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  1. Travelling thread

    We’ve just got back from Iceland - it was spectacular (and bloody cold!)! We saw a lot of locales where Game Of Thrones was filmed including the Black beach. Some lovely cosy pubs too. Recommended for all!
  2. Travelling thread

    Me and my wife after years of saving have finally been able to afford a house and so we now have the opportunity and free cash to travel and see a bit of the world. Was hoping to get recommendations for travel destinations, holidays you’ve been on, stories, pictures etc! We live in the UK.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah, no new music then Slash needs to leave. He has too much talent and creativity to waste in a dead band.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    That’s me signing off until there’s any kind of announcement that this band has any future. Sadly I think I may be done forever. Joke band.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    What an absolute bollockless answer from Slash. How hard is it to be straight up with whatever the fuck is going on? Old Slash would have been straight. This band doesn’t even resemble the band I loved. No album news by March and I am done.
  6. Kennedy is ridiculously underrated on this board. He’s the total package of great lyricist, singer and a fucking phenomenal guitarist. I’ll concede that the Slash stuff is not as great as his other work but Alter Bridge and his solo work are PHENOMENAL.
  7. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    RIP GNR. Absolute shortsighted greed. Imagine being a band and not wanting the buzz of your fans talking about your videos or excited about your next album. Younger bands would kill for the kind of fandom GNR has. They are absolutely not worth it, Axl, Slash and Duff can all go fuck themselves.
  8. Solutions

    I joined in 2006 yet only have 565 posts, lol I’m a lurker...
  9. Last full album you listened to?

    Walk The Sky - Alter Bridge. It’s brill
  10. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky. It’s bloody brilliant!
  11. The only link I've liked so far. Those screams are vintage Axl!
  12. Maybe a couple, but I genuinely think if most of it was any good it would be out by now. I think we'll all be surprised how much new material there will be - Axl, Duff and Slash aren't going to want to share songwriting royalties with ex members as much as possible.
  13. Fuck Chinese Democracy leaks when there's a new album with Slash and Duff on the horizon.
  14. Izzy is at least worth as much as Duff. If he wasn't getting even the same share as Duff then no wonder he wasn't interested.