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  1. I recall buying the UYI cassettes shortly after school let out, 27 years ago today. I was only 13 and wouldn't receive a CD player until X-Mas 1991 (thanks Mom!). The local independent record store received the UYI albums 4-5 days prior to the official release date. Unfortunately, I didn't know this, and bought them on the 17th of September like most everyone else. 1991 was a cruel year for me, GNR were a bright spot for me back then. I am glad I was a serious fan during the "Golden Era" of Guns N' Roses! That era will never be repeated again "In This Lifetime"...
  2. PLEASE DO IT!!! If you two can take these fuckers down, we will buy you both Locked and Loaded boxes!!! DO IT PLEASE!!
  3. I am turning in my 29 year GNR fan card if this happens to be the case. I'll sell my massive GNR collection on eBay and move on. At my age (40), rock bands aren't that important to me anymore...
  4. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    The GNR bootleg Usenet archival campaign is now underway! PM me if you need help setting up a Usenet account. The take-down trolls can't touch us!
  5. How to record an IEM ??????

    I have a local friend that got into IEM taping about 2 years ago. He had to buy a lot of equipment because many bands use different gear. Once he had his gear, he would park near the backstage area of a club/theater and go through the frequencies until he was able to dial in to the right channel. Unfortunately, he only has enough gear to capture one IEM broadcast, so he would just get one instrument (usually vocals), which seemed pointless to me. XAVEL commands high prices for their IEM matrix bootlegs, because it is NOT easy to do what they do!!
  6. Does anyone else notice countless dropped frames on the classic videos on the Blu-Ray disc? My setup is a PS4 and Samsung UN65KS8000 UHDTV...
  7. This is exciting news. I grew up on the Texas/Mexico border in a town called McAllen. We have some good family friends from Monterrey. Maybe GNR will add a few Texas shows too? Monterrey is very close to the Texas/Mexico border. Dallas and Austin perhaps?
  8. Here is a link to 600dpi scans of the Rose In The Wild 2CD/DVD set. https://we.tl/jdN0AJstLu
  9. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    Check your PM's. I don't want to discuss particulars publicly..
  10. Where is Don’t Cry?

    Good question. I'm perplexed by the omission of Don't Cry too.
  11. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    YES! I upload to Usenet on a regular basis. @Gibbo and @FRANSAD are also going to share GNR boots on Usenet as well. Eventually, many of the major GNR traders will be exchanging files via Usenet. The only hurdle is the steep learning curve when first introduced to this brave new world (Usenet has actually been around since the 1980s) of file sharing. Please let me know if you need additional information.
  12. DeepDiscount.com has a 15% off coupon code (SPF15) good until 3PM Eastern/2PM Central/12PM Pacific today! Use the code to get the Super Deluxe Edition box for $122.13 shipped. If you can wait, I bet the Super Deluxe Edition will be $80 by X-Mas time.
  13. New Work Tune = Cornshucker instrumental?
  14. Currently listening to the AFD SDE box. Best thing so far is NO Frank Ferrer!!
  15. I received my tracking number 2 hours ago from ImportCDs.com. I expect the AFD Super Deluxe Edition to arrive before July 4th.