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    I need the afd rings.
  2. At download 2018, his voice was the usual up and down. He absolutely nailed shadow of your love. Pissed there isn't a pro shot of it.
  3. So apart fromHard School being an alternative song on the setlist nothing interesting or new happened?
  4. Zodiac n' quick song are awesome. The quality of Atlas is awesome. Love waking up to a cd of leaks. Its 2006 again
  5. Chinese Democracy: Rockband version

    Thanks man
  6. Id love to see them play in a smaller venue like this. Ive only got to see GNR at massive venues and I hate crowds at huge gigs.
  7. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    Golden Gods> bridge school> RIR3
  8. 2014 las vegas residency. Think it was the 7/714 or something like that
  9. I already have all the individual "layers" guitars, Vocals Drums e.t.c. But I have no idea how to combine them to make the Rockband version of CD. Any clever folk out there got any tips? Also has anyone got a hi res version of the red hand cover?
  10. Anxious Disease with The Outpatience epic song
  11. Going Down should have been used instead of scraped. Scraped is my least favourite tune on CD.
  12. Only GnR fan who hasnt heard anything since going down was first leaked