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  1. For those with more research into the performances, what are the best performances of TWAT, Prostitute, Catcher in the Rye and Sorry? And for OTGM/My Michelle, obv the first Adler performance is the definitive one.
  2. We’re really just splitting hairs now eh?
  3. Axl’s literal first tweet is about attending these exact rehearsals lol
  4. I've remixed it. If anyone wants to listen, feel free to PM me.
  5. Let’s start a GoFundMe to pay for Atlas and Jackie Chan demos
  6. CD sounds very good here, would dare say even better than the NITL lineup but not as smooth as the 2001/2 lineup — then again it was a very different song then! The perceived value of these rehearsals may be enough to deliver us new GnR demos, so this could be great! Would love to hear the rest of the rehearsals! Tommy’s voice is way underrated.
  7. His voice was "Mickey shit voice" the entire NITL run? Why do you even post in this section lol
  8. Where did you hear that? All we know is that Atlas Shrugged didn’t make the cut because of time constraints, according to Bumblefoot. This I Love was also supposedly not going to be included until Axl was pushed by Tommy and other members. Perhaps Atlas was replaced by This I Love. Silkworms and Oh My God were both played live and didn’t make the final album. OMG ended up on the End of Days soundtrack. Going Down and “Jackie Chan” didn’t make the album, but both leaked (only a snippet of the latter).
  9. That opening Jungle scream was honestly the best part of the entire performance (followed up by a pretty good Madagacar) and probably where he blew his voice out unfortunately.
  10. As much as it lacks any new content, I would still love to see the entire VMA rehearsal. The 2002 lineup was a fucking scorcher, that only got to play something like 23 shows. Would love to see Madagascar rehearsed in full!
  11. Probably a combination of sorts. Not everyone is the type to settle down and start a family. Plus, I do believe Axl sees the Lebeis family as an extension of his own family at this point. He was in an extensive relationship with Sasha Volkova in the mid-late 00’s if I recall. That would be a great get for all these GnR podcasts lol
  12. Duff Credited for Oh My God?

    Right, but Axl says it wasn’t finished. The story goes Jimmy Iovine wanted a new GnR song on the soundtrack, and Axl did it as a favor to him and because of the history of Arnold & YCBM. Axl and co. were still tinkering with the track up until the last minute. “Mr. Rose fussed over the song so much that he, Mr. Iovine and studio technicians stayed up until nearly dawn adjusting the final mix, according to people involved." (New York Times, 03/06/05) "[Oh My God was demo], only at the time having just got it together. Only Jimmy Iovine knew that who wanted it to sell their soundtrack. I saw segments of the movie which were good. As a whole, later, not so much, but it wasn't ready yet then. I did write an experimental piece inspired by the bits I'd seen, called 'Daddy Can the Devil do Mommy and me?'" (Axl, Chinesedemocracy.com, 12/13/08)
  13. Duff Credited for Oh My God?

    Do you have a source for that claim? You would think the guy tinkering on the sound for 3 years would be able to ascertain whether the release was a demo or not, no?
  14. Duff Credited for Oh My God?

    This should answer all your questions on OMG: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/axl-speaks-out-250465/