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  1. Member Picture Thread

    Just an average fall day in the Yukon
  2. Member Picture Thread

    Getting out of the cave
  3. Member Picture Thread

    Just relaxing in a sweet little cave which is literally about a 40 minute hike out my back door.
  4. It's not a troll job. Why would I ever wanna waste my time faking that I've heard some newly leaked old ass shitty NuGnR songs. I barely even post online anymore so I'm definitely not wasting my time coming here to play some dickhead game with others to get back at trolls I don't give two shits about to begin with They did actually leak. It's legit.
  5. They both absolutely suck. It's disgusting to think this was the hill Axl was willing to die on when it came to GnR. Slash's Snakepit stuff wasn't good enough but this welfare version of a cross between NIN and Ministry was his vision? Horrible. **Edit: Holy smokes! My inbox can't handle that many messages and the forum won't let me reply to everyone quickly enough. I actually don't have them. My buddy sent them to me in a facebook message like a voice clip. I don't actually have mp3s of them to share and have no idea how to download them and stuff. Sorry.
  6. Meh. I thought it was fine but not good and not bad. I don't think I'll ever watch it again. I liked how Han and Chewie met, thought it was lame how Han became Han "Solo" and hated the surprise cameo at the end. Other than that though there wasn't anything I really hated about this movie but there was also nothing really compelling or interesting about it either. It's just kinda there..... I did find the music annoying. It felt way to Indiana Jones Adventure like. Rogue One was much better I think.
  7. The lyrics were poorly thought out, no matter how much Axl tries to defend them and no matter how many delusional fans say they get it and it's ok. We all get it, it's still not ok. Never was, never will be. It's not surprising they omitted it. It's a real shame Axl chose those lyrics because in my opinion it's his best vocal performance on any song and the music is kickass and the guitar solo has always been one of Slash's best I think. Had the lyrics been less hate filled and laced with racial overtones the song would be an absolute classic on rock radio then and a mainstay on classic rock radio now. Axl fucked up. There was no need to use the words he did to express his point.
  8. Member Picture Thread

    Here's a recent picture from two days ago. Posting it mostly to piss off those who hate this pose and think I do it to "show off". I hope they hate it still Also posting it cause the scenery is amazing. The second photo, which I took earlier in the day gives a different perspective of where I was( Kluane National Park in Yukon, Canada).
  9. Your concerts in 2018

    Foo Fighters - Calgary, September 6th. U2 - Belfast, October 27th U2 - Dublin, November 5th Metallica - Las Vegas, November 26th
  10. Do you rate Lenny Kravitz as a musician?

    Yes. You could put a list of his 30 best songs which ever those are for each individual and his catalogue is very enjoyable I think. I also agree with soon, Circus was really good.
  11. Yeah ok I could see the difference. I do know that at Metallica there was no mosh pit in the first few rows though. I could look back about 30 rows deep or so and see a little pit once in a while. I would think those who are there to mosh would just move back and mosh but I guess you're right it would spread those who want to mosh out a bit more so it makes it more difficult to gather as a group. Never really understood moshing myself. I get jumping up and down and rockin out but never really saw the appeal of smashing into each other and not paying attention to what's going on on stage. Either way won't have to concern myself this time around as I'll have rserved seating.
  12. There are two massive GA sections to either side of the stage. If anything impacts the pit action it's the crowd not the stage set up. Also there wasn't a huge amount of "pit action" at the stadium show I was at in Denver aside from some crowd surfing and maybe a small mosh pit that usually consists of the same group of guys so....
  13. Not only that, they're also able to sell more tickets when the stage is in the center because there is no "behind the stage" sections blocked off.
  14. Last full album you listened to?

    Blue October - Home J. Roddy Walston and the Business - Destroyers of the Soft Life