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  1. Your concerts in 2018

    Went to see the Manics in Leeds last night - great gig - wish I was going to Germany next month to see them both!!
  2. New Manics Album and Tour - 2018

    No problem - Thanks - I'll see if I can get it on catch up.
  3. I saw Walking Papers a couple of years ago in Grimsby - they were really good. I got to meet Duff and got him sign my Loaded T-shirt - he was really cool!
  4. New Manics Album and Tour - 2018

    No I didn't see it - when was it on?
  5. The Manic Street Preachers anounce new album and tour in 2018 http://www.manicstreetpreachers.com/ Can't wait!
  6. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    Saw the Manics do Everything Must Go last year - really good.