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  1. Much better performance on Shadow by Axl here. Stellar.
  2. Def not Billy Idol lol Billy Joel
  3. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Do those have new vocals?
  4. @RussTCB Would you mind changing the topic title to "HOUSE OF BLUES 2001"? "Las Vegas 2001" is too vague, as they played three different shows in Vegas that year.
  5. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    While I love Robin's solo and the orchestration on the album version, the vocals on this are far superior. This shit bangs! It's a good day to be a Chinese era fan. Fuck, we need new music!!!
  6. Holy fucking shit. The holy grail!!!!!!!
  7. The vocal track on The Blues is different from the album version where Axl adds on “that’s what I’d tell ya” at the end. The 2001 version has the “ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh” instead, which is much better imo!
  8. If these are fanmade, then where did the new Axl vocals come from ("isn't that absurd?" and the vocalizing before the slow part). I think these are remixes, but they are legitimate.
  9. Silkworms has a section with new lyrics, honestly love it. Similar to the HOB version. OMG sounds different, new drums in the bridges. Bucket or BBF on here now. I think this is from the "remix album". absurd!
  10. At this point in the NITL tour there are just three songs never played lived but are or were on the alt setlist: Oh My God, You’re Crazy (AFD) and Perfect Crime They may as well have a crack at all three before it’s all over.
  11. Can’t believe they’ve retained the horrendously paced Wish You Were Here into NR into BHS into Knockin. How do you expect a crowd to be alive during that stretch? At least throw in Out Ta Get Me somewhere in there
  12. Amongst all the drama, has a full set list been posted? Did they play Coma? How short was the set?
  13. SLITHER. Wow. Props to Axl.
  14. All of this footage is incredible. Jarring to see The Garden played live in pro shot. Pretty damn good rendition of Nice Boys too (though my all time fav performance is London 2010 w/ Duff). Hoping more of these proshots seep thru.
  15. Which charts are you referring to? The Billboard Hot 100 will not reflect this past weeks release yet, because it’s too early. It would be shocking if GnR made the Hot 100 in 2018.