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  1. Amazing work Sid!! Thanks for being probably the MVP on this forum.
  2. The way I see it: Slash (& Duff) are gonna be all pumped up after the NITLT tour finishes and are going to put out some great music (not Gn'R of course) by cooperating between themselves and others. Axl will probably just take a year off resting his voice and in 2019 will probably start thinking about touring again with AXL/DC. Can't see anything happening with Axl & Gn'R before 2020/21...
  3. What happened to Steven Adler?

    "Where's Adler?" Axl: Adler is in my ass, that's where Adler is!"
  4. Weird thing about Axl's voice is that most singers when aging their voice gets deeper and more 'raspy'. A good example is Steven Tyler. I've heard the guy live recently circa 70yo and his pipes were as good as ever...lots of rasp everywhere, so is the age thing really an excuse for Axl...?
  5. Great things are coming from the wonder trio: Axl, Duff & Slash. I'm sure they'll put out a brilliant album somewhere over the next five years (hopefully).
  6. What does the future hold?

    Gn'R is just a (great) nostalgia act these days and I'm pretty sure that Slash won't go on touring forever with Axl playing the same Greatest Hits setlist. So either they decide to record something together or Slash will eventually decide to "leave" the band once again. Hopefully it'll be the first.
  7. What does the future hold?

    I've seen two LIVE concerts from AXL/DC & NITLT tours and I still can recall quite clearly the new Gn'R era two concerts too that I attended in '06 and '10. I'm entitled to my opinion but btw where do you see Axl legendary grit, improvising (even the setlist) and just interacting much with Duff or Slash on stage these days...?
  8. What does the future hold?

    True but after having seen UYI gigs then new Gn'R and finally the NITL gig, I cannot see that Axl is that passionate anymore about Gn'R. He seemed to me much more into the AXL/DC gig to be honest, both physically and especially vocally.
  9. What does the future hold?

    Timing would be perfect to launch a new Not in this lifetime (greatest hits) album & DVD. I'm sure they'll do something of sorts be the end of the year (and tour). As far as new music, new live songs, I'm not expecting much really, it seems that Axl is no that passionate anymore about music and performing these days, more focused on playing it safe and pilling up the millions (and the pounds)... Oh well...
  10. Big announcement: Slash is being replaced by DJ Ashba for the rest of the tour and Gn'R endorsed Ashba clothing will be made available immediately.
  11. It'll be so fuckin'hard for Slash to be playing regularly small arenas again after touring the world on filled up stadiums...just sayin...
  12. Axl's saving dat rasp for the European tour next year (that'll attend to of course). Like this glorious rasped '06 You Could Be (fuckin) Mine