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  1. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    Is the general consensus that Duff is a "corporate" punk rocker in 2019? It seems like this to me.
  2. I guess the buzz around the ACL Festival shows has died. This thread hasn't even been "stickied" yet. Once the hype dissipated, I realized that I had second thoughts about attending either of the ACL gigs. The tickets may be "cheap" by GNR standards. However, the festival will be a zoo full of drunken assholes and entitled spectators. The ACL Fest GNR gigs may be more trouble than they are worth for me. At least I have 5 months to make a decision.
  3. Does anyone have any idea on when single day tickets will go on sale?
  4. No. There may be a webcast.
  5. I am hoping for a Dallas arena show between the ACL gigs. I went to ACL in 2011 and it was a complete madhouse. 50,000 people going in every direction all the time. I would NOT go to ACL alone. It's simply too easy to become a victim (especially if you're female), if you have no one looking out for you. I am planning to go with a group of friends. In regards to the staging, GNR could do these festivals "on the cheap". By that I mean, GNR could just use the staging and PA gear provided by the promoters. Guns may perform an abbreviated set. I did read that even Paul McCartney had to trim his set time last year. Zilker park is in a residential area. I believe all shows must be over by midnight. IMO, a strong 150 minute GNR show without the covers, and a small dose of Chinese Democracy material, would be much more enjoyable than the bloated 3.5 hour 2017 setlists.
  6. Here's a question for those who have purchased ACL 3 day passes. Does the $260 price include service fees? My friends and I want to buy 1 day passes for GNR when they become available. Thanks!
  7. In that case, come on down to Texas!!
  8. I am hoping a Dallas show at the American Airlines Center is announced to take place during the week between the ACL gigs. If this happens, I'll skip ACL.
  9. Good point. I lived in Austin for 13 years and am well aware that it is a haven for hipsters. I'm glad to be removed from that scene.
  10. If I was booking ACL, GNR would headline Friday night, Van Halen on Saturday night, and Iron Maiden would close out the festival on Sunday night. Then I'd load the under-card with established and up and coming hard rock groups.
  11. I'm into classic hard rock. GNR are the only band that fits that bill. I'm not into the newer groups... I have heard their name before. Never heard a song by the Racanteurs.
  12. As expected, GNR are the only rock band on the entire lineup. No need for any rock fan to buy 3 day weekend tickets for ACL. I must be old (41), because other than the Cure and Bruce Hornsby I have never heard a song from any of the other artists!! LAME!!!!! https://www.aclfestival.com/lineup/
  13. Pollstar confirms GNR. https://www.pollstar.com/Artist/guns-n-roses-32570?tab=upcomingDates&page=0 I may go to the 2nd weekend GNR night depending on what's going on in my life in October...
  14. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    Three years ago tonight, one of the most anticipated events of my life took place. I have such fond memories of GNR Las Vegas Weekend in April of 2016. If I never see GNR again, I'm at peace with that. I doubt anything going forward could top the mania surrounding the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena April 2016 gigs! Never forget April 8, 2016...
  15. While it would be awesome if Izzy returned, simply replacing Frank with Matt Sorum would be a MAJOR upgrade....