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  1. They should absolutely drop all the covers (Seeker, Black Hole Sun, Wichita, even Rosie) and the horribly paced midsection with Wish You Were Here into NR into KOHD. Drop KOHD or shorten it by half it's length, same for Rocket Queen. Drop This I Love and You Could Be Mine unless Axl finds his 2010 mojo again. A shorter, tighter set would go a long way in lieu of not playing brand-new material (which won't happen I'm afraid). Add Dead Horse, You're Crazy (Lies), You Ain't the First and some CD tracks that haven't gotten attention. Alternate Sorry with The Blues or IRS. Try out OMG. Keep Slither and Shadow. Doing all of this would make me not care so much about them touring the hits and not promoting new material.
  2. “We’re working on thirty-two songs, and twenty-six are nearly done,” he says. Of those, thirteen are slated for the final album. - Axl Rose (January 2006, RollingStone) Thirteen turned into fourteen with the addition of “This I Love”. With the 14 from Chinese, that leaves us with 18 “working on/nearly done” tracks as of January 2006. Of course this is before Ron and Frank added parts in January 2007. 18 tracks are probably in the can by now and finished. Among those are surely the excised “The General”. I can see Duff, Slash and Melissa adding to the best 12-14 tracks out of that 18. Also fair to assume those 18 include Silkworms, Going Down and very possibly Oh My God. All of which will never be released or remade by the current lineup.
  3. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    Only including “Chinese era (2001-2014)” performances: Chinese - Rio 2001 (even though this omits the fantastic Bucket solo) Shacklers - Chilé 2010 Better - RAR 2006/Bucharest 2010 The Blues - Dublin 2010/Boston 2002 If - Canada or South America 2010 TWAT - Hammerstein 2006, there’s probably a better 2009/2010 performance but I’m blanking out Catcher - L’arc 2010 Scraped - Edmonton 2010 Riad - Pukkelpop 2002 Sorry - Sydney 2010 IRS - Bucharest 2010/RAR 2006 Madagascar - Rio 2001 This I Love - Arnhem 2010 Prostitute - Vegas 2014 ———BONUS——— Oh My God - Rio 2001 Silkworms - HOB 2001
  4. Ya this dude is the king of ripping off lesser known articles, spewing false information, and using clickbait like his life depends on it. Sad!
  5. Tired of these same old tidbits. Weren’t you there for more than a conversation about vocals Moby? Say something else about the experience! We’ve heard this story a million times..
  6. It’s amazing how many folks in this thread know their shit and can back it up with sources, yet the guy who seemingly makes a living making “history of GnR” videos on YouTube is nowhere to be found after being called out for his misinformed video. Hilarious!
  7. Overproduction and things getting buried in the mix are the chief complaints regarding CD. Not really the amount of musicians imo.
  8. If it is legit and you can confirm that, then could we remove the “[RUMOUR]” part in the thread title?
  9. Interesting. Definitely something brewing if Caram’s involved. pls don’t record over finck or bucket parts!!😭
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - Think About You is one of the best songs in the GnR catalog - Scraped (after the intro) and especially Riad are good rockers and don’t deserve a lot of the vigor - Can’t believe someone actually said this in the thread but Robin Finck’s “Patience” solo is better than Slash’s. Would love for AFD 1999 (Patience is on it) to leak so we could hear this properly. - 2006 was a thrilling time to be a fan imo. Axl looked and sounded awesome and the band was so tight - NITL got old quick, Wichita Lineman, Shadow & I Feel Good and Adler guesting were the highlights