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  1. Boo Hoo. Don't like it don't buy it but of some it's cool shit. If GnR did a deluxe reissue of AFD you'd clearly sing a different tune and we all know it. Why because it's cool despite how rock n roll you or anyone else tries to be when saying "how lame"
  2. Last full album you listened to?

    Blue October - Home
  3. Your concerts in 2018

    I suppose since I just purchased GA tickets tonight to see U2 in Belfast and Dublin in November I'll be going to those shows. The venues are insanely small for U2 as they only hold 11,000 and 13,000 people each. So basically club shows.
  4. Your concerts in 2018

    Foo Fighters in Calgary on September 6th. Most fun live band in the world right now in my opinion. Saw them in December in Billings, Montana and it was fucking awesome as usual. The Killers in Las Vegas at the Pearl Concert Theater this past December was legitimately the most fun concert I have ever been to. They were awesome and the small venue + home town crowd made it an incredible night
  5. I don't give a shit about what he used the X-Wing for. I didn't need to be misdirected for that final scene and him pulling the X-Wing out of the water doesn't mean he couldn't have done what he did at the end still. I didn't need Luke flying into battle. He could've gone anywhere with it or gone nowhere at all. Maybe there was something in it he needed. It was a huge missed opportunity for a cool moment, genuine fan service and a perfect call back to Empire. Him pulling it out of the water doesn't by default negate the final scene which I liked.
  6. How the fuck did they miss the opportunity to have Luke raise the X-Wing fighter out of the water. Why bother showing it there if they didn't plan on showcasing this come full circle moment. I mean...... fuck! It could've been this epic coming of age, full circle moment and they could've even added a bit of comedy to it as well by having Yoda appear to watch it happen and once Luke has pulled it off he could look over to Yoda with an expression that says "Impressed?" and they you could have Yoda shrug his shoulders as if to say "big deal". It's such an obvious thing that should've been included it makes me wonder sometimes if the people even refer to the originals at all or not when making these movies.
  7. THIS! Like what the fuck. Her character was designed for us to hate her and feel she's a coward and then at the 11th hour it's revealed she's not and then she gets this big send off and heroic moment. So for a moment that should've been emotional and honorable it takes place with a character who we've all disliked for the majority of our brief time knowing her. It sucked. It ruined the moment. That should've been Akbar who did that or even Leia herself. You're so right. A moment like that should be reserved for an established and loved character. Not someone who we've known for 25 minutes and spent 20 of those minutes hating.
  8. Aside from There is a Light which I think is great, Red Flag Day might be the best on the album but to me it's very b-side and as for The Little Things I felt live it is classic but it's absolutely neutered on the album. I actually really hate the drums on it and it loses all it's emotion and energy on the album. Same with the Blackout. It absolutely sucks on the album compared to that first semi live verison they released.
  9. I genuinely feel this is their worst album they've ever made. The only song I actually really like is 13(There is a Light) and that song borrows heavily from Song for Someone off SOI. This album is pretty cringe worthy in my opinion. The sound of 60 year old men desperately trying to ride along side Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar in the pop charts. It's really bad. They've absolutely lost their way with this album. It's over produced and just bland and uninteresting. I don't have much else to say really. I don't enjoy it at all and kinda regret pre ordering the deluxe vinyl box set.
  10. Saw it last night and the more I think about it I have a lot of issues with it. For starters it wasn't at all risky the way initial reviews were saying. It did not go in any surprising directions so I'm not sure what people were talking about when they claim such a thing. Negatives: - Leia should have died when she got blown out of the cruiser. Not all deaths need to be epic or fitting. PLus having her die right there would've been shocking. Like when it happened I was processing what I just saw. Like holy shit, that's it. Leia is dead. But nope she uses the force to fly through space like Mary fucking Poppins an lives. That was horrible. - Those stupid horse type creatures were lame. That entire action scene with Finn and Rose riding them through the city as they destroy everything in their path was fucking stupid and I found myself rolling my eyes the entire time. We don't need some bullshit pod racing scene every fucking movie. It was mindless action for the sake of entertaining mindless sheep. - Speaking of Finn and Rose I didn't give 1 shit, let alone 2 shits about them. Completely uniteresting characters. - Rose saving Finn when he was about to sacrifice himself was again such a fucking cop out. Finn should've died. His character is not important yet he's a main character so it would've added some weight to the whole thing knowing anyone can die at any time. Leia surviving the way she did and then Finn surviving that way is way too much cheese. - Poe's character kinda sucks. The Bro type comedy he delivers is cringe worthy always. - Snoke died way too easily. That was absurd and such lazy story telling to advance Kylo to the position he's now in. No back story, no explanation as to who Snoke is and then he's just dead. That sucks. - They absolutely wasted the talent of Benicio Del Toro. To have an actor like him play such a throw away character was stupid. - Has there ever been a more insignificant and lame character as Captain Phasma? Ridiculous Positives: - Everything about Rey and Luke was great - The force connection between Rey and Kylo was awesome - Yoda showing up was great - Luke's final battle with Kylo was pretty cool. I love how Luke used the force in such a way - The space battles were pretty cool - I was actually pretty ok with how Luke died. Did he need to die? No but him becoming one with the force like that was fine. I have no issue with it. All in all I think this was better than The Force Awakens but I think I expected more and I definitely expected less stupid moments. I feel like Rey should have joined Kylo or at the very least been turned temporarily. I really don't think they took any risks at all in this movie. Nothing was shocking or surprising
  11. It's a fantasy price for you maybe. For me it's reality and not a big deal. Keep chirping. Clearly you're upset I can afford and not be bothered by prices that are fantasy to you. And like I said to Natty I need to fly to every fucking show I ever see so sorry if I'm not gonna follow your mantra of taking a risk and trying to get tickets day of the show at a lower cost. If I've decided to go to LA to see GnR I'll get my tickets in advance before I book airfare and accommodations. If it makes you so butt hurt I buy tickets I can afford after the shows have sold out and plan my trip accordingly than tough shit. Also I don't give a flying fuck what you paid for 6 GnR shows. I'll be seeing them in LA on a Saturday night and that's good enough for me. Enjoy your 6 shows I couldn't care less dude. Like you said it's not black and white and clearly you and I are in different positions when it comes to attending shows, how we get there and when we decide to purchase tickets. Still saying guys like me are part of the problem is such a fucking stupid thing to say. Yes a fan who WANTS to attend a show is part of the problem Piss off.
  12. Holy fuck the stupidity in your comment is endless. You comment suggests I always know well in advance where and what shows I wanna go to. Here's a newsflash for you. I do have memberships and I have access to my favourite bands presales. Guess some of you have never heard of just deciding to do a spontaneous trip. Also you clearly have zero concept of where I live. I need to fly to every single show I wanna see, so 99.9% of the time I'm planning trips and just happen to catch bands who are playing in the area at the time. What a wild and strange concept right. Why the fuck would I pay a $50 membership for Nightrain when I have zero idea if and when and where I'll even go see GnR. I planned to go see them in LA LONG after the show had sold out but I wouldn't expect someone who would make such a simple minded comment to comprehend such a thing. Like I said I'm not gonna be ashamed for being able to afford to go where I want, when I want. Go facepalm you stupid ass somewhere else.
  13. Yes I'm really embarrassed that I can actually afford to pay what I need to and go see GnR on a whim. Even though there is no need for me to share this, here ya go asshole. Whata real person paid and how it fucked you over........ I paid $1250 per ticket for GnR this weekend. I'll fly to LA this weekend and have a major kickass time while you bitch and moan like an idiot that guys like me are ruining things for you and others. After this show next week I'll fly to NYC for 5 days and do whatever the fuck I want which includes hitting up a Chris Rock show and Jake Bugg tickets to both shows bought of resale sites because they were sold out. Then I'll fly to Montana to see the Foo Fighters also purchased on a resale site cause it was sold out. Then fly to Vegas and catch the Killers which again was sold out so I had to buy off resale sites. Then I'm gonna take 2 weeks off at home for Christmas before flying to Minneapolis for Soul Asylum. Then I'll fly home for 3 weeks before flying to Toronto for J Roddy Walston. Then I'll fly to Vancouver to see The White Buffalo. Those shows weren't sold out so I did the honorable thing and bought the tickets at face value. I've already flown to Vancouver to see U2 this year as well as to Denver to see Metallica and Vancouver again to see Poppy. I'm definitely not embarrassed to be able to afford to see who I want, when I want, where I want. Asking someone like me to not buy tickets as if I'm gonna make a single bit of fucking difference is asinine. It sure as shit isn't my job to help regulate ticket prices for people like you and I'm definitely not going to participate in your concert boycott when I feel like going on a trip to see a band. The only one butthurt here is you. You sound like a piece of work. As for not liking this tour I have never said such a thing. Good to see you just make shit up to support your weak ass point of view. I've criticized the set list and have bitched about no new material but that's it. I know they put on a great show because wait for it.......... I have already flown to see this tour which I also paid resale prices because the show was sold out and I wanted to go and didn't give a flying fuck what righteous people like you think of it. I see you also never answered my question about what to do if the shows are already sold out. It's because you have no answer and you're full of shit. You think the better option is to stay home. Well sorry about that. You stay home on your pedestal and I'll have a kickass time.
  14. Haha listen to youself. Mad at me for inflated prices. You sound like a complete asshole. You think it's up to me to regulate ticket prices and I'm selfish for going to LA this weekend to see GnR because I can afford to pay the cost of tickets? GTFO. Go be a victim somewhere else and stop bitching that people like me are ruining shit for you. You're pissed I won't tell ya how much a paid as if it's your business. Have fun sitting at home you righteous twat while I'm at Guns N Roses this weekend. Oh and since you're such a smart fucking dude explain to me what my other options are for a sold out show?
  15. You're wrong because the industry is allowing resale sites to get their hands on tickets first. They are in collusion and it is the fans only option. Calling me stupid because I can afford it as if it's my job to ensure other fans can afford face value tickets is dumb. What you're asking for is a mass boycott and you're never gonna get that because it's impossible to ask for. Some fans can afford the ridiculous prices so is it my fault that other can't afford it because I choose to pay what i can afford? Fuck no. It's the industries fault for allowing it, encouraging it and facilitating it. I'm sure as fuck not gonna not buy a ticket I can afford just to support Darryl in Boston who wants to see a show. Get real. I kept how much a paid to myself because it's not your business and I'm not on here to brag about what I can afford. I'd be a victim if I couldn't afford it and if purchasing tickets put me in a tight spot. Sorry cool guy I'm not the victim. I simply used the means I have available to attend a show I wanted to. Blame people like me all ya want but you sound like a jackass doing so.