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  1. Best Axl has sounded all year.
  2. I’m at Download, Axl struggling tonight. Feel for the guy as you can tell he’s pushing for something that’s not in the tank.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to clear the air Fernando. I gave you a bit of shit on Twitter after your post so I respect your coming here to answer questions. Here’s mine: With the new Conspirator album/shows on the way, is Axl planning to go see any shows or even guest on stage? Obviously Duff and Slash went to support Axl with AC/DC so it’d be interesting if that support is reciprocated. Also how does Axl feel about Myles Kennedy’s singing?
  4. Bit gutted really. I enjoy SMKC but it’s neither Slash nor Myles Kennedy’s best outlet and I do wish they were focusing on their main bands. GNR, in particular, aren’t getting any younger.
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    Myles has just added dates into the end of May for his solo tour. Presumably, if SMKC is recording, then Myles is out. Slash is working on something that he’s keeping under his hat. At this point it’s clearly GNR material.
  6. Rumor of a new album???

    Myles Kennedy: incredible singer, incredible guitarist, incredible songwriter. I’ll just leave this here, if the solo doesn’t blow you away then you can’t comment on rock n roll:
  7. Rumor of a new album???

    I’m nearly positive we’re not getting SMKC at least - Myles is clueless about it and Todd is so open with his fans that we’d have had three or four blogs by now if they were in the studio. Somethings cooking with GNR (maybe been pushed to the frontburner if Angus isn’t ready to write/record Axl/DC following his recent bereavements). I think you could get Axl to knuckle down on a Guns record if he knew he had to get it done before working with Angus. I also think we’ll have (at least) a new song before Donnington. Slash makes all the difference here: he’s a respected, professional musician who releases albums in a timely fashion. New GNR 2018, it’s obvious at this point.
  8. Mark Tremonti has also alluded to Slash and Myles doing another album next year in a recent interview too. http://birminghamstages.net/catching-up-with-mark-tremonti-of-alter-bridge/
  9. I think it's looking like there will be a new SMKC album and tour from the backend of next year through to summer 2019 with Alter Bridge bringing out an album late 2019. Good thing Myles likes to stay busy - potentially 3 albums in just over a year!
  10. Here's the first single off Myles Kennedy's solo album (also titled Year Of The Tiger.). Its not rock, its acoustic led singer/songwriter style and the single (as well as the whole album) covers the year Myles' father past away. It's very different to both Slash and Alter Bridge. The album's out on 9th March, here's the first single. I really like it:
  11. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    2019 is now very interesting too as Alter Bridge will be starting a new album cycle then, meaning no Conspirators 2019 either. I think we're getting a Guns album early 2018 honestly but if not, 2019 is a certainty. (Unless Slash is getting a new singer for Conspirators).
  12. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Let's just see if I'm right about a new album this year too... 🤔
  13. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Myles is gearing up to release his album, Year Of The Tiger and go on a solo tour next year. Alter Bridge also stated they would be bringing out an album 2019. No way Slash will bring out a new album and tour in such a small window of time in comparison to previous Conspiritor tours. The momentum is behind GNR, Slash has been wanting back in for years - it isn't stopping anytime soon. I stand by my opinion that GNR will bring out some kind of album during the down-time run up to summer which will reignite interest for a Euro run. I'd even bet on Download being the first show.
  14. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    SMKC won't happen; Myles has recorded a solo album which he plans to tour in 2018 and in 2019 he's back in the studio with Alter Bridge. SMKC, for the time being, seems to be done. Genuinely think we'll get a fast-tracked GNR album followed by whole new tour starting in Europe.
  15. Sadly, it's not the crowd - see how they reacted to Alter Bridge the day before. And Myles was sick...