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  1. November Rain Alt. lyrics confirmed, then.
  2. They sure look good and you can tell the apparent detail. However, and this is just pure curiosity, what exactly do you do with them once you have it? Like, do you put a GN'R show on and sit on your carpet mimicking the whole thing?
  3. They better release something, before someone starts a topic about the similarities between Axl and Gene Simmons.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    Well, almost every day I hear GN'R being played on several different radio stations. This happened even before the NITL thing came to light. Some staples would include KOHD, SCOM, NR, UTLH, Patience, Yesterdays and once at around 3am even Coma (!!!) got air play. So yeah, point being, GN'R kept its relevancy radio wise.
  5. I think it's awesome the way it is. It was art created in the early 90s, with everything that surrounded the band at the time. Diss tracks are exactly that, they depict something that happened with someone, somewhere in time.
  6. A bit disappointing, IMO. Was expecting it to picture his present day look, as the previous two did with Slash and Duff. Looks kinda off, if you're planning to display them on a wall.
  7. That post only regards shows for which tickets are already available, hence the "NOW ON SALE!"
  8. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    It's actually amazing how, after all these years, opinions about Robin have changed. Back in the day, you would log on whatever GN'R forum that suited you the most and the bashing over every member, at the time, would be endless. It's great that we can now appreciate what he's done, however, I still feel that it was only possible because of what we've been given, regarding the actual line-up. Robin has undoubtedly left his mark in Guns N' Roses but was never the most appropriate choice to fill the role.
  9. Guys, I know we're still far behind the gig date, however some people here probably have it already figured out by now. Could you, please, be so kind to get me a size M t-shirt of this specific gig? I know how much of an hassle this can be (standing in line at the show, keep it, going to the post, have it shipped, etc.) but it would really mean a lot. I'll cover t-shirt & shipment costs, of course. Please, PM for further details if you're willing to help a fellow gunner out.
  10. 2006 Rock In Rio Lisboa - Seeing this wacko screaming the WTTJ intro right there, while holding a bottle of whatever it was, really did it for me. It was always Axl's voice that got me into GN'R in the first place and, as my first GN'R gig, I was way in too deep, to even care if this was NuGNR or not. Pure joy! 2010 Lisboa - Great vocals, couldn't care less about the rest of the band. 2017 Lisboa|Prague|Paris - Axl+Slash. End of cycle. All those years of who said what, who sued who, are they still going to play together, Slash's a cancer, Axl's a tyrant, were gone for good and seemed like a distant memory from the past. You can't recreate the 80s or the 90s. You can only buy a glimpse of it, to feed your own personal illusions and that's what NITL is all about. I'm positive that I'll see them again, however, I won't be expecting more than what we've already had.
  11. Disappoiting. Hurts to see how Axl is just throwing it all away just...because.
  12. Having been to Lisbon, Prague and Paris, I'd say Prague. They were in great spirits and you could genuinely feel that. Plus, Axl openingly drinking a beer on stage? I can't recall that ever happening in a GN'R concert.
  13. Well, all these videos above are edited with, unseen to many, '91 pro-shot footage (YCBM without Arnold's parts). One can only wonder how great would the full concerts look like, taking from example Brownstone and Michelle from above.
  14. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    With the colonization of America from European countries like France, Spain, Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales came Christian choirs, musical notation, broadsides, as well as West African slaves. West African slaves played a variety of instruments, especially drums and string instruments similar to the banjo. The Spanish also played a similar instrument called the Bandora. Both of these cultures introduced polyrhythms and call-and-response style vocals. As the United States incorporated more land, spreading west towards the Ocean, more immigrants began to arrive in the country, bringing with them their own instruments and styles. During this time, the United States grew to incorporate the Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana, the Polynesian music of Hawaii and Tex-Mex and Tejano music. Immigrants brought with them the Eastern European polka, Chinese and Japanese music, and Polish fiddling, Scottish and Irish music, Ashkenazi Jewish klezmer, and other styles of Indian, Russian, French, German, Italian, Arab and Latin music.
  15. "On the left, please welcome: more Tour dates!"