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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Judging by the first video last week, they don't want to show Axl at all.
  2. Is the TIL remix much different? Or is it similar to the rockband remix?
  3. Live playing energy

    Never understood some people's attitude towards Fortus. Theres nothing wrong with his playing that I've seen or heard. He's an outstanding guitarist. Both times Ive seen GNR Ive stood at the front, just off centre on his side of the stage and he puts on one heck of a performance. I get that he isn't izzy. But Izzy isn't there and I 100% prefer to have Fortus over Gilby. Like the return of Duff, I'm glad he is there but at the same time I miss Tommy. Tommy and Fortus have both put a lot into their time with GNR and I think they more than earned their place in the band.
  4. One of GNRs finest shows. Epic performance
  5. Meanwhile Twenty One Pilots have said the current situation has pushed new music forward. They are using this opportunity to work on new music.
  6. Live Era

    I will thanks! I don't really bother all that much with the guitar nowadays. But would love to hear the isolated tracks
  7. Live Era

    I'm in the minority that loves Live Era. Rocket queen is amazing, I like that gilbys guitar is missing makes slash's stand out and you can play the rhythm along with it (although very badly). Some great rough versions of tracks on there. Before the world of YouTube it was the only live example I had of GNR apart from my mums vhs of the freddie tribute concert. Could pretend to be axl with my makeshift axl style mic.
  8. I agree on CD being the better opener. It was an awesome entrance. ISE could easily follow it to keep the tempo going.
  9. I don't mind silkworms but I can't see it being included on an album with Slash
  10. Last full album you listened to?

    Slipknot- We are not your Kind. Only just managed to buy the album. Having avoided watching any of the new vids till I got the album, apart from All out life (Gutted it's not on the album). Its an amazing album, safe to say they still haven't made a bad album.
  11. I think its safe to say Rammstein isn't happening and have more things to worry about. Like Till Linndemanns health. We don't know to what extent Covid-19 is affecting the lives of the people usually in the spotlight. In terms of their families health etc. Cut them some slack. I mean did you really expect an already reclusive man to become more public at a time when being a recluse is almost mandatory.
  12. Last full album you listened to?

    Oasis's first album "Definitely Maybe". Amazing album Other than that my slipknot, korn, system of a down playlist has been on constantly in my car. Annoys the wife and kids, they don't like the "screaming music".
  13. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    We should campaign for a Nightrain with no fade at the end. It does suck, we need to hear how it really ends
  14. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    TWAT Nightrain SCOM Estranged Don't Cry TIL Double Talkin' Jive Motherfucker (Argentina 92 slash on his knees) Rocket queen (live era) Coma Better I've just put the songs and I know RQ on live era gets a lot of flak. But I kinda really like how much slash's guitar stands out and it meant i could play along with the rhythm back when i bothered to pick up my now dusty guitars!
  15. This definitely sounds like its worth a listen. Lets hope it does get out to the masses