' templates aren't as saturated as the AFD and UYI ones.
  8. Thought this was a bit odd. https://www.bravado.de/p51-i0602577570421/guns-n-roses/one-in-a-million/index.html OIAM gets left out of the L&L box but is now being marketed as part of the LIES 30th anniversary merchandise.