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  1. Im thinking of rechecking glasgow or Edinburgh tickets closer to the time. The prices for the UK shows are crazy. But I am prioritising and praying something gets announced to make the costs worthwhile. It depends on how far I get with my car between now and then. Its an old Ford I'm slowly restoring, I use it as my daily as well. I want it ready for vintage rallies and such this summer.
  2. It belongs on CD. Those solos clearly aren't Slash's style. As overproduced and overly tinkered with CD is, its a one off album. So many styles visited and as far as I am concerned, its miles ahead musically of anything else. Like BBF said its their white album. People will realise its genius in time. Shows how much Axl has actually wasted his talents since 1993. What got me in 2008 was black ice and death magnetic came out that year as well. Both good albums but nothing new or original. CD is completely original and very different. Which for me makes it far better.
  3. TWAT is easily one of the best songs on GNRs catalogue. Its one of those songs I sometimes go a while without listening too, then I'm blown away by it.
  4. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    I was actually talking to my mate who goes to Download every year about this. He reckons he has never seen it as busy or full up as it was for GNR. He's been to every download and went to a few monsters of rock. Donnington is his mecca! He hates GNR, but loved their show.
  5. Are the higlights on the fox website or something? Being in the UK I obviously couldn't watch them on TV
  6. Maybe the new song they play will be Rock The Rock..... With added Slashiness
  7. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    I'm only going by what the security guard said. Reviews I've read all mentioned the size of the crowd for GNR. I don't know where you heard that ticket sales were poor.
  8. Here in the UK there is plenty of demand. Bands don't seem to bother touring the UK like they used to. They just do one or two dates in London, Manchester and then disappear again.
  9. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    Yeah I spoke to the security and they said 100,000 daytrippers had turned up for GNR. That's with the people already there for the whole festival. The largest crowd they have ever had (allegedly). If tickets are still about closer to the time I might go.
  10. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    The only things putting me off going are the prices and the huge venue. After Donnington in 2018, I know I won't enjoy it being squashed and pushed around. Massive crowds are not my thing.
  11. I hope this isn't their only upload. This could potentially lead to some amazing stuff
  12. Arent they that boy band with the guy who named himself after the beer in the simpsons? Also being born in 1989, I have no idea.
  13. I would actually consider going to it. London is out of the question. I'm like an hours drive from the scottish border
  14. I didn't say there was an AFD with the 2001 lineup. I know it was before the comeback shows of 2001 with a slightly different playlist to the original album. Its been discussed on forums to great length over the years and its always intruged me.