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  1. Super Mario Maker 2

    Thanks!!! I agree, it's not perfect. I might have rushed it a bit (I was trying to get it done asap, while the game is new). Some of the "gauntlet" levels were on purpose, because some players DO like that. I tried to do a bit of everything. I also REALLY tried stretching the limits of a "maze" type feel on some levels as well. I'm also doing some sort of giveaway (for those that complete the entire game) on my YouTube channel. So if that interests you, watch my video, and stay tuned for future videos (you already have a HUGE leg up on beating the game). I WILL keep making levels, for sure. Thanks for playing.
  2. Super Mario Maker 2

    Here is a trailer for my Super Mario Redux
  3. Super Mario Maker 2

    I already had the Nintendo online service (I bought it for the NES games). So it wasn't an added or extra expense for me, just something I already had. I understand what you are saying though.
  4. Super Mario Maker 2

    They are the codes to access my levels. It's how you search for them. Ypu can also put in my user ID code, which will take you to my profile and access them that way as well. Yes you need Nintendo online to do this, but its only $20 for a whole year. When you play online, you can try and set the "world record" for any course you play (beat it in the fastest time). You can also download any level, and play them offline as often as you want (I recommend this for playing them multiplayer).
  5. Super Mario Maker 2

    Tell me what you think? What is your name on there?
  6. Super Mario Maker 2

    Fixed it. My user ID is P2L-DPT-46G Might make it a little easier.
  7. Marvel fatigue anyone

    That movie looks dreadful imo. I despise making villains sympathetic. The Joker should be evil and crazy, just to be evil and crazy. Giving him a backstory where his life was hard and unfair takes AWAY from the character, it doesn't add to it. Just like Vader being BETTER before the prequels. More explanation isn't a good thing.
  8. Super Mario Maker 2

    Here is my game, give it a play. Super Mario Redux World 1.1 NON-R6F-D1G World 1.2 V5P-R4K-JVG World 1.3 46H-7P7-TPG World 1.4 84F-W1B-TYF World 2.1 6Y8-B9M-GWF World 2.2 D4X-9LC-BSF World 2.3 67P-D2V-1LF World 2.4 VWB-888-RQF World 3.1 VW8-97Y-NLG World 3.2 XQ9-FL3-PVF World 3.3 NO6-QK7-TPG World 3.4 V5W-1RR-3XG World 4.1 6RT-L6D-DRG World 4.2 46K-6DC-WXG World 4.3 QR9-JLT-LQG World 4.4 XL5-Q9X-1LF World 5.1 JVS-X9Q-GWF World 5.2 0QL-8M5-PVF World 5.3 4GC-YL3-P7G World 5.4 4BY-T3W-1YF World 6.1 QWT-H65-62G World 6.2 GCR-MFX-Q3G World 6.3 JV6-PXP-3TF World 6.4 69S-5S3-DRG World 7.1 BY3-49O-8XF World 7.2 6T4-M6F-1PG World 7.3 2TK-WF6-DDG World 7.4 XDV-BMM-LCG World 8.1 2FP-DYK-1YF World 8.2 08Y-TT8-YSG World 8.3 8OR-W28-W6G World 8.4 NQH-CJY-NHF
  9. Super Mario Maker 2

    Yes, there are some limitations, it would take forever for me to describe what you can and cant do. Based upon what you said, Mario Land 1 IS possible to recreate (I actually played a level where someone did exactly that). As for the others, Wario isn't in the game as of now (although I DO think DLC will happen. It seems like they left certain things out on purpose. They left space in the game selection screen, which if they were 100% done, why leave space?) So I DO expect Mario 2 to get added, and possibly some Wario content, and other things. As for what you CAN do, you can do Mario 1 95% accurate (the only things missing are night stages and the large castles at the end of the level. Where the flag pole is, before the 4th level, a BIG castle was present. Also no fireworks after beating a level. But these are all minor issues really. As for Mario 3, it's probably around 85%. The Koopalings are missing, which is a little disappointing. Hopefully they get added eventually as well. Also not ALL of the stage options or powerups are available. You only get the leaf and boot (as far as unique Mario 3 powerups). Mario World (I'm not as familiar with, although I DID play and beat it back in the day, I haven't replayed it as much as 1 and 3). From what I remember though, probably around 90% is there. You get the feather, green and red yoshi, and most of the enemies and levels. Mario Wii U I cant really comment on and I think Mario 3d worlds is new to Mario Maker 2. Both of these game modes are really fun though. As for how BIG you can make levels, you get two areas per level (main and a warp), and you can make them both pretty freaking big. As big or bigger than any level you can think of from Mario 1, 3, or World. It doesn't give you unlimited resources, like you can only 5 or so Bowsers/ Bowser jrs. Per section of your level. Same goes for doors, you can only add 4 per section of your level. By section I mean main and warp. You can have 4 doors in your main and 4 more in your warp, for a total of 8 per level. Which is a little bit restricting, yes. But if you are creative and plan your levels well, it feels like a lot. Overall I cant speak higher of this game, I like it a lot. It's my favorite Mario game EVER. 3 and 1 were always my favs, and BOTH are well represented. I always liked Mario World (although I'm not sure where I would rank it), but it's a nice addition. Mario Wii U and Mario 3d are great as well, and a lot of fun, especially Mario 3d worlds, the cat suit is a LOT of fun. As of today, it's my favorite Switch game we own, and that includes: Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Diablo 3, Skyrim and Mario Kart 8. It really hits that sweet spot of being nostalgic, yet also new and fresh.
  10. Super Mario Maker 2

    You can make a lot more than 32, but you can only upload 32. I haven't counted, but I bet you can make around 100 or more.
  11. Super Mario Maker 2

    You won't regret it. It's seriously my favorite Mario game ever. Making levels can be quite time consuming. I just got all 32 from my "game" uploaded, and it took me the better part of a week to do. I'll put the codes in here tomorrow, so you guys can play them. I really look forward to people playing them. I know my wife and kids seemed to enjoy them. Like I said before, they start put pretty easy, but then I ramp up the difficulty. They are not crazy hard (I wanted them to be beatable by decent Mario players). Having said that, I struggled at times during my play through, and I made the levels, lol.
  12. Super Mario Maker 2

    For sure!!!
  13. Super Mario Maker 2

    Agreed!!! I LOVE this game, it's probably my favorite Switch game to date. Playing through levels with 2-4 players is a lot of fun as well. I've been hooked on it since we bought it. Honestly, it's probably my favorite Mario game ever. Why? It has elements from ALL of my favorite Mario games (although I do miss Mario 2, they should add that with DLC). While I do like the 3D Mario games (Mario 64, Odyessey, etc) I actually prefer the 2D games, they are just more fun imo. I am in the process of going back and fine tuning all my levels before they are uploaded. I actually have made a full blown Mario game (8 Worlds, 4 levels per world). I tried to keep it in the spirit of the original games. So while it's not as creative or imaginative as some other levels out there, I think it actually "feels" like playing a new Mario game, at the same time reminding players of the original games. I called it Super Mario Redux. It starts out fairly easy, but it gets challenging as the game goes along (just like Mario games of old). I have to take the Switch back from my daughter (she has had it for the last 24 hours). Then I will fine tune everything, upload, and put the codes here so folks can play them.
  14. PC gaming chatter

    Awesome rig!!!
  15. PC gaming chatter

    Awesome rig