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  1. Many members of the band have hinted that they've begun working on unreleased material (recycled CD songs with Axl +Duff+ Slash or brand new material). Does anyone think they will premiere one or more of these new songs during the October shows?
  2. I hope that this is support an upcoming late fall/ early winter release. We all no how Gn'R world goes...but they could meet that deadline if they "wanted" to. They are have plenty of ideas to work with.
  3. To be fair..here is the timeline for newly RECORDED released music (cover or original material) July 21, 1987- ALBUM- Appetite for Destruction November 29, 1988- ALBUM- G N' R Lies September 17, 1991- ALBUM- Use Your Illusion I September 17, 1991- ALBUM- Use Your Illusion II November 23, 1993- ALBUM- The Spaghetti Incident December 13, 1994- SINGLE NOT ON AN ALBUM- Sympathy for the Devil November 2, 1999- SINGLE NOT ON AN ALBUM- Oh My God November 23, 2008- ALBUM- Chinese Democracy May 4, 2018- SINGLE NOT ON AN ALBUM **- Shadow of Your Love (**Recorded in 1986)