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  1. Damn i think I’ll check out the Santa Cruz show — was too young to see the 01/02 lineup so I wanna see Bucket before he hangs it up
  2. Madagascar sounds fucking demonic now
  3. Wow that fucking yell at the end of Rosie holy shit
  4. This has been a better show than anything from 2011-2014 and 2016. Sorry @IncitingChaos!
  5. Patience Madagascar Rosie Dont Cry Seeker TWAT PC is my guess
  6. def just played the start of TWAT and stopped it... probably will play that and Madagascar in the encore. Probably no surprises tonight guys. Though getting all the CD songs played so far in one show and OTGM is good enough for me.
  7. Damn I missed the barrage of CD songs.... hopefully we get some surprises. I'll take Think About You.
  8. Can I get a link to this please?
  9. @Stiff Competition How was this show?
  10. Chinese Democracy Is 9 Years Old

    It's a great album with it's biggest detriment being all the layers. Listening to them isolated or remixed with some breathing room shows you how good most of the material was. At the moment, I can't stop listening to TWAT with just the bass and drums. Tommy owns that damn song. I remember waiting for the album with the rest of you on here from 06-08, while others waited even longer. Towards the finish line, it seemed like maybe the label was putting some oomph behind the release what with Body of Lies and Rock Band 2, but it never panned out with any promotion. CD shouldn't have been the first single, Axl should have a bunch of promo considering he had to get people to go into a Best Buy to get it and they shouldn't have the streamed the entire thing on MySpace right before release. Also, Finck quitting in April of that year was probably a devastating blow to Axl. Hopefully we get new music soon lol
  11. Could've easily BARTed in for this after work but I can't justify these outrageous prices. With my luck, they will bust out something random like Perfect Crime or You're Crazy. It would've been cool to finally see some of the CD songs they are rotating in like Madagascar and Prostitute.