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  1. Estranged from Rock in Rio 2011 (Discussion)

    I didn't even hate DJ but even Axl afterwards is shaking his head like "What the fuck dude..."
  2. 08/30/17 - Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium

    The same things get said by the same people regarding setlists. The people who complain constantly that it's the same are ridiculous and holding on for something that will never come. I'll never understand that irrationality. There's no reason to change it, for it's a roaming circus act that needs to please a new crowd every night.
  3. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I feel like the biggest issue is people complaining about setlists. Everyone who attends a show loves what they see, and they're fine with the setlist. We all complain about setlists because we see it on a forum every night.
  4. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    I agree with you, but that's what they want. When I saw them live it was so noticeable that Estranged was done much faster. The song was only like 7 minutes. I'm confident in saying that they just want to make time so that the shows don't go too late
  5. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Everyone mad at Frank is goofy. You know that Axl wants him to play at a faster tempo, right? Frank is a fantastic drummer, but they need to play the songs a bit faster to make time.
  6. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Everyone outside of this board is happy with the show. I'm glad I'm not most of you, miserable with a free show
  7. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Man most of you guys didn't pay for shit so take your "Same old shit"s and get to steppin. It was a nice stream! Really enjoyed hearing some soundboard quality audio of the show. Estranged was top
  8. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    The Seeker was dope. I've begun to appreciate how mad it makes most of y'all
  9. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    You guys really need to understand something. Not everybody follows the band's every move. Not everybody watches a periscope feed of every single show. Turn off the periscopes once in a while, and look at this from the perspective of a fan who doesn't do those things. There are fans who, probably, haven't seen much of Guns live unless they've attended a show or seen a brief stream on Facebook or Instagram. This is COOL to those people. Complaining about the setlist is normal for the forum, but to the people who haven't seen much, Black Hole Sun is NEW to them.
  10. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Nah. You do.
  11. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

  12. SiriusXM Guns N Roses Radio Start Time

    Is anyone doing any recording of the direct feed? For things like the Coachella recordings
  13. I can't help but notice that Fortus is wearing the Snapchat Spectacles on the GN'R snapchat story. I know that they're working out a way to enable live streaming from those spectacles. How dope would that be
  14. [POLL] 2010 Axl vs. 2016 AXL/DC Axl

    Look, Axl's voice is certainly not in prime shape and that's just normal with age Still, he sings well enough. It's the case of having a Lambo vs having an every-day-car If my Lambo is aging, enthusiasts are going to know it's got it's issues and that's its a bit older. To most people though, it's still a fucking lambo. An aging every-day-car though, enthusiasts and common folk alike are going to know it's a piece of shit. Axl's the lambo.
  15. 05/30/17 - Bilbao, ES - Estadio San Mames

    100%. Every thread turns into the same discussion every time. It's either bitching about setlists, lack of old band members, dislike for current band members, or stuff about Axl's voice. Every time. I get it, everyone's entitled to their opinion much like we're entitled to ours. And I'm not asking for the site to be censored. But fuck, it gets annoying seeing that in every thread. I really just want to know what was played, get reviews/thoughts from people who attended, and see footage/pictures from the show in a thread like this. When it comes to setlists and stuff, I dunno why people expect something different everytime. When I went to a show, I was so damn excited and happy with what I saw, and everyone else was too. And then the thread was a bunch of, "Welp they played the same old stuff, no surprise!" "Can't stand Melissa but good show I guess" and "Trash, they don't care about the fans!" They DO care about the fans, that are actually there. Not the pricks on the internet bitching about setlists who aren't at the show. I do wish the mods would take a stance of disallowing that type of shit in proper stickied threads because it's always the same, but I get the discussion side of it.