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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Holy fuck. I can't stand King Ross but I like the others especially Blampied. Him and Simon are my favourites.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    THe headbutt Kevin Owens gave Vince looked real. It grosses me out to watch it.
  3. You don't have time because you know I'm right and saying the mystique of GnR is why you became a fan is total fucking bullshit. Just like if I said the mystique of scientology is why I'm a fan of Tom Cruise. Fact is you're a fan of GnR for the music and that's all there is to it. Nobody became a fan for the mystique of drama. It's simply an element that has kept us taking.
  4. You can't be good at anything if you do nothing. Playing another season or getting injured can NEVER take away the previous Super Bowls guys have won. You can say fuck off all you want but the truth, whether you admit it or not is the appeal is in the music. Without music there is no mystique. The ONLY reason anyone is hanging around is because of the old music and in the hopes of new music someday. These message boards would be absolutely fucking dead if Axl had disappeared and we'd never heard of him ever again and the rumors and teases for new music never existed. FACT is it's about the music and possibility of new music because without that there is no appeal or mystique. Sorry but it's the truth. You started listening and the drama kept you talking about them. You didn't get into GnR for the mystique and then stay for the music. Nobody buys that at all.
  5. I used to buy my CD's from HMV and I'd return albums all the time that i thought sucked. Not sure how many places actually allowed that but it was pretty cool
  6. yeah and does that matter though? With no releases there's no hope and no opportunity to enjoy anything. It's like asking a girl out. Sure she may shoot you down, but she might not. If ya never ask her though she can never say yes. 10 bad albums is better than no albums because at least they're trying and at least there's a chance for you to enjoy something and chances are nobody is ever gonna hate a full album completely so there will always be at least 1 song you enjoy. Plus no matter how many bad albums they release they don't affect the quality of the albums that we already have.
  7. Mark Evans and Simon Wright

    Nah I didn't think so. Axl sounds better in AC/DC but GnR right now is the better live show. AXL/DC in 2016 was better than AC/DC though in 2016. Axl made the difference there. I lucked out in 2016 and got to see AC/DC, GnR and AXL/DC
  8. Having regular releases is way better. Even if they were mediocre there is always the anticipation or hopefulness of a new release. Sure the mystique created appeal and contributed largely to many of spending countless hours chatting on a message board but at the end of the day I'll take 7 album over chatting on a message board about an endless number of "What If topics". No offence but those saying the appeal was the mystique aren't being honest with themselves. The appeal was, is and would've been the music. The mystique simply kept us talking.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    "At No Mercy consider me like a drug test homes. You ain't getting passed me!"
  10. Carry on. You're proving my point. Only total geeks carry the torch of the AFD5 not being original GnR. Nobody gives a fuck about anything prior and there isn't a single person in the entire GnR fan kingdom that can claim anything before the AFD5 had any impact on them becoming a fan. When people are talking original GnR they don't give two shits about what came before AFD5. The only people who do are pretentious nerds who feel by saying otherwise they're proving they are a bigger, better and more informed fan when all they are doing is showing what sad individual they are. When people say they wanna see the original GnR unite we all know who they are talking about and anyone who feels the need to correct that by referring to them as "classic GnR" rather than "original GnR" is pretty much a loser. They're the annoying know it alls who always feel this desperate and pathetic desire to announce to everyone how smart they are. These people are the people nobody wants to be friends with.
  11. Original GnR is Steven, Axl, Slash, Duff and Izzy end of story. Anyone arguing other wise is doing so as some psuedo intellect fan trying to look smarter than everyone else and just playing semantics. It's pure nonsense to even suggest there is an original GnR outside of the AFD5. It's like saying the original U2 had Dick Evans in the band. Sure when they practiced in the kitchen in the begining he was there but he's not original U2 and fans who suggest it so are full of shit.
  12. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    I agree YTBTAM does sound better live and I do really enjoy the verses. They're catchy enough but they tease to something more in the chorus and I feel the chorus is just really really lame. It's brings the song down rather than elevate it. Plus The Edge needs to shit or get off the pot. That small transition in the song(studio version) that starts at 2:46(2:57 on Fallon) is decent but at the 3:00(3:10 on Fallon) mark he goes into a quick frantic powerchord that should lead into an awesome solo but he bails out and goes with the same old tired chiming guitar. I mean for fuck sakes in the live performance Bono even yells "EDGE!!" as if to suggest The Edge is gonna go off on a solo but instead he starts singing a falsetto. I mean really? That's the most ridiculous thing ever. Don't name drop your guitar player mid performance only for him to sing falsetto and NOT do a guitar solo I feel like the song is incomplete and they rushed it or something just to get it out.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I got the Fight network so finally I can watch NJPW. It also has RoH on all the time even though I got that on regular channels.
  14. Excited About GNR future

    Dude it's because ONLY on a GnR board are fans this far off in La La Land. And read the conversation before you start asking if this and that matter. Of course it fucking matters in the realm of what's being discussed. When someone comments that GnR is "crushing" U2 with their touring numbers of course U2's numbers matter in that discussion but as usual I know you're not smart enough to keep up. Anyone who says U2 or Metallica's careers have not been better than GnR's post 1991 or who think Metallica and U2 fans don't have more to be excited about over the last 25 years and anyone who says they are not more relevant in the current landscape of music and anyone who says U2 and Metallica have done nothing to garner new fans in the last 25 years and that their music post 1991 hasn't appealed to anyone enough to bring in new fans is in fact living in a bubble. They're in denial, they're delusional and only on a GnR board do you get this shit because GnR fans for whatever reason feel this pathetic and desperate need to tear down other bands in their weak attempt to prop up GnR. It's gone on for far too long with GnR fans completely lacking the ability to call things as they are and not only that but completely fabricating bullshit theories to suite their irrational arguments. And be very clear I don't care one bit if a person likes or doesn't like U2. But when they start saying nonsense that they've done nothing since the turn of the century to contribute to their stature as it is now that's when I'll call people out on the bullshit. Also it's not about thinking GnR is the best band in the world. That's a given on a board dedicated to them. I expect people to think that. They were and maybe could be again. It's about perpetuating this bullshit idea that if given the chance to trade spots with career routes GnR fans would not have taken U2 or Metallica's route but instead kept the GnR course of action. Anyone who says they've prefered the one album in 20+ years to what U2 and Metallica have done is a liar straight up. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. And hell it's not even just U2 and Metallica. Pearl Jam has done better, Foo Fighters have done better almost every big band from the late 80s and early 90s have done better by their fans yet on a GnR board you get people bullshitting themselves and others that they prefer Axl's way of "quality" over quantity. It's nuts that people even try to convince themselves of this bullshit let alone trying to convince others they believe it. As for making a home ona u2 board I already post on one but their fans aren't crazy enough to think U2 is gonna rule the charts in 2017. Conversely on a GnR board you get the delusions of grandeur that if only GnR release one kick ass single and play the Super Bowl they will be the most relevant band in the entire industry once again topping the charts like no other. That's the difference between GnR fans and fans of other bands. Unjustified delusions of grandeur. Anyways that'll be my last post on the topic. It's impossible to discuss such things with people stuck in such tight little bubbles.