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  1. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    I agree that they (and mine) are "defective" due to the skips. Beyond what I said earlier, it's also the only time I listen to the whole album. It just becomes a more satisfying experience, plus it also makes me appreciate/underatand the album more. When the album first came out, I listened to it start to finish many times. All these years later though, I NEVER listen to the CDs or MP3's start to finish now. But with the vinyl I do. Even the songs I'm not particularly fond of (scraped, rhiad) I like them better within the contexts of the album, and vinyl does that for me. Other songs like Maddy stand out THAT much more on vinyl as well imo. Which that isn't a song that I'm overly in love with, it's probably not even on my phone right now. But on vinyl I do like it far more. If that makes sense?
  2. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    I gotta disagree here. While my CD vinyl DOES have 2 skips (if memory serves). Despite that, everytime I listen to it I appreciate the album far more than listening to CD or MP3's. I find it has a fullness to the vinyl that gets lost in other formats. Maybe that's just me though???
  3. The Boxing Thread

    That made me lose respect for him. Someone should tell him "it's just a movie." Even at 50, Jones would make him look so bad it's not even funny.
  4. The Boxing Thread

    So you gotta be interested in this Tyson vs Jones fight? As I showed on my list, I'm a Roy Jones Jr fan as well. I'm pretty proud of my fight collection, and I have all of Jones best fights (as well as a laundry list of other fighters). He is honestly my 3rd favorite fighter to watch (behind Tyson and Leonard). Throwing on an old Roy Jones Jr fight is a good time imo.
  5. The Boxing Thread

    On aside note here are my all time favorite fighters 1. Tyson 2. Sugar Ray Leonard 3. Ali 4. Tommy Hearns 5. Foreman 6. Roy Jones 7. Joe Louis 8. Earnie Shavers 9. Marvin Hagler 10. Joe Frazier That's my top 10
  6. The Boxing Thread

    That's part of Tyson's motivation for starting this "league." He said "the athletes of old are still more popular, have more fans, etc than the current guys are." Which he is not wrong, for every guy like Len that is still really interested in the current guys, there are 10 that stopped caring after "their" guys retired. Don't get me wrong, I still "care" about current boxing. I've always been a heavyweight guy, while I enjoy welter, middle, and light heavy I detest how many weight classes exist. I also don't care for anything under welter. I also have serious issues with the alphabet sanctioning bodies (I could go on and on here). Another thing that has changed in me, is I no longer am a "fan" of athletes anymore. I tried liking Wilder, but he's a tool honestly. I respect Fury, I think Joshua has only had one real fight (Klitschko), so I'm not jumping for joy for the current guys. Having said that, I enjoyed Fury vs Wilder and would enjoy Fury vs Joshua and Joshua vs Wilder. My interest in a Wilder vs Fury 3 is there as well, but below the other two. My disinterest in modern athletes goes well beyond boxing. I still like my hometown teams, and the players on them. But as far as guys on other teams, I honestly can't stand the lot of them, in all sports. LeBron James is there queen, and I could go on and on about that wanker (different topic). But it's sowered me on all modern athletes. I will never like another boxer as much as I liked Tyson. Or another basketball player as much as I liked Michael Jordan. A lot of that is they were the guys of my youth, yes. But it's also the modern entitled premadonna attitude they have now. Anyways to get back on topic, yes a Tyson vs Jones exhibition bout is MORE exciting to me than anything boxing can offer outside of Fury vs Joshua.
  7. The Boxing Thread

    I don't think it's going to be like the Sanders fight. I think it's going to be a lot more competitive than that, neither one of these guys wants to be made to look bad. I think it's going to be a lot more authentic than some realize. They are wanting to start this new "league" so they have to make a good first impression. I've heard Mike talk about it, and he wants this to be separate from traditional boxing (especially the major sanctioning bodies). That's one of the reasons why he's fighting Roy, because he was ok with that. Other fighters Mike talked to had managers, promoters, etc that had ties to the alphabet sanctioning bodies. Mike said "Roy has been promoting himself on his own for years, and that's what I was looking for." Roy also is a BIG name (that's important), and he isn't really a contemporary of Mike's like Holyfield or someone like that is. Roy talked about he fight also and he eluded to the "contemporary thing". He was asked about fighting Hopkins again and he said "I want to, and that would be a different thing. If I fight Hopkins again, it's going to be a real fight not an exhibition, too much history." So I'm sure Tyson has similar feelings about getting into the ring with Holyfield or Lewis or someone else like that. He's taking this fight serious, as is Roy, but not having a "winner" kinda takes the pressure off.
  8. The Boxing Thread

    It's like I said, they are doing some sort of Legends Only league. I'm interested.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    I understand what you are saying, and it's a valid point, but do you REALLY see some body builder or MMA guys really giving Tyson, Holyfield, Briggs or another former boxer all that much trouble? The division will need some "cannon fodder" as well. If those kind of guys want to step in the ring with Tyson for a good paycheck, then God bless them I say. On a side note, it would be fun if they can get Butterbean out of retirement as well. I would watch big ole' Butterbean knock around some bodybuilder guy. That would be fun imo. Let's be real here, IF this division does happen, it's more of a sideshow type of thing anyways. It's somewhere between celebrity boxing, exhibitions, and serious boxing. So enjoy it for what it is, and don't judge it for what it's not. I'm sure there are a TON of guys out there that would LOVE to get into something like this. Chris Byrd, David Tua, Rahman, etc. Maybe even Lennox might consider it. Also let me add, if they do it properly, with ONE champion it could give boxing a good kick in the pants. A Tyson vs Holyfield for the senior division championship would out perform (ppv wise) anything outside of your Fury's, Joshuas, Canelos, GGG, etc.
  10. The Boxing Thread

    I wouldn't be shocked if some kind of "heavyweight senior division" is in the works. It seems like Shannon Brigs, Holyfield, Tyson and a few more might be interested. I've even heard rumblings of Klitschko making a comeback (although he is young enough to fight for the real thing.) I think this is the best plan/idea, a bunch of 50 and 60 something's fighting is a lot better and smarter. That way it's a level playing field. Some ex MMA guys might be interested as well (from what I've heard). I think that's why Tyson isn't saying much about it, because it might be bigger than just him.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    I'm not making excuses for him, just pointing out that his story IS different than most others. He had the world by the balls by 20 years old, how would you of handled it? How would anyone of handled it? With no one in his corner that really cared (after Cus died). He got swept up by Don King's Bs, chewed and spit back out. No other fighter has had to deal with anything remotely as challenging (barring Jack Johnson's racist stuff). Not even Ali had as tough of a road personally. Yes he had the whole Vietnam thing, but that was HIS choice, we tend to over look that. Sure Tyson didn't HAVE to go with Don King, but King manipulated a 20 year old kid. A kid with no family, and no one that really cared about him at all. King then turned it into a white vs black thing, saying guys like Rooney were "slave masters" and come over here to where it will be blacks helping blacks. How did that work out for him? Total mind game. That's when Tyson started his decline, right before the first Bruno fight. Then came Douglas, and he was NEVER the same animal again. Surely you recognize this? The closest fights to "real" Tyson after the Bruno fight was the two against Ruddock. Which those are two epic heavyweight slugfests, that I watch fairly often. But even in those fights, Mike just wanted to out slug Ruddock. Not nearly as much defense and head movement, not nearly as many body shots, loading up for one or two big shots, etc. So this is where we agree to disagree, I say YES throw the records out the window. Why? Because Tyson's career is the BIGGEST what if in sports history. It doesn't compare in the slightest to anything you or I have gone through. When comparing to other fighters, you use your eye test. Name me one other heavyweight that looked better in the gym? Ali? No freaking way. Watching Tyson train is STILL to this day unlike anything else we've ever seen. Even Holyfield said recently "nobody out worked Mike in the gym." So Tyson out worked and out talented any heavyweight that has ever lived. That's gotta count for something man. That's why the "what ifs" DO count when they come to Tyson. Plus the eye test don't lie. You can't tell me that if we put a prime Joe Louis (again I love him) and a prime Tyson in the ring, Louis is in for some trouble? What do your EYES tell you?
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Long time no see... Anyways, I'd like to chime in here. As a general rule, I agree with you, but Mike was different. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY ever truly beat Tyson, Tyson beat himself. As painful as those last two losses were to watch, they were losses where his heart wasn't in it, he didn't train that much and was fighting just for money (not to mention he was battling drug addiction at that time). I'm not trying to sit here and do revisionist history here, but the reality is when Tyson was REALLY into boxing, training, taking it seriously, etc he never lost. This statement includes Buster Douglas, it's a well known fact that he didn't train or take that fight seriously. A PRIME Tyson (fully trained and engaged) is a SERIOUS problem for ANY fighter that ever lived, including Ali. While I'm not going to say for certain "Tyson beats Ali" but Ali DID struggle with Joe Frazier, and Tyson was a MUCH tougher (and similar) animal as Frazier. I've heard MANY boxing experts talk about this, and most agree. I'll just leave it at that. As for Mike making a comeback... I have mixed feelings about it. If he is taking it seriously (and he appears to be doing so), he could and WOULD be a dangerous fight for any of the top guys right now. Does that mean he would win? No. But he could give them trouble. Tyson Fury would be the WORST fight for a 54 year old Mike. I wouldn't want him to take that fight. I think the reasons why are self evident. Joshua I'm also not a huge fan of Mike taking. Joshua DOES have a suspect chin, but I feel after 6 or so rounds it would be Lennox vs Tyson all over again. Which leaves Wilder, that's the one guy I say "maybe" too. Now it's not a full on "yes Mike will win" but it's also not a for sure "Mike will lose either." What Wilder lacks, Mike has TONS of, even at 54. Wilder is a one trick pony, and Mike knows that. Avoid the right hand, he can be easily beaten. His footwork is terrible, his technique is terrible, his actual boxing skills are suspect. These are things that a prime Mike would have eaten for lunch. Obviously Mike is long past his prime, but even at 54 he could still take advantage of. What Mike would HAVE to do, is similar to what Foreman did. Don't go in looking for an early knockout (if Mike does that, he could be gassed by the 5th round). If he paces himself, waits for his opening, uses his FAR superior technique and boxing knowledge, and goes to wilders BODY a 54 year old Mike CAN knockout Wilder. I'm not saying he will, I'm just saying it's a BAD matchup for Wilder, and Wilder is dumb enough to want that fight (very Rocky 6 like). But that's really the ONLY real fight I would want Mike to take. Other than that, I agree... Exhibitions. As for what I said earlier, I know you are going to have problems with and I'm sure we will have to agree to disagree. I heard Teddy Atlas talk about Tyson vs Holmes recently. No dissrepect for Holmes, but even if Holmes was 28, the result would have been the same. Cus, Kevin, Teddy, and Tyson KNEW how to beat Larry. They had a game plan for how to deal with him (just like Schmeling had for Louis). Holmes had a flaw in his technique that Tyson was trained to take advantage of. Even though Teddy was out of he picture at that point, he made a bet (and won money) on Tyson knocking out Holmes with a right hand. Sure enough, that's what happened. After hearing that, you can't dismiss Tyson's ko of Holmes. Yes he was older, but that was TYSON'S guy, who he trained for, studied, etc. A prime Mike Tyson beats a prime Holmes every time. As for Ali, he would have been tougher than Holmes for Tyson, but it's a bad matchup for Ali, but I'm not going to declare a winner. I know you are going to talk about Tyson's heart vs other guys heart. But Tyson gets a bad wrap for his heart. Did he have Ali's heart? No. But it's still elite level. Lennox, Holyfield, and others have talked about it. Mike didn't give up (outside of the bite fight). He kept coming and coming. He also had a chin of granite. Those same guys have said that as well. Frazier... Tyson easily Louis... Tyson (Tyson was too fast and strong for him, and I LOVE Joe Louis) Foreman... That's a tough call, could go either way. Can Foreman deal with Tyson's speed? Can Tyson handle the bigger, stronger Foreman? Liston... Underrated all time fighter, arguably best jab ever, yes I said that. He might be the WORST matchup for Mike out of everyone. Holyfield... No disrespect meant, but it's pretty much "out" that Holyfield was on steroids by the mid 90s. The REAL Holyfield from 91/92 couldn't handle Prime Mike imo. But it still would have been a great fight. Lennox... Again no disrespect, but Lennox in the early 90s wasn't ready for Mike at that time. When Lennox WAS ready for him, Tyson was no longer really "into" boxing anymore, it was just a paycheck. A prime Mike vs a prime Lennox, Lewis's chin doesn't hold up imo. These are my true feelings. I'm not saying Mike is the GOAT, that's Ali and I'm not arguing it. But Iron Mike Tyson was the most talented heavyweight to EVER step in a boxing ring. He would have been trouble for ANY FIGHTER from ANY era. Mike didn't have the greatest career ever (that's Ali). I also admit that both Holyfield and Lennox had better careers during Mike's era. But I also say that if Cus had been 10 years younger, Tyson beats Douglas, then beats Holyfield, doesn't go to prison, and history is VERY different.

    Well, Downzy once gave me a 3 day suspension for some b.s. (which I'm sure he never informed any mods he did it). It boils down to the fact he just plain doesnt like me (which is fine), but he DID use his "power" to shut me up and then hide behind some b.s. So you can see how I might think it could happen again at any notice. (For the record he said I was diverting a thread topic, although I was talking about a political issue within a politics thread). He just didnt agree with my point of view. Anyways Russ, I've never had any issues with you, but I'm not going to address your post point by point either. All I will say is that I did not address ANYONE in this thread personally until they personally came at me. Go back and read the posts. I never said "so and so is dumb because he likes these films." I made a broad generalization about the films (that could represent anyone or no one in particular). But then people got offended like I attacked them personally. So everything I'm being accused of here I find to be very presumptuous on certain members parts. Which it all comes back to the fact that I word the used "pity." Because I pity that Star Wars has been reduced to this, that children are growing up with THIS as their Star Wars. My Lord, hang me from the gallows.

    You cant have an honest dialogue with this lot when it comes to these new films (I learned that earlier in this thread). They throw out condescending remarks like "nostalgia" and "rose tinted glasses" when you talk about the fact that the OT is considered almost perfect. Yet they dont see their own hypocrisy when discussing the sequel trilogy. Like seriously who is viewing things through "rose colored glasses?" DD, I've always found you to be an intelligent and interesting person to have these online conversations with. While we haven't always agreed, we disagreed from a place of respect and open exchange of thought and ideas. That is something that this forum is secerly lacking since Downzy took over imo. You have to agree with modern "woke" ideals, if not you get demonized. Take this tread for example, (while I admit that my words probably did come across condescendingly) the tone of which I wrote them got lost via written word. While if I had these same conversations in person (with all the same words used), certain people wouldn't of gotten so offended. Which I am by no means claiming innocence (I admit that I could have handled things differently) what I will say is that I NEVER directly attacked anyone in this thread. What I did was criticize a film series and say I feel "pity" for those that think these are good movies (because pity people growing up in an era that is handed such low quality from a series that was once considered THE best). But then what happend? I got personally attacked (I believe called "narrow minded" and "dumb") by someone I actually used to consider a friend. Let me reiterate, I NEVER once criticized anyone directly, yet got that in return. Basically what I'm saying is that some members on here are incapable of having a discussion of opposing view points (disagreeing but trying to understand the opposing view). It's not just on this forum though, it's in our whole society. We live in a society now where "you must agree with me or you are my enemy." That's not a world where creativity and ideas can be encouraged, but rather discouraged out of fear of being ostracized. Which irony of it all is this is just a film series, just movies. But as I've said, those throwing out these derogatory terms need to look in the mirror, perhaps they projecting their own faults on others? As for the film itself, I haven't seen it (and dont have any desire to). I've heard all the leaks, and I dont think I would hate it, no. But the problems caused by TLJ have ruined this film as well (just like I knew they would). The Last Jedi destroyed the Skywalker Saga, plain and simply. I just cant forgive the fact that a film series that has ALWAYS relied on the trilogy format, has been lessened to 3 stand alone sequels pretending to be a trilogy. As much damage as the prequels did is NOTHING compared to the damage caused by the sequel trilogy. Look at the numbers, the film isn't performing nearly as well. The Force Awakins did GREAT coming off of the prequels, but now the films are progressively doing worse and worse. That HAS to be a direct correlation with the quality of films being made. For the record, I dont care if Downzy suspends or bans me for this post.

    It's because I'm so passionate about this topic. I used to LOVE Star Wars. The wound is also still rather fresh. Star Wars was my favorite film series, until TLJ came. Now it's dead to me, its like a divorce or something. I loved the woman, and she cheated on me and took the house in the divorce. Just no coming back from that.