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  1. Hey that's a great story bro!! Wish it was mine to tell. Let's hope for the best and I guess we'll all find out soon enough ha!
  2. And probably some good fatty chilli cheese Tommy's burgers (as he mentioned once) afterwards to 'compensate' for his effort... Hope I'm wrong though and he pulls a Bon Jovi or Anthony Kiedis on us and shows up in good shape!
  3. It's gonna be epic!!!
  4. Why should Axl change a plenty tested and proven successful setlist for these shows? Makes no sense to me. So my bet is more of the "same" and it's fine.
  5. Only thing Dizzy really cares about is Hookers and Blow...
  6. Is a new Gn'R record that important anyways? It certainly doesn't look like it to Axl. As far as the touring 'machine' goes they could keep on touring the world with their greatest hits tour indefinitely and keep on making a shit load of money. We all know that.
  7. At the end of 2018 Axl's voice was in fairly good shape - but to my ears he lost (from 2017) the ability to hit very high notes more clearly - it sounds like he's having a tougher time now and i sounds kind of too distorted. It's a mistery how he's voice will sound this year but my expectations are pretty low. Hope I'm wrong!
  8. where's Pitman?

    Axl sooner or later will bring back Pitman & Paul Tobias to 'help out' Slash...
  9. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    It was a GREAT movie - loved it!! So much more respect for Vince Neil after knowing about his own personal deamons and tragedies.
  10. Well the fact that Gn'R have only put out 3-4 records and are able to be selling out stadiums on tour all over the world makes them even more legendary in my book! Just saying... Anyway most people my generation (old farts) don't really seem to care about any new Gn'R stuff, certainly not CD... Still they're the first to buy tickets to whatever Gn'R tour hits town... Maybe it's the young people - new fans that are actually into hearing a new Gn'R record....could be.
  11. Let's get something straight here - fact is that Guns are a living legend kind of band (like the Stones) already - actually they do not need to put out anymore new music ever and would always be able to tour indefinitely the world with their current catalogue. They've earned it - because they're that good. Respect for that. This doesn't mean that we're not gonna have a new album and music coming - but that music will only be relevant to a very small percentage of Gn'R causal fans out there. Everyone else will always want to hear just the 'greatest hits'.
  12. Don't you guys feel lucky to have had the chance to download so many gigs of old bootlegs, vids and misc Gn'R stuff before this new era arrived? For sure I always imagined it wouldn't last long in an ever more controlled and policed internet space. I'm just happy I've got my 'precious'
  13. it's coming sooner than later....late 2020 is my guess for a CD follow-up Gn'R album featuring Slash/Duff's contributions on it. The an epic 2021/2022 world tour all over again to prove the world that true Rn'R never goes out of fashion.
  14. Slash keeps on rocking year on year and I'm looking forward already to his new record! And Duff will release some new stuff too! As for a CD2 record for sure Axl will put it out eventually and I'm sure both Slash & Duff will rewrite some of the guitar/bass parts. It'll be EPIC! Wonderful times being for hardcore Gn'R fans! Thank you guys - you rock!