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  1. Show Opener and Closer

    Mix up the opener with ISE and CD. I know Ashba isn't popular but I liked it at Reading 2010 with the teasing intro guitar. If things are running behind they should definitely explode onto the stage with ISE. I love Nightrain and wish it was earlier in the set while that initial excitement is still kicking.
  2. Bottles of wife beater. Might explain Stephanie Seymours prescence Too soon?
  3. Wonder if Axl kicks it like the tambourine
  4. Best non-Guns Slash song

    Was a tough choice between watch this and beggars. I love his rendition of Hey Joe
  5. Your favourite live era

    90-91 2006 Couldn't decide between 09-10 and NITL but voted NITL.
  6. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    Epic song. Never understood the hate this album received
  7. Ive been hoping to hear it ever since it was first discussed. I always like NuGnR's sound on AFD songs. Gutted there are no vocals on the WTTJ leak though
  8. Paul Huge and the new album

    I quite like Huge as well. Never understood the hate he gets from some fans. As much as I like Fortus, I was gutted when Huge stopped playing gigs
  9. slash's hat

    Its to remind us it is actually Slash. After years of photoshopped pictures of modern Axl stood next to slash, I still have to remind myself it is actually him on stage. When I saw them last year from less than 20 feet away, I still struggled
  10. My top 5 changes from week to week. But these are the ones i listen to most, in no order TWAT any version SCOM AFD Estranged UYI Rocket Queen Live era One in a million Lies Honourable mentions: Prostitute, Black Leather, Hair of the dog, Locomotive, Coma, WTTJ and Nightrain. The only GNR song i struggle with is my world.
  11. GNR references in pop cultutre

    True Lies: The Arnie Movie. His mate tells Arnie that his daughter no longer looks at them like parents. "Her new mom is Madonna and her dad is Axl Rose" UK tv quiz shows: "Celebrity Juice" In 2010 just after the reading fiasco (I was there ) one of the contestants points out that Keith Lemon the host looked like Axl Rose and they showed a pic of him to the side of Lemon. "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" Frankie Boyle guest hosts the show and there is a GNR question. After the question Boyle goes on a rant on how Axl Rose along with his fans ought to be locked up in a burning building. "Mastermind" Someone Chose GNR as their specialist subject. Those are the ones I've either seen or been shown on UK tv anyway.
  12. I think all 3 Axl appearances on Seb's album are amazing.