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  1. Perhaps adding that opinion to your signature would save you the hassle of constantly repeating it and would leave you room to add valuable insights.
  2. My opinion is that it should come to an end, by the end of this year because, as you well said, there's not much left to do. However, I could easily see this draggin on endlessly. Speaking for myself, and having been to Lisbon, Prague, Paris, Berlin and Madrid, all of them were special in their own way. Funny enough, each had a different setlist, so that's something I can't really complain about. If you ask me, it's either new music or retire for good; GN'R is starting to cash in on nostalgia and that's one of the main reasons I didn't buy the AFD Super Deluxe, that unboxing video gave me nausea, as it seemed like my favourite band was now some kind of old fucking museum art piece. This said, it's been a great run, with unforgettable shows, endless hours of music, loads of fun and a tremendous pleasure to see the gang on stage - forever grateful.
  3. Not so sure if it's already time for final thoughts.
  4. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    Why would you get shit for it? It's pretty cool, indeed. The "And when you're in need of someone my heart won't deny you" part is one of Axl's finest moments in the studio.
  5. The fire was burning, expectations were high, his shows still held a feeling of danger and unpredictability and, of course, leaks aside, no one knew if Chinese Democracy would come out or not.
  6. Could you, please, send me the link? Thank you very much in advance.
  7. I think it's more a question of walking into a store and see something GN'R related placed at the front.
  8. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    Would you mind posting a picture of it, please?
  9. Welcome to the jungle Mr. Brownstone Pretty Tied up Don't Damn Me Perfect Crime My Michelle Breakdown Move to the city There was a time Bad Obsession Knockin on Heaven's Door Out ta get me Shadow of your love Locomotive It's so easy Right next door to hell Civil war You could be mine November rain Think about you Patience Dead horse Estranged Sweet child o'mine Nightrain Encore: Coma Chinese Democracy Don't cry Paradise City Take my money.
  10. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    I love the original cover and remember spending a few years tracking one. I think it's way more interesting than the dull 5 skull cross, which should have been a merchandising representation of the band, only - its icon status as an album cover was merely achieved because the album itself is legendary, otherwise things would be different. In the original cover you can sort of see a visual representation of the music within, which, to me, is really cool; the danger, sleaze, shock, no boundaries, recklessness, all elements that made up the album. If you don't have it, buy one and frame it.
  11. I think Madrid is the best one, so far.
  12. No reviews? C'mon concert goers. Don't let comparisons with other shows distract you.
  13. Well, actually most of it leaked in the 80s/90s.
  14. I don't know why but somehow, after watching that video, I don't feel like buying it anymore. Gonna cancel my pre-order and order the original CD again, to replace my worn out copy.