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  1. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    Was that reddit user ever confirmed to actually be @Fernando? Anyways, an update on new music is sorely needed and well overdue at this point. The leaks were the most excited the fanbase had gotten since the reunion and CD release.
  2. Hey, you never know — they might dust off their classic Black Hole Sun rendition as well
  3. For Fun My Own Custom ChiDem Trilogy

    the Atlas 1997 reddit guy has resurfaced lol
  4. Solutions

    Solutions for what? What is this in response to?
  5. No way in hell Hardschool or anything new/interesting happens tonight.
  6. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Hardschool Oklahoma Going Down Perhaps Me and My Elvis Thyme/State of Grace Quick Song Eye on You As It Began Curly Shuffle Silkworms Dummy D-Tune Nothing Dub Suplex Atlas Shrugged
  7. Why no Street of Dreams?

    The Blues, Shacklers, IRS, Scraped, Riad and If the World have yet to be played on the NITL tour. Would love to see the first three of those attempted.
  8. Black Hole Sun is god awful lol
  9. The piano and solo at the end of D Tune are magnificent. Also, drums on Circus are great. Would love to hear vocals on these. Absolutely love Axl’s singing style on Nothing. As It Began is still epic and Me and My Elvis (Soul Monster) is still my favorite instrumental. bring on RM2. All hail The Chairman!!!
  10. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Who’s there and can listen in on the sound check? It’s apparently happening right now. also, anyone speak fluent Korean? 👀
  11. Bucket Slash Finck Izzy Ron Fortus ————-——-——- DJ
  12. hopefully all these old people in line bring some damn energy tonight 😭
  13. @DTV88 are u in line? I’m wearing the how are you grenade shirt. where in line are you?
  14. if you walk up to the will call you can stand there and listen to the sound check rn
  15. just got to the venue. estranged is being soundchecked rn