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  1. Another thing about PTU The sentence "I've just found a million dollars that someone forgot" Im reading Mick walls Book and he mentions it as a phrase Izzy said to Niven in a curious case involving a million dollars check/ Izzys paranoia and his boots
  2. (but I can tell you a thing or two'bout somethin' elseIf you really want to know...know what I'm sayin') In Shotgun it seems like there is a deeper voice of Axl behind the "I know" saying this (There’s ways - that we - can find) this is why it is in parentheses, its a deepeer layer it goes like this: "I know(There’s ways ) I know ( that we) I know (can find)" but I need a better mix or set up to hear it clearly
  3. I always thought its something like she was a "rubber doll" so he could do it all to her in portuguese the 90's magazines translate it in that context and debris is like "her ass after a hardcore sex"
  4. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rubbermaid TOP DEFINITION Rubber maid Certain females who take keen interest in rubber products as sexual objects or silverware Betty you rubber maid 2 rubbermaid A person who wears rubber so they can be urinated on while cleaning. I'd really like to be your rubbermaid tonight.
  5. Yeah man. You might be right. The 9 is very similar to Johns signature. All those years thinking it is written Axl Rose and it may be a Roberto John signature. maybe John have signed Axl rose and gave it to a friend that gave it to my friend. Who knows. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all replies. Good points you brought into discussion. I know the autographs we see from Axl is very distinct from this. Even his caligraphy is all Capital letter? Right? In my pic it appears to use small letters also. I wonder if it is possible that he have used this variation in the early years. Some people change their caligraph from time to time. Anyway, it is a great pic and Ill keep it.
  7. I edited to pinterest now you can see it?
  8. Hy guys! first of all how do I post pics here. This is the correct forum for the suject? ok so I'm from Brazil and I have this pics that has on one side the image of the band in their earlies and at the other side this autograph allegedly made from Axls hands. back in 1993 a friend gave me this and said that someone else gave him telling its a real autograph handmade by Axl. Since then I keep it to myself. What do u guys think. This is a real autograph? Thanks