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  1. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    Yesterdays is a great clip, but incredibly sad at the same time. It has always felt weird to me that they used relatively recent footage (AFD had only been out for 5 years), to illustrate this idea of long gone memories from a long established band - when, incredibly enough, it was just the opposite; their evolution in so little time made yesterday really seem like a distant memory, compared to the bright future ahead... That, along with the desire, hunger and talent they had at the time, makes you wonder what could've been.
  2. Not an opinion. Indeed, you gotta thank Slash for the extended RQ version we have now.
  3. Well, the full show is still available on Youtube, in case anyone wants to rip it.
  4. Wow, feels just like the stock market. Wonder what tomorrow will bring us.
  5. They leave out staples such as Nightrain, Don't Cry, Estranged, Civil War and that's still one hell of a setlist. Thanks a lot to whoever is uploading this!
  6. They're starting to promote it on social media
  7. Without a doubt! Can't wait to put my hands on it. As far as the LN'L goes, when I was a teen, missing on such memorabilia would be total sacrilege. Nowadays not so much, so I can live well with its existence.
  8. I'm loving all of it! Never really cared for the rings, patches and metal picks so couldn't be less interested about the Locked N' Loaded option. Really glad the Super Deluxe has the book, flyers and, of course, music. Congrats to whoever put this box together
  9. You see, this is how the road to disappointment starts.
  10. Things got a little mixed up here. Steven and GN'R are touring while playing songs from 1987. It has nothing to do with being stuck in the past. It's about art. They're giving their fans the art that made them artists in the first place. Each of them has every right to play what they wrote, as many times as they want. People will still want to listen to it and that's perfectly fine. So Steven and Axl have something in common? Hell yeah they have, it's called Appetite for Destruction and that's about it. Too bad it's what made them famous, oh well. Just because GN'R is using updated live footage on their promo videos, doesn't make it any less valid than Steven using an AFD era photo in his tour poster. They both are promoting who they are, the best way they can and that's all there is to it.
  11. Those are not Axl's though. He probably gave them to a young Fernando in the mid 90s
  12. Yep, that's correct. I was talking about the last LA show and Mickey's "a few weeks ago"; he can have a wild eye vision of reality sometimes, hence my comment. No problem @marlingrl03 But yeah, deep inside I want it to mean like 4 weeks ago or something close.
  13. It's his official IG account. There's also a few interactions with Sante D'Orazio over there. Thing is, in that Axl pic, Mickey also says this: mickey_rourke_3an half 4 hrs non stop and his energy,madness and self pride gives out all he's got & more godbless him which begs the question about his notion of time.