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  1. Whatever you guys do, do not search Axl Rose on Twitter. People are roasting him all over the place over a bad pic from 2016 and they’re getting crazy numbers. I kinda feel bad because Axl has looked okay and definitely better in the last few years than 2011-14.
  2. It’s obvious to anyone that the first solo on CD is Robin Finck, however I always thought it was obvious that the second solo (the one right after Finck’s) is Bucket, since he debuted it on the 2002 shows. Don’t ask how or why I came across this article on the old GnR website from 2008, but there’s an official description of all the tracks, excluding Shacklers for some reason. https://web.archive.org/web/20081204070225/http://web.gunsnroses.com:80/news/article.jsp?ymd=20081123&content_id=a1&vkey=news&fext=.jsp It says the CD solo is Ron Thal. Could it be talking about the noodling over the outro? Because the other two solos are most definitely not BBF. The liner notes on CD for title track say “Guitar solos: Robin Finck, Buckethead”. So, which is correct? http://aln2.albumlinernotes.com/site/mobile?url=http%3A%2F%2Faln2.albumlinernotes.com%2FChinese_Democracy.html#3040
  3. Perfect Crime was never going to be played live in 2002. That setlist is from 2006. In 2002, GnR only played 2 songs from BOTH UYI albums (November Rain and You Could Be Mine, not counting the two covers). It seems like Axl didn't care to play any more than the 2 songs off UYI from 2001 all the way into Bumblefoot bringing back Don't Cry in 2006/7. Very AFD heavy sets during the 2001-2, 2006-7 eras. Seems like that material was being buried for whatever reason.
  4. Nope, that's from 2006. It's strange that the band played considerably less new material in 2002 than 2001 (no OMG, Silkworms and Riad only played five times out of 22 shows). There are some 2002 shows where only two CD songs are played. A snippet of Prostitute was of course played before NR, but nobody knew what that was back then. I think TWAT and Prostitute were considered the big guns and they were maybe being saved for the rest of the cancelled US shows into 2003. Seeing Bucket play his solo on TWAT live now is only but a dream sadly. I think someone else hit the nail on the head for Catcher and the Brian May situation. By the time the 2002 shows started, Axl had already been done w/ May's contributions and had no guitar solo for that song until Ron recorded one in 2006/7. By the time the 2006 tour came around after the leaks, it was obvious at that point that this band was not gonna play unheard material as they played all three leaks at Hammerstein minus Catcher (still no solo).
  5. Best of both worlds: 6 songs from the Chinese Democracy sessions without adding or deleting any parts. 6 songs from the NITL lineup with brand-new Axl vocals. This way, the Bucket/Finck era gets more out of their tenure and pleases those fans AND you can market this album as “the first original GnR album w/ Slash since UYI”. Win win. You guys need to really let the Izzy thing go. He’s not going to go into a studio with these guys ever again and they aren’t gonna release any mid 90’s album that probably doesn’t even exist.
  6. Rocket Queen is very much re-recorded Axl vocals. Actually, I love the little nuances he adds to the back half and outro of the song. Live Era is also on Tidal now if anyone cares lol
  7. Actually, Beavan is credited with “Initial Production on Bucket solos If the World and Madagascar”. They were later edited, re-amped and re-engineered by Caram.
  8. Have not seen you on the forum in years. Welcome back. You were considered an insider back in the CD era and if I’m not mistaken helped fans with Hammerstein pre-sales and confirmed Shacklers for Rock Band 2 before anyone else. Good to have you back!
  9. Love OMG. Even the two live versions we have are excellent (esp. Rio where Axl ends the song without the band).
  10. The Ulrich Schnauss Incident

    This had to have been a Pitman thing. I think many of us were actually surprised to see Riad even make the album, since it got abandoned on the 02 tour. I think it was actually on the alt setlist in 2006, but never materialized. Until the Skwerl leak, this song was as dead as Silkworms.
  11. The General, Thyme, Seven and Leave Me Alone — four tracks Beltrami worked on. Oklahoma, Ides of March, Quick Song, Zodiac, Atlas Shrugged and Down by the Ocean all confirmed by Axl in 2008. Oklahoma may’ve been changed to Berlin, but it was actually confirmed back in 2000 in a RollingStone piece along with TWAT and The Blues.
  12. Yeah, I think Robin returned to Guns late in 2000 around October. According to Axl, the band played live together in rehearsals for the first time in December 2000, weeks before the HoB date.
  13. Okay, just checked now and it’s back on Tidal. Can we get a 10th anniversary reissue anyways @Dexter @Fernando?
  14. Weird, because the full album was on Tidal yesterday and today it’s gone. I don’t think we’re getting a 10th anniversary reissue or anything (lol), but it seems suspect? Can anyone see if it’s still on Apple Music and Spotify? If it's been removed from those as well, then I think there's something more to this. Whatever it's worth, Oh My God is still on TIDAL.
  15. What is Axl up to these days?

    No offense, but are you speaking for all the mods and @downzy with that statement? The last few times he came around the forum was hilarious and informative. If he wanted to return, you make it sound like the mods wouldn’t accommodate such a thing. Weird.