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  1. Another thing about PTU The sentence "I've just found a million dollars that someone forgot" Im reading Mick walls Book and he mentions it as a phrase Izzy said to Niven in a curious case involving a million dollars check/ Izzys paranoia and his boots
  2. (but I can tell you a thing or two'bout somethin' elseIf you really want to know...know what I'm sayin') In Shotgun it seems like there is a deeper voice of Axl behind the "I know" saying this (There’s ways - that we - can find) this is why it is in parentheses, its a deepeer layer it goes like this: "I know(There’s ways ) I know ( that we) I know (can find)" but I need a better mix or set up to hear it clearly
  3. I always thought its something like she was a "rubber doll" so he could do it all to her in portuguese the 90's magazines translate it in that context and debris is like "her ass after a hardcore sex"
  4. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rubbermaid TOP DEFINITION Rubber maid Certain females who take keen interest in rubber products as sexual objects or silverware Betty you rubber maid 2 rubbermaid A person who wears rubber so they can be urinated on while cleaning. I'd really like to be your rubbermaid tonight.