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  1. Depends on the format. Mp3, they are all on shuffle, along with plenty of other artists. On vinyl, I listen to them start to finish, along with appetite, lies, and CD. I don't have TSI or Live era on vinyl or I would have included them 😃
  2. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    While, you are correct about Slash wanting to get "back to his roots" during the Snakepit days, I think you are forgetting a couple of MAJOR points. For one, at that time, Guns climb was legendary, and fast. Before they knew it they were playing in front of 100,000's of people. So, at that time, getting back to his roots probably felt great. For two, With the exception of VR, Slash hasn't returned to being a big draw since. So you could argue that Slash has been stuck in "Snakepit" mode ever since. I bet it probably feels GREAT to being back on top after not being there for so long. Why go back to playing smaller venues so soon??? As for everybody else's comments... I agree with the poster that said "it's really on Axl and ACDC." I think this is the key ingredient. If Axl does Acdc next year, then I could totally see Slash doing another solo record. But that's not really because he "wants" to. I reject this claim that Slash can't wait to go do another Conspiritors album, not when SO MUCH more is in a potential Guns album.
  3. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    While I agree Slash has earned TONS of money the last 2 years, you are forgetting one big thing... his ego. How many legendary musicians do you see opening up for bigger acts constantly? Not very often. Sure you might see a one or two show type thing (like zz top opening for guns in texas), but they can also go and play by themselves easily. The Conspiritors never achieved that, not to the level I'm talking. You won't see Mick Jagger open for The Who. Why? It's an ego thing. Slash has officially reclaimed his title as the best rock guitarist in the world by being back in guns, he couldn't do that on his own, he tried, but it wasn't working out. Sure he had some success, but I view it more as "I need to work to make money" type of thing. Same with Axl in Nugnr, he had to tour every so often in order to make some money in order to keep up his lifestyle. Now that money isn't much of an issue anymore, why go back to playing second fiddle to Joe Perry (by opening for aerosmith), when you are the man in guns? Its a whole different vibe being the opening act vs the headliner. Could he do it as a straight act of love? Absolutely, I'm not denying this possibility. But if you don't have to, why do it? Why play junior varsity sports when you could star on varsity? It's just not logical imo. Could Slash feel like he owes Myles and the rest one more album/tour? Perhaps, and that might be the reason it does happen, IF it indeed does. I just don't see any indications that he had MORE fun playing with them than he does with Guns, honestly from my eyes, he IS having more fun playing with Guns, and the reasons I mentioned could be part of it. Also lets not forget, the supposed next Conspiritors album keeps getting pushed back. Why do you think that is? Could it be that he is considering making some of those songs Guns songs now??? Maybe? Only time will tell. As for your Izzy comments, while I don't disagree with you in certain aspects, I don't completely agree either. I loved guns in 1992, and Izzy wasn't there then. So I'm not going to beg for him now.
  4. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    IDK??? All this Slash and Myles talk sounds good on paper, but what's the reality? I'm not trying to diminish their partnership/band/or music they already made, but honestly what's the draw at this point? Sure die hards that post on forums will talk about wanting another record/tour out of them, but what about the general public? I just don't see much of an appeal to see Slash with THAT band after seeing him in gnr. Nor will the average person want to hear Myles sing Guns songs after getting the REAL deal for 2 years. Honestly guys, what manager/music exec/ insider or what not is going to say to Slash "Lets go back to opening for Alice Cooper or Aerosmith and make a lot less money or go play 5 thousand seat theaters and make even less money". I'm not saying Slash doesn't want to do another Conspiritors album or do another tour with them, because he might very well want to, he seems pretty loyal to them. I just feel it's not a smart move, especially financially. I really do feel that this guns reunion has killed any momentum and demand that The Conspiritors, Loaded, and Nugnr had. I feel the general public would care LESS about them, not more. Axl can go and do ACDC, because they are a HUGE band, but that's the only one I see at this point. Even that, while being fun, has an expiration date as well. This reunion I feel has created a specific demand for Axl, Slash, and Duff and if they want to remain on top, it's guns n roses or bust now imo. Now if they decided to retire gnr, that's different. But I think they are having to much fun to do that at this point. I just don't see any real potential for another Conspiritors album at this point folks. I don't see it getting any radio traction, or general public interest. Not now, not after seeing Guns n Roses. It's like eating your favorite meal and favorite dessert, then going home and making a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, feels like a let down.
  5. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I honestly don't believe we will be seeing a Slash and Myles album anytime soon. Same goes for an Axl/DC album, I think that was literally a "finish up the tour" kinda thing. Call me crazy, but I think new guns music is actually the most likely. Things seem to be going extremely well, from what we have heard. Slash likes to stay busy, and Axl already has a ton of music done. So I DO feel that once this tour is over, I can totally see Slash and Duff diving into the Cd2 songs and making them their own. Write a couple of new Slash rockers, boom that's the album. Besides, WAY more money in a new Guns album than either a Slash/Myles album or an Axl/DC album imo. AC/DC fan base is very split at the moment, honestly the Guns fans are more united at the moment than the ACDC fans are. Plus a new Guns album will allow them to tour for 2 or 3 more years, and touring is where the REAL money is. I'm hopefull
  6. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    One thing I DO very much take away from this interview is that Duff (perhaps Slash as well), are in this to win it. The fact that he said "we dove into the CD songs, and really decided to make them our own" is quite telling imo. It means they are really OWNING the legacy of Guns n Roses, even the things they weren't a part of. Why worry about THAT if you are only into for this tour? Also the CD songs sound better than ever imo. I feel like those are the NEW songs we are getting on this tour. While they might not be new to us die hards, how many average concert goers listened to Better or This I Love before this tour? To those people, those are literally new guns n roses songs. Which if you really go and listen to the Apollo show, the CD songs really do shine. Honestly, I DO have some hope we might see some new music out of them. This was one of the most positive sounding Guns n Roses related interviews in a long time. He did tell Jericho that they are having the best tour of their life, that's a pretty big deal.
  7. Edmonton Soundcheck

    I would be happy to hear Maddy, but if be pumped for a new song.
  8. Sorry (Apollo)

    The CD songs are probably the best thing about the Apollo show imo.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    Funniest thing ive read all day, especially the Bruce Lee part!! 😂
  10. The Boxing Thread

    Floyd even said himself, other fighters were just as good, maybe even better, inside the ring. But they didn't do as well as Floyd business side, had bad losses, or got hurt. Floyd didn't go out the way Ali or Tyson did, so he gets extra points there imo.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    I didn't say Conor was a legendary MMA fighter, I said legendary MMA striker, big difference. Which, that's why this fight was billed as competitive, MMA fans truly believed Conor had elite power. Which that's one of the things last night's fight proved, Boxers DO indeed hit harder than MMA guys. Being an elite MMA striker is equvilant to having average boxing power. Other things were learned as well... like Floyd truly is an ALL TIME GREAT fighter. Love him or hate him, he has earned that right. I also agree with him, when you add up the entire sport of boxing (in ring fights, pay per view draw, money made, undefeated record, and walking away with his brain in tact) He has a legitimate claim as TBE. Not The GOAT, that's Ali or sugar ray Robinson. But Floyd remaining undefeated, and truly fighting other great fighters is legit. He is by no means my fighter of choice (I like 20 guys better for sure), I still give him props. Arguably the best defensive fighter ever, and he ended his career with an exciting fight imo.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Does Conor hit as hard as Floyd? Probably, maybe even harder. Guys like Canelo and Triple G would run over Conor though, that's my point. If Conor is this legendary MMA striker, he only has midgrade boxing power. Ya I did. We had a fight party over a friends house. It was a good time. I was the boxing expert in a room full of MMA fans, and all my predictions came true. 😃
  13. The Boxing Thread

    The fight went pretty much how I expected. Conor' s biggest mistake was that he fully believed he was going to knock out Floyd within the first few rounds. So once that didn't happen, he had no plan b. Besides he wasted all of his energy trying to knock out Floyd, then he didn't have anything for the late rounds. I felt 8th round on Conor was in BIG trouble, he had NOTHING left. His arrogance in believing that HIS style was superior to that of boxing, and his unwillingness to actually study boxing, was a stupid mistake. At least it's definitive now, boxers punch HARDER than MMA guys, period. Anyone that doesn't believe that is an idiot.
  14. @Subtle Signs, It's a great story though. Congrats on being the ONE that got a pic out of Slash. Heck, the fact other media sources are talking about it, makes it even cooler.
  15. I gotta be honest, I don't really care if MY favorite musicians are fan friendly. Actually, I think I rather they are kinda a$$holes. Why? At least they REALLY are how they portray themselves in their music. Honestly how many musicians can we name that really did make up on stage personalities? Axl and Slash literally are who they say they are, I find that rather refreshing myself. They ARE what they talk about in the songs, take it or leave it. People know "Don't piss Axl off" and as such, it seems like people around him try not to piss him off. I don't see anything wrong with that. If Slash DOESN'T like taking pictures, then that's his thing. Respect it. In a world of fake politician niceness, and PC crap, I don't mind them being exactly who they are. Just be glad that Slash changed his mind and took the pic, you guys got lucky. This "fan friendly" attitude that many rock fans EXPECT, is directly related to Metallica IMO. They ALWAYS glorified themselves as this super "fan friendly" band. Which is great, if that's your thing. But now fans EXPECT all bands to be like that now. People are different, and clearly Axl and Slash have always been different than Metallica, it's just another reason to either prefer Guns or Metallica IMO. If Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Hendrix or any other legendary artist were in their prime today, do you think they would all be super fan friendly? No. Jimmy Page would be drunk all the time, he wouldn't have time for pics either. Hendrix would be out of his mind as well. Would those albums somehow be dimishes because of their lack of being fan friendly? Imagine the Sex Pistols today, do you think they would be taking pics after a show? Would it impact THEIR music? No. But for some reason fans hold Guns to a different standard. When Appetite first hit, and they became "The Worlds Most Dangerous Band," did anyone honestly expect Axl and Slash to be these "nice guys?" So 30 years later we want them to change? I'm glad Axl has mellowed, I really am. But I don't want him to be a choir boy now either. Same goes for Slash. I think they both have been quite fan friendly of late anyways, and whatever they lack, Duff makes up for. On a side note, I think it's funny every time websites take stories from Mygnr 😃👍