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    Well, Downzy once gave me a 3 day suspension for some b.s. (which I'm sure he never informed any mods he did it). It boils down to the fact he just plain doesnt like me (which is fine), but he DID use his "power" to shut me up and then hide behind some b.s. So you can see how I might think it could happen again at any notice. (For the record he said I was diverting a thread topic, although I was talking about a political issue within a politics thread). He just didnt agree with my point of view. Anyways Russ, I've never had any issues with you, but I'm not going to address your post point by point either. All I will say is that I did not address ANYONE in this thread personally until they personally came at me. Go back and read the posts. I never said "so and so is dumb because he likes these films." I made a broad generalization about the films (that could represent anyone or no one in particular). But then people got offended like I attacked them personally. So everything I'm being accused of here I find to be very presumptuous on certain members parts. Which it all comes back to the fact that I word the used "pity." Because I pity that Star Wars has been reduced to this, that children are growing up with THIS as their Star Wars. My Lord, hang me from the gallows.

    You cant have an honest dialogue with this lot when it comes to these new films (I learned that earlier in this thread). They throw out condescending remarks like "nostalgia" and "rose tinted glasses" when you talk about the fact that the OT is considered almost perfect. Yet they dont see their own hypocrisy when discussing the sequel trilogy. Like seriously who is viewing things through "rose colored glasses?" DD, I've always found you to be an intelligent and interesting person to have these online conversations with. While we haven't always agreed, we disagreed from a place of respect and open exchange of thought and ideas. That is something that this forum is secerly lacking since Downzy took over imo. You have to agree with modern "woke" ideals, if not you get demonized. Take this tread for example, (while I admit that my words probably did come across condescendingly) the tone of which I wrote them got lost via written word. While if I had these same conversations in person (with all the same words used), certain people wouldn't of gotten so offended. Which I am by no means claiming innocence (I admit that I could have handled things differently) what I will say is that I NEVER directly attacked anyone in this thread. What I did was criticize a film series and say I feel "pity" for those that think these are good movies (because pity people growing up in an era that is handed such low quality from a series that was once considered THE best). But then what happend? I got personally attacked (I believe called "narrow minded" and "dumb") by someone I actually used to consider a friend. Let me reiterate, I NEVER once criticized anyone directly, yet got that in return. Basically what I'm saying is that some members on here are incapable of having a discussion of opposing view points (disagreeing but trying to understand the opposing view). It's not just on this forum though, it's in our whole society. We live in a society now where "you must agree with me or you are my enemy." That's not a world where creativity and ideas can be encouraged, but rather discouraged out of fear of being ostracized. Which irony of it all is this is just a film series, just movies. But as I've said, those throwing out these derogatory terms need to look in the mirror, perhaps they projecting their own faults on others? As for the film itself, I haven't seen it (and dont have any desire to). I've heard all the leaks, and I dont think I would hate it, no. But the problems caused by TLJ have ruined this film as well (just like I knew they would). The Last Jedi destroyed the Skywalker Saga, plain and simply. I just cant forgive the fact that a film series that has ALWAYS relied on the trilogy format, has been lessened to 3 stand alone sequels pretending to be a trilogy. As much damage as the prequels did is NOTHING compared to the damage caused by the sequel trilogy. Look at the numbers, the film isn't performing nearly as well. The Force Awakins did GREAT coming off of the prequels, but now the films are progressively doing worse and worse. That HAS to be a direct correlation with the quality of films being made. For the record, I dont care if Downzy suspends or bans me for this post.

    It's because I'm so passionate about this topic. I used to LOVE Star Wars. The wound is also still rather fresh. Star Wars was my favorite film series, until TLJ came. Now it's dead to me, its like a divorce or something. I loved the woman, and she cheated on me and took the house in the divorce. Just no coming back from that.

    Just because you dont agree with me, you resort to saying this? I specifically said I was not trying to be condescending, but it's honestly how I feel. I was trying to avoid playing the age card, but since you've corned me I will... TLJ was made for 20 somethings that grew up with the prequels. Those too young to remember the OT as being SW, and only SW. I know that sounds condescending to younger people to say "you are too young to know what ...blank... was really about." Having said that there IS something to actually having lived through a movie, band, whatever as opposed to learning about it after the fact. Take Zeppelin for example, we both love them, but neither one of us ACTUALLY lived through the Zeppelin era. I cant pretend that I know what that was like. I never saw them in concert, I never experienced what life was like when Zeppelin was THE band. Same applies to everything else. Star Wars was THE film series from 1977-1987 (give or take). That was the pinnacle of its popularity. Everything since then is trying to recreate that magic. Which I'll be honest, I personally didnt really give a rip about SW until 88 or 89 or so, but I did know a lot of people that were crazy about it. Which Disney has every right to make movies for whatever audience they want. Having said that, they brought on this backlash by turning their backs on fans of a certain age. No, you are not going to please everyone, but what they did to Luke is just plain unforgivable and disrespectful. That was a kick in the balls for EVERY fan of a certain age, and it was completely intentional. That's the worst part. Despite what many Disney wars fans say, there is a HUGE section of the fan base that feels exactly like me. Most of the biggest SW youtubers out there have all turned on this trilogy. As for other movies go, I'm not going to sit here and say "all modern movies are crap." There are plenty of really good indie films or smaller studio productions. As far as major studio tent pole releases go, Hollywood is completely lost. They seem out of ideas. There is a genuine lack of creative talent in Hollywood anymore imo. There used to be genuinely good and interesting film ideas every year, now we just get remakes/reboots of those older films. I just dont except the garbage they sell anymore, and Disney is the WORST offender. Ive given up on Marvel (I'm pretty sure I've made that point them), but as I've said before I thought Endgame was pretty much garbage as well. Martin Scorsese just got a bunch of crap because he "doesnt consider Marvel films to be cinema." A bunch of people got all butthurt about that comment, but I get where he is coming from. Things like story, character development, etc have taken a back seat to "spectacle" and CGI overload. I have also stated multiple times that Godzilla movies are a guilty pleasure for me, by no means high quality filmmaking. But I dont expect that from them either, I only ask for entertaining monster movies. Which that's all I ask for from most Hollywood films, be ENTERTAINING. Which is something that has been going down hill as well. Sure "entertaining" is not going to be the same for everyone. But there was not a single entertaining moment about TLJ for me. I agree with all the criticisms others have levied in this thread, but I would also add more to them. I dont find a single redeeming quality about that film. I understand that you (and others here) dont agree with me, and that's fine. Maybe I came across a little heavy handed when I said the word "pity." Its not that I literally "pity" them. I pity that they are latching onto films from this era, because that's what is available now (and they are of a certain age group). People are naturally going to defend the things from "their" time, and those that are older are always going to say the younger stuff is crap. But in this case, I would point to the fact that Hollywood is constantly recycling movies from my youth, so clearly they also think they were good ideas. Even though they turn them into utter crap. Which you cant just say it's because of a certain demographic they are remaking/rebooting older films, because if that were true, it would have been happing all along (60s films getting remade in the 90s, etc) yes there were remakes then as well, but nothing like what is happening now.

    No, I can actually respect that opinion. To MANY people its OT or nothing. While I dont agree, I can accept it. I'm just of the opinion that it's the Lucas films ir nothing, but I can't accept the Disney Wars films, just like OT people cant accept anything other than those.

    It just caused SO MUCH damage to the franchise. I just dont see anyway to undo the damage it caused. Why do you always go there man? It doesnt have anything to do with this conversation.

    I'm not telling anyone to "fix" their opinions, I'm just saying I strongly disagree with them. No different than when people on here argue back and forth about Adler, Izzy, Sorum, etc.

    I am salty, salty that I had faith that Disney buying SW was a good thing. I'm salty that I thought the sequel trilogy would be any good. But I'm NOT salty about people enjoying the sequel trilogy. Honestly, I pity those people. I pity that they have deluded themselves into thinking these are actually good films. I'm old enough to remember a time when 4, 5, and 6 was ALL that existed. I saw TPM on day one, and I tried to talk myself into thinking it was "good." But I knew deep down inside something was "off" about it. I did the same thing for AOTC, tried to convince myself it was a good film, despite its many flaws. Then ROTS came out, and it was actually pretty decent. Still filled with problems, but at least it "felt" like SW after 2 films that didnt. After all the dust settled, I could finally be honest with myself and admit that the prequels were average at best. They were NOT the OT, but they still at least fit into the overall universe well (very few, if any plot holes). Then came the Disney Wars films... The first one was pretty decent. I was actually on board with it all, despite the fact that it basically rehashed previous movies. It at least set the stage for an interesting story going forward. Then came TLJ... There isnt a single redeeming quality about that film, I'm sorry. I understand some of you really defend it, and are entitied to that opinion. Having said that, having an opinion doesnt make it a good one or one worth sharing. I honestly feel bad for you, your film understanding must be so poor for you to think that's actually a good movie. I'm not saying that to be condescending, or mean, or anything of the sort. I'm saying it because I pity you. You must of missed out on some really quality films over the years. Either that or you are just blind to SW, and will accept any piece of garbage they throw your way. Which given the forum here (guns n Roses) I find it ironic that some or you wont accept certain things from guns anymore (lack of music, endless tours, no full reunion, etc). But you'll gloss over the NUgnr of SW films (Disney Wars), and even defend it. Rey=DJ Ashba of SW, there I said it.

    Here let me fix this for you Great Episode 5 Episode 4 Good Episode 6 Episode 3 The bad Episode 1 Episode 2 These are the only Star Wars films, I'm not sure of these "other" films you all speak of. Last time I checked though, Luke turned Vader to the light side of the force, and the emperor was defeated. The chosen one ANAKIN fulfilled the prophecy described in the prequels. The rest of these "stories" you lot keep describing sound like some sort of awful fanfiction.
  10. Xbox Series X

    But when these consoles come out, it will lower the price of comparable GPU's. Even though these consoles will most likely be sold at a loss, it's all about supply and demand. Right now the demand and supply for high end GPU's isnt extremely high, hence why they can sell them for a premium. The demand and supply for mid range GPU's is where it's at currently (and these prices have been continually been falling). So when the new consoles come out, PC builders are going to demand these new GPU's. Which they will probably be fairly expensive at first, but they will slowly fall, as they became the current midrange cards. GPU makers will surpass the console cards, and they will become the new high end cards. So I stand by my initial statement, give it a year or so, but you will be able to build a $900 PC that will dwarf these consoles.
  11. Xbox Series X

    To each their own. I've already derailed this topic enough I'm sure.
  12. Xbox Series X

    Not if you own a physical version of that game. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I own physical versions of every rom I own. But I DO own physical versions of a TON of them, especially the Nintendo titles that are the most "controversial." Or you can also own a collection game (like the Genesis Switch collection), that covers most of my Genesis games. So you can't just throw a blanket statement that "roms are illegal." Because that's not accurate.
  13. Xbox Series X

    How's the resolution on your modern tv? Or do you have it hooked up to a CRT tv? Which those are fun lugging around aren't they? I can adjust the resolution to add scan lines (to simulate CRT), or can play in actual HD. Good luck with that with a SNES my friend. Even if you get special cables to adjust the resolution (which I tried that route as well), still doesnt match emulation.
  14. Xbox Series X

    Dont get me wrong, I understand that there is obviously still a market for consoles. Just look at kids 6-16, they (most likely) just plain can't build a PC. I'm more talking to the older folks, those of us in this thread, etc. If I can build a PC, so can you. I just view console gaming to be a waste of money for most people in their 20's and 30's. I'm just trying to get that person that's super excited about the new PS and Xbox consoles to stop and think "maybe I should think about PC gaming." You wont regret it.
  15. Xbox Series X

    Never heard of emulation? I have 3 PC's (a Dell from 2004, a Dell from 2011, and brand new gaming PC) that can play games from the dawn of gaming all the way up to modern AAA titles (gaming PC). I own most of the best consoles of all time (except for Sony consoles, but that's a different discussion). Anyways I have (actual consoles) Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Switch, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, OG Xbox, and 360. I will tell you point blank, because of emulation I have RETIRED all of them from use except for the Switch and the 360. I openly play my switch, and the 360 my 4 year old plays Lego Dimensions on (but that's it). Literally EVERYTHING else we can play on one of my emulation PC's. Let me also add that I NEVER have to blow anything to get the games to work either. They ALWAYS work, imagine that. If you want to talk controls... I have authentic arcade controls for these PC's as well. The original controlers dont have anything on arcade controls my friend. Have you ever played Sonic with arcade controls? Blows the controller away.