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  1. For me, one of the best moments was the electricity in the air outside the concert venues. As I was getting closer to the stadiums/fields I could feel the energy, the hype, everyone laughing and having a good time, while GN'R music was blasting on every speaker around. People arriving in their cars, windows down, and cheering with pure joy on their faces. On the train stations, sometimes while being in a foreign country, you'd feel kinda lost about which train to catch but once you saw a GN'R t-shirt all you had to do was follow. I truly felt like being part of a community, while meeting fans from all over the world who shared the same craziness. Plus, there's this awesome thing about summer, heat, cold beer and GN'R. Those days, it felt as if a massive GN'R wave had taken over the town in question and all you could hear, see or breathe was Guns N' Roses; impossible to run from it. I was lucky enough to watch 5 shows and will preserve unforgettable memories.
  2. I really feel that Jungle would benefit if they cut the build up on the bridge shorter. Axl's "you gonna dieee" doesn't last long and the suspense would be a lot cooler if it was adjusted to be synced with the scream.
  3. Honestly I can't see how we, the fans, would be more or less satisfied if it becomes highest grossing tour ever. The only positive thing about it is that it would mean more people from around the globe being able to see them (assuming they play new markets) but that could be achievable without necessarily being the top grossing touring artist. Having said that, I hope it grosses 1$ less than the Nr. 1
  4. Yep. He also has his photo on the UYI booklets. Still not sure what is the point you're trying to make.
  5. Now that's what you call a heavy-weight! Perhaps ask him about his first impression of GN'R? How did he end up on Ain't if fun? What was the feeling inside the band at the time? Were there plans to do further collaborations? Does he still keep in touch with the guns? Thanks!
  6. I just read this with a french accent and had a laugh.
  7. One can only hope the GN'R logo doesn't lose its guns (surprising how they got away with it for so long).
  8. Discussing the band and their history is normal, and as you well said, it's discussions that keep forums like these alive. I'm all up for that. What I don't agree with is trying to apologize (in Slash's case) or even jump on the bandwagon just because we're living in a certain time and thus judge the past according to predominant values of today. Social and cultural aspects of Guns N' Roses are something I'm very interested on, which is why I tend to stick to the era I'm analyzing. I may be wrong here but I could swear this is the first time this discussion has been brought up, in the history of this forum. All of a sudden it's a major issue when in reality those lyrics have existed for decades. And because of what? Nothing really... And yes, I can't remember who said it but I've seen implying that they could have retouched the lyrics. Nonsense.
  9. GN'R came from the gutter. They wrote and sang about it - quite good, if you ask me. No one in the band, and fans as well, really cared or even gave a second thought about what was being done, because that's the way life was for those guys. Was it sexist? Yeah. Misogynist? Yep. Disrespectful? Several times. Rebellious? Oh boy. But - they are a product of their time. Look, thousands of girls and women, boys and men have sang the line Turn around bitch I got a use for you over the years, because it's in the context of the song; and that's fine! That doesn't contribute at all to inequality between both sexes. Why on earth should lines like that be replaced, omitted or avoided? It's not because some people can't discern between different contexts and eras, that things should be erased from history. There are far greater issues on this subject, than 30 year old lyrics. To be honest I never understood why Slash addressed this "issue".
  10. This is one weird fanbase. Guns N' Roses' history can't be rewritten or else I'm sure some of you would be the first in line to do so.
  11. Na. That's the love child of Beta and Paul Tobias.
  12. One thing is true. That would help SMKC's album sales. In a weird way, it would be like going to the store and get UYI I and II.
  13. UYI box>AFD box

    What? I bet the next one coming here, is going to complain about the riffs being too dated. This is unbelievable.
  14. I like My World. After all these years, and looking back, it's funny how it sort of bonds with OMG and Silkworms type of sound, thus proving that Axl really was into experimenting and getting serious with industrial. I believe he trully was gravitating towards that kind of sound and Chinese Democracy, suffering from its creator's swing of musical influences, eventually became the vehicle that picked up passengers from different nationalities, got them all together without really trying to make any sense of it and hoped for the best - you get rockers, ballads, epics, industrial, guitar solos, questionable beats and a whole lot of other stuff that's going on in there. I dig it. All of it.